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September 28, 2017


Meet and Greet

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Agenda Item 1

(Russ) Coordinator's Meeting Sept. 28, 2017—7:00 PM end 8:11PM

Present: Russ, Nolan, Hannah, Ryan, Richard, Sarah, Corey


Normal stuff plus took care of Fire Dept. fire extinguisher inspection.

Hannah- Melissa's 40 hours of claimed labor in her unit is being denied. She can bring it to a meeting. Should get some credit for her labor. Working out how much credit to give.


Notice to Vacate, Report waiting on Corey to complete his entries. Also, Maintenance reimbursements are delayed until then. Richard New tenants moving in and Saturday dinner may come back. Discussion concerning no-shows with Ryan. Notify tenants of labor changes if the aren't computery. Discussed Aundre's labor changes and best way to contact him. Corey Acknowledges the work hadn't been done and will do it. Should be tomorrow


Smaller maintenance team rolling along. Melissa – reported ac not working, breaker was tripped manually. Charge . Talked with Daniel about this. He called it “malingering”. Several repair requests related to leaks and mold. We responded to each and every complaint. She hasn't thought the work was done properly. Sylvester thinks she has a mold issue. Daniel suggested offering her a new unit. (would like to have Paul offer her this option). Recommended a building inspector come through all units. Accoustic leak detection to deal with leaks. Wants to charge the to Melissa – Daniel said contract allows us to charge when intentionally done. Or put an agenda item not to renew her lease. Also discussed hiring a “handy person”. Can we send our own people into her unit to inspect her complaints? We are sending Sylvestor in to check her complaint. Richard can test for mold. Ask Paul to offer her 206. Check in Check out form-make it necessary to get deposit back. Unit inspection after move out and clean up, needs at least few days.

Reports sent in

Joshua I met with Mary from ROC-USA, Andy from BASTA, and our Operations Manager Natalie outside of the regular meetingschedule. I helped coordinate the NASCO staff visit. I talked to Daniel Miller about insurance forms and other things while he was here. Board minutes are the most accurate report of my activities as a coordinator, and I invite you to read them. Please let me know if you are not receiving or cannot access them.


Still working on a few outstanding issues for September income. Hopefully will be resolved by sunday. Otherwise everything is good.

Met with our external bookkeepers for our quarterly meeting earlier in the month.

Would like to reiterate to everyone the importance of putting names and unit numbers on checks as it can get to be an issue trying to figure out whose money it is otherwise. An email reminder has been sent.

Also a note to everyone to please be careful about putting in the right bank account number if you pay with the emailed invoice. It does cause a fee if returned and has to be manually resolved in QuickBooks.


Francine Penikis signed an associate contract on Wednesday, and needs to be assigned labor.

On the 1st:

Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy is moving into 101.

David Gray's moving into 103 (bookkeeper: I still don't have his email, but other new members mentioned here are cc'd)

Bernard Stewart and Barak Bullock are moving into 206.

I still don't have a potential roommate for Chris in 105.

We currently have 29 resident members.

I received the last rent-change form/signature a few weeks ago. That means all current members are on updated contracts.

On a personal note, due to all the vacancies (we still have 3, potentially 4, unsigned for spaces) and other issues, as well as me not having employment, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on MemCo tasks. Just during the last two days I've put in over 3 hours in meetings (three, two overlapping), and contract signings (also three).

I'm worried about burning out from MemCo. I can put in the extra hours, because I don't particularly have a life, and the emotional turmoil of the position can be draining, but that's me. I just don't want to dump the “expanded” tasks on the next potential MemCo. When I was talking to the labor czars after the last meeting, they suggested writing up a list of the tasks I actually do as part of MemCo, with an eye towards potentially creating other labor positions to offload some of the tasks.

That list is included below my signature. I've split the tasks out by vague category, while putting official description tasks in quotes. [Brackets] surround tasks that aren't specified in our rules, or when my task in practice differs from the task description.

I think with more editing this could be a framework for a revised MemCo description. Off the top of my head, I think we could reasonably create “Greeter” (for the introduction tasks) and “Keymaster” (for the key tasks) positions, so as to not swamp the MemCo. We've had a Keymaster before.

As always, please query, comment or complain to me about anything that catches your eye. My door is always proverbially open, and you know where I live…

Sylvia Carroll signed a contract with me on Friday for an immediate move-in into #105 with Chris for Sept 30th.

As of today we are back to having no outstanding vacancies, woo!

Note to bookkeeper: Barak also signed for Sept 30th, not the 1st as I stated, so there's an extra $14.83 in his check as well. Also, Anne, I have your moving dolly, thanks.

Tesa Bernhard signed a contract for a room starting Oct 7th.Jessica should be moved out today; she's already out of the room but still has a lump of stuff in the living room/kitchen/outside. Yesterday I gave Sylvia and Barak their keys, and today I've given David and Vaidy their keys, and tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to give Bernard his keys. It's a good thing I'm around a lot. I even finally learned how to make keys - while convenient, I still think this is a task that should not have to be done by the MemCo.

Also, with all the new members signing I totally spaced on re-signing with existing members. I believe there are 4 - Hannah, Ryan, Alex, and Robbie - whose contracts expired at the end of September. If you're on that list, I need to print out contracts and sign with you. Talk to me.

The only person who is totally out-of-date with contracts is Chris, who has not been under contract for several months. I left him a contract but I don't know what happened to it. I need to try again.

Membership Coordinator Tasks

Contracts with new members.

- Sign associate contracts as people are willing.

- Introduce each applicant to potential roommates, sometimes coordinating face-to-face meetings.

- Determine reasonable objections to potential roommates while abiding by fair and open housing principles.

- Deal with fallout if member acceptance priority order changes or roommates are rejected.

- Set up meetings to sign contracts.

- Sign, receive deposits.

Contracts with existing members.

- Track down 30+ adults with their own schedules about twice a year. If each one takes an hour, which seems low to me, that's already 60 hours out of 156 nominal hours in a year of MemCo.

- Sign contracts with them.

- “Be aware of whose contract is ending soon, and make sure they renew their contract. If, 6 weeks before their contract ends, they will not guarantee that they will renew their contract, start advertising that their room will open up soon. They can renew their contract at any time then, but if someone signs a contract for the room before they do, then they must either move out or, if other rooms are available, switch rooms. If their contract is not renewed a month before the end of the contract period, then advertise their room and let someone else sign for their room (after first giving them a chance).” [Besides (usually) getting people to sign their contracts on time, I don't do this at all; I think it's a Sasona hold-over].

- Make contract copies as necessary for mail keys or for other reasons.

- [At the board's behest, get every resident to sign new and potentially complex documents (e.g. the 3-4 federal grant income forms per person, rent change forms, harassment policy forms, etc.).]

- Grant contract breaks or advise residents on their situation as necessary. Inform the house when contract breaks are granted.

- Track down another coordinator to counter-sign on the membership coordinator's own contract.

- [Potentially, update the contract text as needed and as the board requires.]

Update members list every time someone signs a new contract, moves in, moves out, or moves around.

- Update member roster and membership acceptance priority order waitlist.

- Deal with requests to move, move-outs and roommate situations. [MemCo seems to be the de-facto mediator to people when there's no mediator position.]

- Notify house of new members signing or old members leaving.

Serve as primary liaison to all partner organizations, including HACA [currently diffused to finance officers / outreach?].

- Receive mail from HACA [that actually goes to Sasona.]

- Handle the renewal process with HACA.

- Encourage caseworkers to come to house meetings.

- Send any applicable forms to caseworkers (W-9s and “intent to rent” statements for the most part).

Introduce people to the co-op.

- Answer all email, [phone (I pointed the Google Voice account to ring my personal phone), voicemail, text, and Facebook] inquiries in a timely manner, while ignoring spam.

- Give prospective members tours of the co-op “when you're around.”

- It's assumed in the manual that the membership coordinator must be present for member acceptance.

- Inform the co-op (with 48 hours notice) about new partner organization applicants coming to a site visit.

- Conduct site visits for partner organization applicants, or delegate this to someone else.

- Add new prospectives to the mailing list [I've only been adding associates].

Keys and locks.

“Keep extra copies of all of the room keys. Keep them organized. With the maintenance coordinator’s help, make sure that everyone has a key and a functional lock on their door.”

- Get new commons keys to new associates, and unit keys to new residents.

- Receive keys back [often working with the bookkeeper because people think the rent box is the place to put keys].

- Be on call to let people into their units [unofficial responsibility].


Here are my updates:

Food Buying has been going well. The current form of communication for people listing their food desires/questions is on the white board, which works well for me, but I remember comments made earlier that the dry erase boards aren't ideal for everyone in the house to utilize/see/read. I'm not sure if there is another option for those that desire it. I have not had any requests for such, but just thinking about it. I bought a trash can for the house this week. It's been on the board a while for the kitchen manager, which to my knowledge is a role that doesn't exist anymore? I'm not 100% sure what the budget is for food buying each week. Marilyn had told me $100-250 is normal, but I just wanted to make sure that is still the case. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible with the desires/expectations the house has.

Last comment, I will be using one of my weeks off oct 8-14, so Aundre will be food buying for that week with the house credit card for everyone. I'm instructing him on everything he needs to do to fulfill the need. I am updating the Labor Czars on this and he should be getting make-up hours.

Thank you!

New business

New business

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