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December 3, 2017

Present: David (facilitator), Paul (minutes), Ryan, Russ, Richard, Rebecca, Cynthia, Anne, Serene

Meet and Greet

Merrit (second meeting), Dwayne (first meeting).

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Ryan) Remove Expense Bookkeeper from current election cycle and extend Serene's term until Mid 2018.

Reason: I will spend the next month training Serene how to go through a full cycle of bookkeeping. It would be a large waste of Treasurer and bookkeeping resources to train somebody and then lose that person during an election and then have to train a new person.

Bookkeeper: A lot of bookkeeping jobs really require two months of training - one for learning and one for initial attempts and review. Serene took the position a few weeks ago. I think she's doing a great job.

CQ: Would this require an election?

POI: We can change our own rules whenever we want, through the agenda item process.

CQ: Anne is also bookkeeper?

POI: Yeah, we have two - income and expense bookkepers.

Concerns and friendly amendments phase.

Concern: Seems undemocratic, just so you don't have to train someone?

POI: I don't want to train someone uselessly.

POI: We could change special elections to extend through the next term.

POI: I think this is such a rare case we don't need to make policy changes, but we can make a specific exemption here.

POI: If we democratically decide this, it's not undemocratic.

POI: Special elections wouldn't happen in the last week, by our rules. I wouldn't expect training to take this long.

POI: Bookkeeping is a monthly cycle, so training takes a while - one cycle of training and one of making sure they're doing it right.

POI: Daniel Miller has QuickBooks training we can take advantage of.

POI from Treasurer: It's not as specific to our house processes that I need to teach. I'll keep that in mind.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) Recreate mediator position with similar language to what existed previously. There shall be two elected mediator positions.

Mediator (0 hours, labor credit when performed)

* Mediate disputes upon request.

* Work with participants to resolve the issue(s) and reach agreement between the parties.

* Respect the confidentiality of mediated discussions.

* If the mediator cannot adopt a neutral stance in mediated disputes, the mediator should recuse themselves and suggest another mediator.

* A member in a dispute can request another mediator. If the mediator is not acceptable to one of the disputing parties, suggest another mediator.

* If a suitable replacement mediator cannot be found in-house, work to find one from outside. This may require a house request if money is needed.

* Work with other officers as necessary.

Item not posted in time; discussion item instead.

Paul: We need mediators again. I don't have time to address every roommate issue.

CQ: Can you fix the language with the amendments we initially introduced?

Paul: Yeah, I'll look into it.

POI: The hourly standard was different too; it was an hour. We viewed it as a form of “hazard pay.”

David M: I might be interested.

POI: It makes sense that we should have two, in case a mediator is involved.

Paul: The language of the position tries to push alternative mediators if necessary, too.

POI: I've found value from having a mediator here.

POI: It helps to have a neutral third party sit in the room during discussions, yeah.

POI: I had a mediation that didn't really help. I think having a concrete goal to work towards in mediation would help a lot.

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) A member may only accept multiple nominations for elected officer positions if those positions' labor obligations sum to no more than four hours. If at the end of a nomination period a member has accepted nominations totalling more than four hours, the member is disqualified from running in that election.

Item not posted in time; discussion item.

Richard: I hate that this has to be a rule, but one person signed up for half the officer positions. I don't think people should do that.

CQ: Have you spoken to this person?

Richard: I can email them.

Concern: I think there's a case to be made for running for two positions - a competitive election and a backup.

Richard: I do not see a good-faith reason to run for half the officer positions.

POI: We could allow resignations shortly after elections - say, if someone won too many hours of officer positions - to default to the electoral runner-up.

Richard: I'd rather just avoid that situation and have resignations trigger special elections like usual.

New business

Yellow card of David G.

Events coordinator: Party Friday! Wear your party pants! I'm borrowing an old member's FIREPIT, and there will be MARSHMALLOWS, and COCOA-APPLE CIDER.

I put a sign in the courtyard about cigarette butts! Don't leave your butts in our courtyard!

CQ: Can you put one in the breezeway too?

POI: I've got another sign. Want to put it up?

We've got arugula and spinach sprouts in our courtyard!

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