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 ====== March 12, 2017 ====== ====== March 12, 2017 ======
-Present:+Present: ​Joshua, Richard, Burgess, Donny (facilitating) Corey, Alex, Hannah, Ryan, Russ, Marilyn (minutes)
 ===== Meet and Greet ===== ===== Meet and Greet =====
 +Jessica and son Elias, currently living in Madison where she was a member of two different co-ops (Lothlorian and Ambrosia, a NASCO property). She is interested in sharing an apt., has a dog, has a mild cat allergy, has been a maintenance helper and has done a lot of cleaning for her labor.
 ===== Review of Minutes ===== ===== Review of Minutes =====
 +Minutes approved
 ===== Wiki Updates ===== ===== Wiki Updates =====
-~~ FORM START DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ~~+None, Amanda on vacation
-<hidden onHidden="Click to open form" onVisible="Click to hide form (useful for printing)"​ initialState="​visible"​ -noprint>​+===== New business =====
-<​form>​+Burgess: There has been a string of e-mails about the 0.5 labor credit hours for cooking. There had been complaints in the past that it took longer than an hour to cook a meal, and some people requested additional credit, and the Labor Czar contacted the cooks, indicating that those who had 3 dishes would be getting 4.5 hours credit (0.5 more than required). He did not mind having the extra 0.5 hours labor because that has meant he has only had to cook 3 meals a week to meet his labor requirement. There was no conspiracy to cheat anyone out of their labor credit. There are still empty cooking slots. Joshua: Expanding on that, we tend to want to put everything on the chart, though there is a labor sheet that allows one to claim extra credit or more time spent.
-Action pagemod _self addagenda+Richard: He was the one to increase the credit for cooking; that and DCU are both hard requirements and deserve extra credit, which reduced the amount of meals some people cooked. He did make it explicit that that the 0.5 extra hours would not translate to extra credit. He would not fight a change in that policy, though he did have those conversations. We will lose another 10 hours of labor a month if people take an extra 0.5 hours credit for meals. Corey: If people have an issue with how labor is credited they need to bring it to a meeting. Burgess: If a cook plans ahead he/she should know how long it's going to take to prepare. Russ: Without the history he was sympathetic to the complaints about the fairness of the system, but now he realizes that it was discussed in advance.
-Thanks "​Agenda Item added"+Ryan: Are no-shows records complete? Richard: Everything is complete except the Grounds reporting for three months. There are a lot of no-shows for the Grounds team, so members of that team may have a lot of make-up to do or pay for.
-textbox "​Proposer"​ /​^[^<>​]+$/​+Ryan: Economic Prosperity Commission will be presenting to the City Council Wednesday at 6:30, and this will be another opportunity to advocate for Co-ops. Contact Ryan for the location.
-textarea "​Proposal Text" /​^[^<>​]+$/​+Corey: Donny and Ryan did more work on 103 today; 90% of the work is done, but the last 10% of the work is 90% of the work. No one has been hired to do the work because the vacancy reserve is fatter than the maintenance reserve.
-static "Note$ must be escaped by preceding with \Example: \$100"+RichardHe would like someone to order for metal chain to block off the broken stairsCorey says we can get that at local hardware store
-number "La Reunion'​s Street Number"​ <7911 >7909+Burgess: Ryan has said he will phone the dumpster company to have recycle bin moved in, allowing the trash bin to come off the curb.
-hiddenautoinc "​itemnumber"​ "​=1"​+Marilyn: How is the roof? Corey: it looks dirty because of pooled water, as it is solid but not flat. Fascia and soffits still need to be replaced, which will be a big process. We still need gutters as well. Donny: He wants to know if someone is designated to speak to Daniel about that. Corey: As no one has been out to look at it; Donny is willing to speak to Daniel. Russ: Are there warranties on materials and labor? Donny: Yes. Corey: There are sheets of plastic that can be rolled over the roof and over previous seams if repairs need to be done.
-submit "Add to Agenda"​ +Hannah: Should we have another Labor Holiday? She will e-mail Meg with the question. Madeline: We should not have any events that will conflict with the General Membership Meeting April 8 at Sasona; we will be voting on a new community rep and taking input on a 5 year plan for CHEA. No community rep nominees have accepted nomination.
- +
-</​form>​ +
- +
-</​hidden>​ +
- +
- +
- +
-<pagemod addagenda output_before>​ +
- +
-===== Agenda Item @@itemnumber@@ ===== +
- +
-(@@Proposer@@) @@Proposal Text@@ +
- +
-</​pagemod>​ +
- +
- +
-===== New business =====+
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