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February 19, 2017

Present: Kim Garmany, Katty, Robbie, Carey, Amanda, Corey, Ashli, Burgess, Marilyn, Cynthia, Russ, Richard, Ryan

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Update all bans of particular people from “common spaces” to be bans from anywhere on Coop property. Exclude Jeremy Cruts from this update, whose ban was explicitly intended to be limited.

Richard: This was inspired by a recent incident in which a banned person was in the courtyard. Generally when we ban people, it’s because they’ve broken our trust and I think we would’ve extended this to the entire property if we’d realized it’s in our rights to do so. I think there was a myth going around that we aren’t allowed to ban people from the property, but that’s untrue.

Corey: Is what you’re proposing still allowing banned people to enter private units?

Richard: No, this would disallow that.

Corey: I want to add that Garrett’s already been banned from the property by Daniel Miller.

Carey: I’m not comfortable changing our leases if this isn’t already in them.

Russ: We’re talking about strengthening the current ban, but it sounds like the problem was Meg’s lack of clarity about the ban, and that won’t be addressed by this proposal.

Richard: That may need to be addressed separately as well.

Ryan: I think the first time we tried to call

Ashli: Are people saying that the way this will be enforced is by calling the cops?

Richard: I personally feel Frankie is a danger to me.

Corey: I don’t think calling the cops is going to be anybody’s first resort.

Ryan: Do we need to change our rules or change our contract (lease)?

Richard: What I’ve seen is that it needs to be in the lease if it’s going to be enforced. But we may need to ask a lawyer.

Ryan: I don’t think we should change our lease without consulting a lawyer. We could add this to our “member in bad standing” section of the rules/wiki.

Carey: I am concerned about explicitly expanding the scope of our contracts to allow us to go into members’ units to remove people.

Corey: It sounds like the only substantive change this is making is to widen bans to people’s personal units. Since that’s a delicate legal question, I think we should table this.

Item tabled

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) The Labor Czar may not accept anonymous no-shows.

Richard: This is an internal processing rule I follow as Labor Czar. I just want it solidified. There’s nothing I can do if somebody doesn’t sign a no-show, I can’t follow up with anybody.

Carey: Somebody may want to no-show anonymously if they fear retaliation from another member.

Richard: I could amend the proposal to also allow private, non-anonymous no-shows provided to the Labor Czar.

Carey: I’d actually be less comfortable with that.

Russ: I feel like most people know when they haven’t done their job and when they’re going to get no-showed.

Carey: What would change by mandating this instead of just permitting the Labor Czar to use their executive discretion?

Item passed

Agenda Item 3

(Gatlin) Discussion - Presentation by Kim Garmany of College Houses about Amplify Austin.

Kim Garmany: Development director at College Houses. Starting to raise funds to improve the quality of buildings. Trying to raise money for a new roof, a front door, and mobility accommodations at different college coops. Ways we can contribute are to set up an individual fundraiser for friends and family, write a testimonial about your experiences at College Houses, and liking and sharing stuff that College Houses shares on Facebook and Instagram. Goal is 1500 individual donations of $10. She encourages us to take on a fundraiser of our own at some point, and to reach out to her for advice if we do.

New business

Ryan: We have four or five automatic member reviews coming up.

Marilyn: Is there a plan for making sure all the cars are removed from the south lot before Tuesday morning?

House: Emails are going out and signs are being posted. An old brown car may need to be towed.

Corey: Most of the preparation work in removing mold in 103 is done, only cleaning is left and we still need volunteers to help. Then the work of reinstalling drywall etc. begins. We’re on our way to having it finished by the 1st . I want to bring a proposal to give a rent credit for Jessica, since she hasn’t been able to live in there.

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