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April 2, 2017

Present: Burgess, Donny, Marilyn (minutes), Melissa, Russ, Unnamed Member

Meet and Greet

Serene Hammond via phone from Northern California; this is her second meeting; she would like a single room and hopes to move here next month. She was accepted as a prospective member.

Review of Minutes

Accepted read

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Paul) For privacy reasons, allow the option of pseudonyms for meeting minutes.

Presented by Unnamed Member: She doesn't want her name in the minutes; her first and last names are currently in the minutes.

Clarifying questions and points of information:

Burgess: Is that because of your job? Yes, and she has been stalked in the past.

Marilyn: In the past minutes

Donny: Our minutes could be legal documents and they need to not be inaccurate.

Madeline: From a legal point of view the names in minutes are not important, just the accuracy of reporting proposals and votes.

Concerns and friendly amendments:

Donny: Ask the appropriate officer to retroactively redact the minutes to eliminate names at the members' request.

Proposal passed as amended.

New business

General membership meeting at 2 Sasona; we have pizza and beer ordered and we will take additional food. Community Board Rep candidates will give presentations. There will be online and paper ballots available for the Community Board Rep. There will also be a survey about CHEA's needs and the future which, if completed on line, will make one eligible for a $50 Amazon gift card.

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