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February 12, 2017

Present: Russ, Donny (facilitating), Paul, Gatlin, Corey, Marilyn (minutes), Ryan

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Donny) Discussion: we are getting 8 new fridges on Monday the 13th. Units 110-111 and 206-211 are requested to have their current fridges cleared out on that day. This will help Lowes (acting on behalf of Travis County) take away and properly dispose of our old ones.

Donny will hear from Lowe's about the delivery time and will notify everyone as quickly as possible. He recruited some help for pulling keys and having members available to open apartments.

Question: Is there a designated place to store things?

Answer: With whomever is not having their refrigerator replaced, or – if clearly labeled – in the Commons.

Agenda Item 2

(Gatlin) Decide and vote on a start date and other related details for roofing contractors to work on our roof.

The roofers are able to start Monday, Feb 20, sun up to sun down daily for at least 5 days. The South parking lot, or at least the back 7 spaces, needs to be cleared during that time. Gatlin's motion: Permit the house to take whatever necessary action to clear the back part of the south parking lot for the roofing contractors starting Feb 20, and to allow them on the roof.

Suggestions: let people know that the air conditioners will not be usable while the work is going on; when Gatlin has the details he plans to post them on apartment doors.

Question: Cost?

Answer: $72K, no grant , being paid by NASCO with some hope for wrapping it into the PACE loan. The contracting is complete.

Question: Can we barricade the parking lot.

Answer: We can consider it, but meanwhile will seek agreement from the people who regularly park there.

Proposal passed by consensus.

New business

Ryan: He has been testing a new on-line payment system to replace Dwolla. He will do a small automated run and then expand it to everyone.

Corey: Mold in Apt 103; only two of four walls are infected; most of the demolition is done; clean up will be required before starting to rebuild it; we may have to bring in a contractor to do the drywall by March 1. Donny: More labor could be used, so those with labor debt should contact Corey and cc: We have good respirators.

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