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May 23, 2018

Present: Rebecca (facilitator), McAllen, Russ, Ryan, Karen, Richard, Serene, Paul (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Lauren (first meeting), Evan (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

No updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Automatic) Member review of Aundre for accruing ten no-shows in the month of February.

Labor czar: Aundre has 10 no-shows from February. This is his first automatic labor member review, and first member review. I recommend the standard behavior contract we give to folks hitting their first labor review.

POI: He says that he forgot to sign many of those no-shows.

Labor: When I talked to him about this, he accepted all those no-shows at face value. Even if we were to reduce the March total, he'd still trigger the Feb-March review threshold, and/or the Jan-Feb-March review threshold.

Straw poll: behavioral contract.

Behavioral contract: No more than five hours of gross no-shows in a month, for three months.

POI: Since this is pretty straightforwardly what we do every time there's a labor review, we should consider codifying it this way.

Behavior contract voted on, approved.

New business

Maintenance: Carey is our new plumber! He will do things for us and invoice us.

Carey: Hey folks. I wish I could meet all of you. Hey, just getting a good list of what needs doing means we can be more efficient and get more done whenever we have to cut off the water.

Carey: Also, I've looked at the toilets, and a bunch of them just need replacement. It's about $100 for a commode, tank, wax rings. Some of them might need shut-off valves as well.

Carey: I know it's going to be costly but we've been discussing doing hourly work, so we can more regularly address the issues here.

POI: I think this is *wonderful*. Just mentioning that commodes often have rebates at Lowe's.

Maintenance: From the inspector's report, about half the commodes are unattached - just held there by gravity. There's lots to be done.

Plumber: Some of the commodes in the city are installed basically without cost, because incentives are so good. We'll look into that too.

POI: I'd like to request a payment plan extension.

Steward: That needs an agenda item. I'll add one for next week right now.

Steward: Labor Holiday inbound! June 3rd.

POI: In the past, for labor holiday we've had a spreadsheet of what needs doing, and then everyone signs up for particular tasks.

Labor czar: That's more like the last step in the process. Nag the other labor czar.

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