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February 11, 2018

Present: David, Meiling, Paul, Nolan, Richard, Russ(facilitator), McAllen, Evan, Rebecca (minutes), Yarrow, Sylvia

Meet and Greet

Evan second meeting: approved

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard, Cynthia, Victor, Robbie, Alex, Catty) Member review of Sylvia for:

  • leaving large amounts of food exposed in the unit, against the expressed wishes of her roommate
  • inviting a constant stream of anonymous men over, without notice and against the expressed wishes of her roommate
  • refusing to assist her roommate in gaining entry to the unit on the occasion of being locked out
  • refusing to communicate with her roommate about any of these issues

Richard: The food issue is pretty straightforward with food being left out at times for over a week with no attempt to clean it despite requests to do so. Multiple requests for mediation were failed or ignored and problems continued.

David: I can speak directly to the communication issue as I lived with her for a week. There were issues that we couldn't communicate about.

Nolan: I can't speak to these issues directly but when Sarah and I were Maintenance Coordinator, unit 105 was one of the few units with rats being reported, so it seems there would be correlation to food being left out and rats.

David: I have actual picture evidence of rotten food, spills, etc.

Yarrow: Since I moved in Sylvia has been bringing a lot of men around, sometimes more than one in a day, and many of them she seems not to know, and once one asked her name and she said “I don't think yu need to know that.” One of them said something about liking her photos and I brought this up and she didn't really say anything about it. First on New Years Eve I mentioned that I was uncomfortable with it and asked her to let me know before they come over so I can lock my door since once one of these people came into my room. There have been 10 visits since our mediation and I have not been notified about any of them even though that was established at mediation. They have been loud and I would rather not have them in my apartment without consent.

Sylvia: As far as the food I don't think there's that much, I think it's pretty clean. I don't have that many visitors and they're not really that loud and they don't go into her room either.

Yarrow: There have been 10 visits in the last week, and to me that's a lot. On Friday morning it was quite loud and I heard everything that went on in detail which was pretty distressing as it's not something I want to have happening in my residence without consent.

David: What about lack of communication?

Sylvia: It's been a short time, not sufficient time to implement anything, in my opinion, I think this week has been pretty quiet.

Yarrow: I'll try to say something and won't get a response so I stop trying. There have been times when I ask explicitly to be notified and still have not been, and that has been the key communication issue.

Russ: I feel like we've heard everything from everybody, so we will ask you to leave and we will discuss and vote.

Yarrow: I would like to ask Sylvia about this but it seems to me that there's something illegal going on and it is very disturbing to me. I think I should have the ability to say that I don't want these types of things happening in my residence. I think that's pretty typical in a roommate situation and it's been pretty typical for my requests to go unmet in person, text and email. There's fruit flies, desiccated vegetable rinds, bags full of produce just sitting out, dirty pots, and it smells terrible. I have asked her to put her food away and her response was “what food?” which is another example of the lack of communication.

David: I can corroborate everything from my time living with her.

Richard: I can't see what else can be done other than avoiding the inevitable.

Russ: The health issue is leaving the food out. Behavioral issues are another area with graphic descriptions and I think this is a lack of willingness to acknowledge what is right in front of us. I wouldn't want to live with that either.

David: I lived with her shortly and then left, and Yarrow is leaving too, so she is causing issues that make people leave.

Yarrow: In the even of an eviction, what would the timescale be?

Richard: We usually give people 30 days.

Russ: Straw Poll: How many in favor of no action? None.

In favor of behavioral contract/eviction delay? None.

Eviction? 11

Vote: 10 yes, 1 no, 1 abstaining.

Item passes.

30 days notice will be given to Sylvia to vacate.

Paul: If after 30 days she is still here we take it to court and then several weeks after that a constable will come formally evict her.

New business

David: I propose to turn Maintenance Coordinator into a four hour position. Thoughts?

Paul: We should have done that a long time ago.

Labor Czar: There really isn't a difference between 3 hours of Maint. Co and 1 hour of maintenance. This would change nothing.

David: I think the lack of the documentation would draw more people to the position. The position is difficult enough so that having to do an other hour of labor would be an undue burden.

David: Is anyone interested in being assistant Labor Czar? Part of what takes up a lot of time as Maint. Co is getting in touch with people and explaining what needs to happen and following up, etc. So I would like to have someone else do that.

??: I would do that.

Nolan: We used to have a split Maint Co position, with a “Crew Chief” who did exactly what you're saying.

David: Who is going to replace me? I'll be leaving the 26th of this month and don't want to deal with maintenance those last few days. So we should put up a special election soon.

David: Inspections on Tuesday from 2-3 pm so unlock bedroom doors or give us a key. In addition I'm getting Barak to go through while we have the doors unlocked to test all of the smoke alarms.

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