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April 23, 2017

Present: Robbie, Russ, Donny, Hannah, Paul, Corey, Burgess, Richard. Hannah facilitating, Paul taking minutes.

Meet and Greet

Nobody for meet and greet.

Wiki Updates

The Member Review Policy has gone missing, and this needs to be fixed.

Agenda Item 1

(Robbie) Address my exorbitant number of no-shows, requesting the house allow for an extended labor plan in an effort to avoid the necessity of an automatic membership review.

Robbie: Self-explanatory. Had fewer no-shows in February than expected, and wants a March make-up labor plan. Main request: wants an extra month to make up January backlog.

CQ: What's the extent of your dedication to the labor plan?

Robbie: Great. I plan to dedicate more time to the co-op and to co-op labor.

CQ: What do you want to do?

Robbie: Do brunch 3-5 times/week, if possible, and do gaming, if that counts as make-up labor.

POI: Robbie makes excellent eggs.

Proposal: Allow Robbie an extra month to make up January labor backlog.

Concern: Robbie wants to make up hours using labor that is not normally co-op labor.

Robbie: Where would you like to see the focus go? Can't do maintenance, but I'm flexible.

Concern: It's not about where the focus goes, but there's no demand for brunch and it makes dishes.

Robbie: I've been told by the labor czar that we can count non-normal-time meals as make-up labor, if a certain number of people eat them. I can do other things.

POI: Plenty of work to be done, doesn't all require maintenance skills. Maybe focus on filling holes in regular cleaning/DCU labor, rather than adding new labors. Outdoor cleaning, gardening tasks are low-skill too.

Proposal accepted.

Agenda Item 2

(Robbie) Come to consensus as to whether or not hosting gaming sessions for 4 or more La Reunion Cooperative members may be considered make-up labor.

CQ: Do people normally get hours for, say, gaming nights?

POI: Not normally. Events Coordinator gets credit if they throw a gaming night event.

Robbie: It takes a lot of work to set up for. Crafting story, and encounters, setting up loot and maps, and going over rules. I've spent 10 hours getting a session ready.

POI: Labor czar has officially allowed gaming labor to be make-up labor credit. Quotes from email where she says as much.

POI: There is some disagreement over this - the labor czar has also reduced and then cut entirely Robbie's gaming hours.

CQ: Would your regular closed sessions count?

Robbie: That's not my intention. Those aren't open sessions. What I'm asking for is just one make-up labor hour for sessions that are open to members who want to play.

CQ: Do we have to come to consensus on this?

POI: It's more nuanced than Meg's email. We can define it more.

Concern: Worry that Robbie is working himself into a hole. If it takes him 10 hours to earn a single hour of labor, that's not good for his labor plans.

POI: <reads letter> Concerns about hobby labor that aren't inclusive or additive for most co-opers.

POI: There's a precedent for hobby labor - yoga sessions, where the lowest metric was 2 members coming to the session.

POI: I don't think this will happen often, and thus is a pretty minor thing. The worst that happens is a few people have fun.

POI: I'm neutral about this. Hobby labor is nice but yeah, it doesn't serve everyone. Lots of things have to go right for a session to happen.

Robbie: It takes time, but two sessions don't take double the time of one session. I want to give the opportunity to play to people who don't have their own regular gaming groups.

CQ: Would it be better to get more hours per session?

Robbie: Two would be wonderful but I don't want to push anyone's comfort levels.

CQ: Will it be ad-hoc, advertised?

Robbie: Yes. I plan 48-hours notice, not on the labor schedule. I just want to clarify that I can get one hour of labor for a session.

Proposal: Hosting open game sessions for 4 or more members can count as make-up labor.

Friendly Amendment: Requires 4 days advance notification to the house, ad-hoc (not on the schedule), and a session is one hour of labor.

Amendment accepted by total consensus.

Friendly Amendment: This is specific to Robbie and the game sessions he has proposed.

Amendment accepted by total consensus.

Proposal accepted as amended.

Agenda Item 3

(Russ) Behavior contract and labor plan for Jessica.

1) Will not exceed 5 no-show hours for regularly assigned labor for the next three months, and the no-shows can be assessed as fines or make-up labor.

2) Will pay labor fines for January hours.

3) Will make a labor plan for February and March, with the labor czar.

POI: We decided the contract would be for gross no-shows, not net. We should change that.

Pedantic concern: Behavioral contracts are fundamentally invalid.

Concern: Gross no-shows.

Friendly Amendment: Should say gross no-shows, and 5 in each month.

Amendment accepted by total consensus.

Friendly Amendment: Should be named an Eviction Hold-off Agreement. See 12/11/2016, agenda item 2.

Amendment accepted.

Friendly Amendment: Next three months starting May 1st.

Amendment accepted.

Proposal accepted as amended.

Eviction Hold-off agreement.

1) Will not exceed 5 gross no-show hours for regularly assigned labor in each of the three months starting May 1st. The no-shows can be assess as fines or make-up labor.

2) Will pay labor fines for January hours.

3) Will make a labor plan for February and March, with the labor czar.

New business

Burgess, Corey, Donny: We will be purchasing a locksmith's kit, so we can take apart locks and fix them. It's $20 at Lowe's each time we do it, or $150 once and we have it here.

Stair steps. Another one broke this week. Some of them are concerning, either metal or the concrete itself

POI: We should fix them before someone here dies. There's been one breaking about every two months recently.

POI: There are two kinds. Most of the first kind will fail - the concrete will break - within the next few years. The other half has metal pans underneath that collect water, rust, and lose integrity that way.

CQ: Can we ask the welder coming tomorrow to do a safety check, or at least mark which ones are rustiest? Answer: Probably.

POI: The concrete steps aren't compatible with each other. We should make sure we get the right kind of replacement.

POI: We need someone to pick up a step tomorrow. <we recruit Robbie>

Abandoned Rummy J: It's not actually abandoned; it belongs to Gatlin's friend and has been claimed by him. So, no need to tow.

Abandoned Gold Chrysler: Belongs to Terry Shute, may be towed by authorities.

Hannah: Neighborhood happy hour on Thursday at the Night Owl, walkable distance on Burnet north of Anderson. Will send an email.

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