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February 26, 2017

Present: Donny, Hannah, Russ (facilitating), Paul, Marilyn (minutes)

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Russ) Regarding abandoned vehicles on property. Gold Chrysler 5th Avenue in South Parking lot, suggest towing.

What is our policy regarding the problem of abandoned vehicles.

Suggest posting warning signs, “towing enforced”, “no Parking”, etc.

Russ: Before we can tow a car out of our lot we must post a sign about towing and post the name of the tow company.

Question: How soon can we tow once the signs up are up?

Russ: Didn't see a time requirement in the TX ordinances, but someone can look at the sign to find out what towing company to call. He has the name of the owner, someone unknown to the co-op. He proposes that as Steward he have permission from the co-op to contact tow companies to contract with them.

Donny: Requests that we find a tow company that won't try to tow a lot of other cars.

Russ agrees.

Paul: Would like to know what it will cost; under $50 does not require approval of the co-op.

Russ: Posting signs might cost more than that.

Donny: We would need 3 signs, one for each lot.

Motion passed by consensus.

New business

Hannah: “It's My Park Day” is next Saturday, March 4, 9 to noon. She would also like volunteers Wed and Thurs afternoons 4-6:30 to prepare tables for painting. Russ vlunteers “a definite maybe.”

Donny: Has there been any notification that the roof is done? It is finished but not yet inspected and signed off by the city. He suggests that Gatlin contact the roofers to complete the last step.

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