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June 18, 2017

Present: Paul (minutes), Donny (facilitator), Victor, Carey, Richard, Russ, Hannah

Meet and Greet

Nobody for Meet & Greet.

Review of Minutes

MInutes approved.

Wiki Updates

None, which is worrisome. The labor czar plans to get updates needed and get a new hardcopy printed.

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P V I᠎ Q U

Agenda Item 1

(Lauren) Bring back the free box under the condition that we have a passionate “free box maintenance” labor position.

Tabled for lack of sponsor.

Agenda Item 2

(Lauren) Create a Freebox Maintenance labor postion for 1 hour of labor. Tasks include:

  1. managing donations. Disposal of unclaimed items within a specified time limit.
  2. organize the space for maximum usefulness.

Tabled for lack of sponsor.

Agenda Item 3

(Robbie) Require that the labor Czar directly communicate with members on a monthly basis the amount of labor fines accrued, either by direct email, hand delivery of print communication, or posting within the members residence.

(The house agrees to have a brief discussion without a sponsor.)

Labor Czar: I post online and physical copy of monthly and year-to-date summaries of the labor status of everyone here. I'm confused because the information is already exists and is out there. Also, the treasurer is who levies the fines and should be responsible.

POI: Treasurer hasn't levied fines until recently - the last time before that was in 2016.

CQ: Are people aware of their labor plan status, because where they stand on their labor plans is not really addressed by the labor summaries, which are monthly totals?

Labor Czar: It's the responsibility of people on labor plans to contact the labor czar to work on their labor plans. I urge people to do that.

Tabled for lack of sponsor.

Agenda Item 4

(Victor) Describe my positions as Labor Czar regarding no-shows, signing off on labor, and member contact options.

P.S. In reference to Agenda Item #4 above, I propose the labor fine be increased to 15 dollars per hour (the dollar amount was incorrectly input).

Victor: There are changes to be made. I want everyone to feel equal and harmonious with whatever rules we establish, so I plan to bring this up again next week. I'm also developing a member contact sheet to help with labor.

Response: You're aware that some people strongly want to restrict their contact information?

Victor: I'm aware there are privacy concerns. I'll have a sign-up sheet, then I'll go door-to-door for people who don't add their information. I'll allow people to opt out when filling out information.

CQ: Are you talking about email?

Victor: I want to track labor credit. I'm trying to be proactive and preventative to account for labor and not create any conflicts.

POI: What you're talking about with giving notices to people is something I've also seen as the Steward. Could we have physical mailboxes somewhere in the commons?

Victor's response: Personally, I would never call someone. My phone doesn't text. Everything I do is going to be hardcopy hand-deliver or posted to Google Apps or Threadable (mailing list). I wouldn't email people directly unless they wanted me to.

POI: You might be able to just ask for people contact preferences then, instead of their contact info.

Victor: Physical mailboxes next to doors or in the commons?

POI: Just physical mailboxes.

POI: I'd also like to ask that this be sent out digitally as well, so all our members can access it.

CQ: You were talking about labor plan contacting, then moved on to labor report contacting.

POI: I tend to take people at their word when they report labor as being done.


Agenda Item 5

(Victor) Describe my positions as Labor Czar regarding no-shows, signing off on labor, and member contact options.

P.S. In reference to Agenda Item #4 above, I propose the labor fine be increased to 15 dollars per hour (the dollar amount was incorrectly input).

Agenda Item 6

(Russ) Discuss contractor proposals to either, tear down the walls in the large bedroom and bathroom, drywall and paint or, smooth the texture of the walls and paint.

Demolish and re-build: 7.5 days @ $300/day.

Re-texture and paint: 2-3 days @ $300/day

CQ: Is this for #109?

Russ: Yes.

Russ: I talked to maintenance about the walls. I called a contractor friend to examine the walls. and he gave me these options. It's not super-desirable to demolish and rebuild it. He said the adhesives in the paint will help the mortar not flake and chip.

Russ: He's also willing to have a helper, which would accelerate the work.

109 resident: My former roommate covered their room and the bathroom in a kind of grout. It's very dark and people say it looks like a cave. I just prefer whatever option's quickest and leaves the space the most useable. I've been in a situation where I couldn't use my bathroom and I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

CQ: You want us to pick between the two options?

Russ: I'd like to move forward, but I don't want to make unilateral decisions.

CQ: Have you consulted other contractors?

Russ: No.

CQ to temporary acting Maintenance Coordinator: Would you be OK throwing maintenance hours at it?

Temporary acting Maintenance Coordinator: Yep.

CQ: Has the former resident been talked to about this, because they could be financially liable.

Membership Coordinator: Not yet. She wanted to sign an associate contract, at which point I'd let her know she's not in good standing.

POI: I don't want us to spend a long time looking at other options.

109 resident: #103 has been going longer, so I'm OK dealing with that first.

Amendment: Request more bids, especially on the painting and retexturing, in the next week, and approve the quickest/cheapest plan.

POI: This sounds like an aesthetic complaint. If someone liked it we might be able to kick this down the road.

Response: Except it's also the bathroom and the current resident doesn't like it.

POI: If we get some great offer we can go for that.

Amendment passes.

Passes unanimously.

New business

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