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October 22, 2017

Present: Sylvester, Cynthia, Serene, Catty, Richard, Paul (minutes, facilitator)

Meet and Greet

Liam was here for his first meeting.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard, Hannah, Cynthia) Member review of Maranda for total non-performance of labor.

Tabled because it's not clear if Maranda knew about the member review.

New business

Catty: I've done 16 labor hours cleaning up #109. I bought a new mirror and spent $70 on cleaning supplies for the unit. When I went in it was gross and disgusting. Tesa is moving in furniture. Catty would like to know if a discount could be applied to next month's rent for her and her roommate.

POI: We haven't granted rent abatements for rent in the past.

POI: She's maxed out her labor credit making the place livable. This seems like an unusual circumstance. Perhaps the labor that surpassed the cap can be applied to a credit.

POI: What period are you claiming was unlivable?

Catty: He moved out on the 7th. I moved in the 9th. It took me a week to not have to take showers in the commons. Maybe a week or a week and a half?

POI: Other people have helped out on the unit as well, and it still needs to be painted.

Sylvester: AC and my health. My roommate is keeping the unit too cold. It's so cold I have to cough and it hurts. I've asked my roommate multiple times to not turn it down so hard and he refuses to meet me halfway.

Serene: I would like to develop some soil somewhere. Lots of plants could benefit because they're all containerized and slowly leaking nutrients and organic matter. Anyone at the co-op could use it.

POI from Labor Czar: Sounds like a discussion with grounds.

Serene: He hasn't really been responsive.

POI from Labor Czar: I would keep trying with grounds. I'm hesitant to add extra grounds labor.

POI: Can we ad-hoc approve a few hours for a special project?

Labor Czar: Sure. What space would you need?

Serene: Just one of the soil beds by the laundry room. It'll be covered so no one needs to worry about it.

Sylvester: I'd like to improve the courtyard by working on the tree. I want an obvious before-and-after picture.

Labor Czar: I know people have been working in #109. Please log your work hours to make sure everyone gets credit - especially since it's double-credit.

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