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 ====== April 30, 2017 ====== ====== April 30, 2017 ======
-Present:+Present: Richard, Paul (facilitating), Russ, Elicia, Marilyn (minutes), Corey,
 ===== Meet and Greet ===== ===== Meet and Greet =====
 ===== Review of Minutes ===== ===== Review of Minutes =====
-===== Wiki Updates =====+Accepted as presented
-~~ FORM START DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ~~+===== Agenda Item 1 =====
-<hidden onHidden="Click to open form" onVisible="Click to hide form (useful for printing)" initialState="visible" -noprint>+(MelissaI would like to take on the Fixer position again.
-<form>+Melissa: It seems like a position we could use and "I didn't get any complaints last time I was fixer."
-Action pagemod _self addagenda+CQ: What is a Fixer?
-Thanks "Agenda Item added"+Melissa: A position where there is 8 hours of labor a week reimbursed via rent credit for one room.
-textbox "Proposer" /^[^<>]+$/+CQ: Have you discussed this with Maintenance or Treasurer.
-textarea "Proposal Text" /^[^<>]+$/+Melissa: Have attempted to reach Maintenance but not the Treasurer. He was here earlier and did not stay or leave comments about the proposal.
-static "Note$ must be escaped by preceding with a \. Example: \$100"+CQAre there any particular projects you want to do?'
-number "La Reunion's Street Number" <7911 >7909+Melissa: 103 needs to be finished so it can be rented again. There were a lot of projects the last time I had the position?
-hiddenautoinc "itemnumber" "=1"+CQ: How long do you want to do this?
-submit "Add to Agenda"+Melissa: 8 hours a week for 6 months. I don't have a lot of work at my other job, so this is a good time for me to do this. If I get more work I may not continue as Fixer but can get a lot done:]
-</form>+**Friendly amendment from Melissa: add on "If this is within our budget."**
-</hidden>+POI: It is within our budget; I just read that.
-~~ FORM END DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE ~~+**Friendly amendment accepted.**
-~~ AGENDA ITEM TEMPLATE START DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ~~+Concerns: I wonder if we can put together a list of projects.
 +Melissa: Last time I did this I went through each unit to assess them, and then I prioritized the needs, and I would do that again.
 +Concerns: Rules say the Fixer can't do the job more than 6 months in the last 12 months. Also the CPA was critical because it looked like an employment agreement but without treating the Fixer as an employee. We need to make a better arrangement for tax purposes.
-===== Agenda Item 1 =====+POI: The last time Melissa did the job was more than 6 months ago. The employment could be as a contractor laborer with a 1099, which makes the payment taxable.
-(Melissa) I would like to take on the Fixer position again+Concerns: Maybe we should clear the barriers for future members who might seek the position.
-<pagemod addagenda output_before>+Melissa: I don't understand the 6 month regulation. Can we change it? Was it created to prevent someone from abusing the position?
-===== Agenda Item @@itemnumber@@ =====+POI: We didn't want someone to become dependent on the job as an income stream.
-(@@Proposer@@) @@Proposal Text@@+POI: "No more than 6 out of every 12 concurrent months." according to house rules.
-</pagemod>+Friendly amendment: Include 8 hours a week on average for 6 months. Accepted by Melissa.
-~~ AGENDA ITEM TEMPLATE END DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE ~~+Concern: The requirement that there has to be a budget for this gives the finance team a lot of freedom to make a decision based just on whether or not they want a Fixer position. Would you have a system of accountability?
 +Melissa: In the past I wrote down what I did and sent it to the Maintenance officer and Labor Czar.
 +Concern: I think e-mailing it to the House would assure accountability.
 +Melissa: I thought the Officers would be responsible for accountability.
 +POI: The compensation is 1/32 of a month's rent, capping at 8 hours a week, 32 hours a month.
 +Concern: Agrees that the information about the work should go to the whole house since the Fixer's work impacts everyone.
 +POI: Maintenance coordinator is responsible for accountability and may choose to send it to the whole house (per the House Manual).
 +Concern: Would the Fixer labor be on the labor schedule like everyone else's?
 +Melissa: Everything goes to Maintenance and Labor and Labor includes it on the Labor reports, but only if Maintenance coordinator approves the work that's been done.
 +POI: Per House rule the Fixer is classified as one of the officers and would have to come to the monthly officers' meeting. House rules specifies that there should be money set aside for the Fixer.
 +Melissa: I can provide details of exactly how I spend the hours, if the computers and printers are up.
 +POI: A previous Fixer did document his work every week.
 +Concern: Paperwork is a hassle but it is helpful for others to see, whether digital or handwritten. Distribution of the information can come to the house as a monthly Officer report.
 +CQ: Does the Maintenance Officer make a report to the whole house?
 +POI: Rules require that officers provide either written reports to the House or verbal reports at Officers meeting. Anyone can come to those meetings.
 +Concern: I would be more comfortable if there were reports to the whole house.
 +**Friendly amendment: ** This is a position that involves significant amount of money from the House budget. **Fixer will send a monthly report of work done to the whole house as well as to Maintenance and Labor. Accepted by Melissa and the members.**
 +Concern: How are people going to get requests to you?
 +Melissa: I will go through Maintenance to address these issues, and I may give out my number and e-mail only if necessary.
 +CQ: Is there a Fixer e-mail account? Maybe the Tech Officer can make one. We've also had a maintenance request form box in the past.
 +Concern: There may be a labor surplus, yet our maintenance crew only has 9 hours assigned to it, and coordination has at time been iffy. We may not be using our Labor hours effectively.
 +Melissa: That has been my concern, too. I guess people don't want to do Labor here, so that's the main reason I'm putting this proposal forth.
 +CQ: Is it the Steward's responsibility to get detailed reports from the Maintenance officer, to be sure that work is being done?
 +Concern: We should bring this up at the next Officer meeting.
 +Concern: It seems like whoever takes the position should know in advance if this will be a contractor position with taxable income.
 +POI: It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to work this out with our accountant.
 +Melissa: She is fine with this being a 1099 position.
 +**Proposal passes as amended.**
 ===== New business ===== ===== New business =====
 +Russ: The abandoned car is on the duty list for the Austin PD. We will have to sign an affidavit stating that it is abandoned, then a label will be affixed to the vehicle for 48 hours before it is towed.
 +Hannah: Had a fruitful meeting with ECHO and Lifeworks coordinators, and they determined that ECHO is a good avenue for contacting a number of housing organizations. A tour would help service coordinators know who we are. Paul would probably be the point of contact. We need to have the stair fixed first and make the place look as good as it's going to look, though unsure what that means other than getting random broken items out of the courtyard. She may prepare an agreement for members to agree to take care of their clutter.
 +Corey: The stair replacement was the wrong size, but an oversized one can be shaved down.
 +Melissa: What is the status of 103? What needs to be done to get it finished? Is it ready to be moved into? Corey: Dry walling and painting is underway. Plumbing, trim, and replacement of a furnace door all required.
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