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January 28, 2018

Present:David(facilitator), Paul, Burgess, Kent, Richard, Tesa, Matt, Anne, Rebecca(minutes)

Meet and Greet

Ken, second meeting. Approved

Review of Minutes

unanimously approved

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Dismiss non-signature no-shows of Melissa for the months of November and December.

Richard: I have reason to believe she is doing the labor regularly and her labor is difficult to get people to do. So I think we should give her a wash for Nov and Dec. Given the value of her labor I don't hink we should put her through the ringer for this. KAF and food presevation has been rolled into a single task, and she has to get up early on Sunday and drive somewhere. It's going to be hard to get someone to do the labor if she decided she doesn't want to do it anymore.
Corey: friendly amendment: I don't want this to be done a few months down the road. I feel like we have already done this before.
Richard: It won't happen again.
Passes with one neutral

Agenda Item 2

(Tesa) Making up labor hours due to illness
Tesa: I got sick at the end of November with mono, so was bedridden for 2 weeks and fatigued for 2 months. Anyone have ideas for what to do to make up hours?
Burgess: Around 16-20 hours.
Labor Czar: you're covered by the move-in labor, so you don't actually have to do anything, but if you want to keep those surplus hours you can do other labor. You can have 1-3 months to make it up without even having to come to a meeting.

Agenda Item 3

(Tesa ) Moving units or breaking lease

Tesa: Ive been having issues with my roommate regarding people staying on the couch.
Matt: behavior didn't change after mediation,
Anne: You are $550 behind on rent in late fees.
Tesa: I paid December and January, I have a receipt.
David: Sounds like a separate issue.
Richard: Details of the conflict aside, roommates need consent to have an overnight guest.
David: If you find someone willing to switch you can do that, but there is an issue if the other person doesn't want that switch to happen. The thing that might be weird is if the person's roommate doesn't approve of the switch. That can involve up to four different people.
Richard: So if you find a pair of people willing to do a swap, then that's that. Your other option is to wait for a vacancy. You'll have priority over everyone else.
David: I suggest you talk to Catty about your plan.
Richard: Lease breaking - as long as you give a month's notice, we'll waive the $100 lease break fee
Tesa: It didn't say that written notice was required in the lease. Lease is up in March. I'll get that receipt. I turned it in on the 25.
Anne: So it's in the box right now. Ok.

New business

Floor yielded to Czar Steward the First for Officer Meeting.
Steward: put up first agenda. There a few conflicts in units, one we heard details of, then Yarrow's and Sylvia's which may turn into a Mem Review of Sylvia.
David: Mediation?
Steward: Sylvia needs to sign and accept a mediation. Anyone can do a mem review. It's not an officer responsibility. Any three members of the coop can sign a mem review. Russ handed off the Steward bat. Other conflict can hopefully be dealt with through a roommate swap.
Labor Czar: There are a few people at risk of Mem Review due to no shows, I have emailed them all with a warning and their right to get on a labor plan. Just waiting for responses. We had a late report in November, that one resolved to fines on Feb 6, and there are 2 people at risk of mem review for that one and three more in december.
Serene: The PDF on google drive that lists all the labor, is it updated? Or is it a new version created? I noticed it wasn't updated once
LZ: new one is created, it should be updated now, we'll be adding make up labor to offset noshows until the 15th of every month. Of those 5, maybe one or two will turn into a mem review.
Membership: New associates and perspectives, updating wait list.
Maintenance: Working to resolve the stair issues. Talked about the roof which is puddling which suggests the underside may not be up to par. We're one year into our 2 year warranty. The material is warrantied for 20-30 years. It puddles in several places. I will get the roofers to come out after it's rained and have them look at it, before the warranty ends. It's a $70,000 roof so it needs to be upkept. Washing machine Hose froze during freeze, needs to be reset. We spent $800 on the bedbug treatment, which is the biggest expense yet. Need to talk to Melissa about her heater which says there's a gas leak.
Expense: Caught up. Lots of speding on kitchen expenses(not groceries)

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