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January 22, 2017

Present: Richard, Ryan, Donny, Corey, Paul, Amanda, Ashli, Carey

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Hannah) Reinstate Outreach Coordinator position.

Taken up by Ryan

Ryan: She wants to take on the Outreach Coordinator position so we can accept more prospective residents from populations we want to do outreach to.

Carey: Is this going to happen often enough to justify us keeping the position? We have people who have personal projects that they get credit for, without being officers.

Ryan: She wants to reach out to Tenant-Based Rental Assistance programs that provide assistance based on the tenant, not based on the unit like the HACA vouchers. Hannah knows a few of these organizations and wants to find more to make contact with.

Paul: Would this eliminate the previous agenda item?

House: Yes

Paul: She's only proposing to do one of the points on the Outreach Coordinator description, though.

Carey: If this isn't a doable position with a feasible scope, I don't think an officer-ship is the best way to go.

Ryan: We could structure this in different ways, for example another sunset clause. Hannah just really wants to do this particular project.

Carey: Friendly amendment - A 6 month project

Ryan: Okay, I don't think we need to get rid of the sunset clause, because that just entails us reviewing the position, which can still happen after 6 months with this as a trial phase in the interim.

Donny: So this would be a labor project for an individual, designated co-oper, and she wouldn't have to attend coordinator meetings, wouldn't be held accountable as an officer, and couldn't be no-showed for it?

Carey: Yes, but we'd still hold her accountable based on the proposal she's given.

Richard: I think the amendment effectively tables this item (until the sunset clause comes up).

Corey: Friendly amendment - Bring Outreach Coordinator back for 3 months and then revisit it

Friendly amendments NOT accepted

Richard: There's no requirement at this time to review the officer-ship in 6 months. It'll just be automatically reinstated.

Corey: I think people will do that on their own as a group.

Richard: Friendly amendment - The position won't be a Coordinator position but a project with a set date

Friendly amendment accepted

Proposal accepted

Agenda Item 2

(Ashli) Offer Ashli a month-to-month lease.


New business

Richard: I'm going to seek help from Meg to complete the labor report. I'm no-showing myself an hour for every week that I'm behind on no-show reports.

Donny: More Travis County contractors are coming out this week. They're going to be starting on energy-efficiency work.

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