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November 20, 2016

Present: Corey, Sarah, Nolan, Richard, Ashli, Paul, Donny, Chris, Madeline, Elicia, Ryan, Greg, Kim

Meet and Greet

Greg and Kim - First meeting. Lived at College Houses. Kim wants a full unit for her and her boyfriend.

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Cap Invoicing of labor fines from Nov 1 2015 through July 31 2016 to a maximum total amount of $100.00 per member on the basis that we have been stupidly slow to get this done in anything close to a timely manner due to a plethora of reasons. Also many people would be getting hit with $200+ in fines which will likely mean I'll be drowning in payment plan requests that will just create, in my opinion, a lot of unnecessary headaches for myself and the house. I think this is a reasonable exception to make given the circumstances, whilst not entirely abandoning accountability.

TLDR I don't think anyone should be in danger of getting kicked out from this.

Corey: Some of these problems date back to November because of people being on labor plans, etc. We don't want to abolish all labor fines, so this is a happy medium.

Madeline: How many people would this affect?

Corey: I'm not sure at the moment because I haven't invoiced all the labor fines. The ones I have finished, it's about a quarter to a half of the people in the co-op who are above the $100 threshold.

Concerns and Friendly Amendments

Corey: After I invoice them, I'd set them for the next rent date 30 days later. So if I invoiced them tomorrow, it would be due with January's rent.

Paul: Can we tell people how much of their fines got waived?

Corey: I could, but that just keeps more work for me.

Passes by consensus

Agenda Item 2

(Michelle) Waive my fee for breaking my lease due to Andy immediately taking over 206.

The fee isn't in our lease and so isn't legally binding and won't be applied.

Agenda Item 3

(Corey) Discuss how the coop should move forward on the Travis County grant (and broader roof) project and resolve procedural issues pertaining to the project.

Corey: Everyone who's a resident is going to have their unit worked on. People are asking when contractors are going to visit but there's alot of unknowns right now. There are privacy concerns since we're dealing with Travis County. We need to come up with a process to alleviate or resolve people's concerns.

Elicia: It's my understanding that you have to give 24 hours notice before entering.

Corey: It is if it's in the lease, but it's not in ours.

Sarah: It is in the case of HACA.

Donny: We should keep the house updated on which units have been worked on. We need to make copies of keys because at this point we've only gotten permission to enter through the signed forms.

Ryan: We're talking about needing someone on site all day every day to give contractors keys. There are very few people who could take that much time out of their life. Every day somebody needs to hand out keys and every night they'll need to rekey the keybox.

Corey: I like the idea of multiple people coordinating, but there should be one person heading it up who's ultimately responsible. We need a keymaster. How important is it for people to get 24 hours notice before we let the contractors in?

Paul: I think it's definitely important to some people.

Corey: We'd be letting the contractors into units, they wouldn't be letting themselves in.

Elicia: I'd rather the contractors never have the keys in their possession when they're off the property (e.g. for lunch).

Donny: I'm envisioning a team of keymasters and a log of which keys are taken out and when they're returned.

Elicia: I'd also like the keymasters to do checks after they leave because contractors always leave messes.

Corey: We've talked about asking people to hang out with the contractors so we can learn what we're doing and emulating it.

Paul: So we need somebody from Maintenance working closely with the coordinators.

Richard: Did we only get 2/3 of matching funds allocated to us, or all of the money for the two buildings?

Paul: Probably all of the money for two buildings.

New business

Richard: Labor Holiday December 9-10. We have a list of project suggestions.

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