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January 7, 2018

Present: Robbie, Serene, Yarrow, McAllen, Melissa, Maximo, Ryan, Corey, Paul (minutes), Richard (facilitator)

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

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Agenda Item 1

(Tesa) I became ill at the end of November and was unable to do my December labor. I'd like the opportunity to make up my labor.

Commentary: It sounds like she can just talk to the labor czar to get on a labor plan.

Nobody represents the item; item tabled.

Agenda Item 2

(Robbie) Request a 1-month extension for labor holiday make-up.

Robbie: Overtime and sore muscles from working the holiday movie season meant I didn't make the labor holiday and still haven't made it up afterwards. I'm going on labor holiday for a week and I have plenty of time to make up labor holiday hours.

Concerns/amendments phase.

CQ from Labor Czar: Timeframe?

POI: I'll finish by the end of January.

Amendment to change timeframe to end of January.

Amendment passes.

Item passes as amended.

Agenda Item 3

(Melissa) Retract notice to vacate given to me due to unpaid fines. I was not given notice of any of these fines, some of which are over a year old, until 11/30/2017 and was not given a due date for when they must be paid.

Tabled because invoice discussion below brought her below $100 in money owed.

Agenda Item 4

(Melissa) Dismiss Invoice #11492 and charge for $50.00. I paid a membership fee in December 2015, which the house later decided to dismiss and refunded. I was told to take it out of that months rent.

POI: We did dismiss the membership fees around that time. We reimbursed anyone who paid it between Nov 1st and the top of 2016.

Melissa: Since I was fixer during that time, the payment was deferring and eventually they just told me to underpay the rent.

Concerns / amendments phase.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 5

(Melissa) Dismiss Invoice #12213 late fee. At the time, Russ was in the process of moving out and my prorated rate for July was still under discussion. I paid 0 before the due date and was not able to occupy the room until after the 8th, and paid the remainder as soon as my rent for the month was decided on by all parties.

Melissa: I'm confused why I'm being charged a late fee.

POI: Was that rent ever pro-rated?

Membership Coordinator: Yes, it was $763, but the contract started the 5th. I wasn't around and the temporary membership coordinator didn't address it, so we didn't sign the contract until the 12th, which is when Melissa learned the pro-rated amount.

Melissa: I can tell you exactly when my check was deposited, but I paid it ASAP as I knew the amount.

MemCo: I'm fine with dropping this late fee, because we did sign it late and non-standardly. Mea culpa.

Concerns / amendments phase.

Agenda item passes.

Agenda Item 6

(Melissa) Dismiss Invoice #12596 labor fine of $35.00 I kept detailed records of my labor and emailed my hours to the labor czar, totaling 18 hours for that month. Treasurer: That's a $35 labor fine from July. The fines are from October.

Melissa: You should've received an email from me detailing my labor in July.

Labor Czar: Melissa, ou did have 3.5 hours of makeup labor but they were accounted for by make-up labor. But according to these records you had a surplus of 5.5 in January, and 2.25 in June, leaving you with a net positive of 4.25.

Treasurer: So you agree with Melissa's account?

Labor Czar: Yes.

POI: OK, it was probably the 5.5 hours in January that reduced invoice #12056.

Labor Czar: From his July report in isolation, the old labor czar has her at 3.5. From back-applied labor credit, she has a positive amount. By our old labor czar's own accounting, you don't owe anything.

Concerns / amendments phase.

Treasurer: Just to clarify, this is a consensus check to void the invoice.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 7

(Melissa) Dismiss Invoice #12056 and fine of $35.00. At the time, I should have had a surplus of hours from my first few months here when I did a tremendous amount of work on my apartment. I discussed it with the labor czar at the time, Meg, and she said she would look into it and discuss it with the former labor czar, Richard, and I assumed it had been dismissed.

Melissa: Should've had a huge surplus of hours. When Meg took over she didn't have those written down. She told me I should have extra hours and then never got back to me. I have numerous records of hours done.

POI: I try not to just assume my no-shows have been dismissed.

POI: Well, if there was an accounting error, there was an accounting error.

Treasurer: 5/27/2017, labor fines, $35, 3.5 hours. That was from a period when we weren't reporting labor regularly every month.

Melissa: It's a shame we don't have records going back that far.

Labor czar: I do have records. January 2016 you hit the labor cap, staying at 16 surplus hours. That got eaten away over the course of six months. It was 5.5 surplus hours at the end of June 2016. July 2016 ate the rest of the surplus hours perfectly. August-December 9 no-shows of labor were accrued. The fines for that were issued in April. We gave people a cap of $100 in labor fines for this period, since officers were months late getting out those fines. If it was $35 that's less than my data shows.

Melissa: Most of those no-shows were me not signing off on labor.

Labor Czar: Looks like there was make-up labor for holiday hours in 2017. As far as not signing off or forgetting, we put out a monthly report which you have a month to respond to, and I have a personal policy of taking you at your word if you claim you did the labor. But these are no-shows that are over a year old.

Melissa: Would my subsequent surplus hours after 2016 help pay for the fine?

Labor Czar: It did; that's why the -9 no-shows was eventually only $35 in fines. Nothing in February. 5.5 hours surplus hours starting in March, but that wouldn't have been applied to the 2016 labor fines.

Treasurer: Did you start emailing those hours to the labor czar?

Melissa: Yes, but I wasn't following up because I thought I had a surplus.

POI: It looks like that 5.5 surplus WAS applied to the fines then, which is why it's $35 instead of $90.

Labor Czar: I have an email from Melissa in May 2017, where the labor czar at the time reminded her about the monthly report.

Melissa: So March, April surplus hours counted towards the labor fines?

Treasurer: Once those no-shows of labor convert to fines, new surplus labor can't be applied to them - they're fines now, not dollars.

Concerns / amendments phase.

Treasurer blocks (“it sounds like the accounting's fine”), but that's only one block - our rules require two.

Unanimously fails to pass.

New business

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