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November 6, 2016

Present: Donny (facilitating), Nolan, Paul, Meg, Chris, Marilyn (minutes), Gatlin, Carey, Lauren

Meet and Greet

Taylor, 2nd meeting, currently in Dallas, by phone, friend of a friend of Gatlin's. More information in the minutes of October 23. He had questions about what labor we are doing currently. He was accepted as a prospective member.

Jeremy, 1st meeting, friend of Carey's, interested in becoming an Associate, willing to do labor 1 hr per week, would like to help rebuild the garden wall.

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Meg ) Proposal: -eliminate Courtyard Clean and Trash Pick Up, Replace with Outdoor Clean (1hr):

Outdoor Clean spends 1 hr of labor doing any of the following tasks, depending on what's most needed:

-Clean up any toys or obstructions which could trip people -Put away any cooperative property (eg, tools, coolers, ladders, gardening utensils, dishware) -Clean up large spills or messes -Sweep courtyard (note: area around laundry room gets extra dirty) -Clean and sweep breezeway area -Take out trash from courtyard & breezeway trash cans, hose out & deep clean trash cans if necessary -Empty courtyard recycle bins, hose-out & deep clean recycle bins if necessary -Pick-up trash in parking lots & courtyard -Clean and sweep under stairways (especially the North Stairwell) -Wipe down/clean outdoor picnic table -Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls -Empty cigarette butt reciprocals, deep clean reciprocals if necessary -Clean/Pick-up trash from area behind La Reunion Co-op -Wipe down/ clean benches -Sweep upstairs walk-ways and downstairs sidewalks -Sweep/Clean under wheelchair ramps leading into commons, hose down and scrub clean wheelchair ramps if needed -Clean/maintain outdoor grill and grill area

Outdoor Clean must sign-off & log what tasks they did and how much time was spent doing tasks on Outdoor Clean log sheet, that's posted & maintained by Labor Czar.

*Note: Outdoor Log will assist Outdoor Cleaners on what tasks have been recently done and what hasn't been done.

Points of information: Is this a combination of current descriptions. Reply: Yes, plus a new way of logging the labor.

Concern: It gives more labor to the Labor Czar. Reply: It wouldn't change the work, just change the report the Labor Czar has to read. The Labor Czar would have to do less monitoring of Kitchen labor with acceptance of the new Kitchen Manager description.

Item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Meg ) update description for: Laundry Room Clean (1 hour)

-Take out laundry room trash, hose-out and deep-clean laundry room trash reciprocal if necessary -Sweep and very rarely (in the case of a soap spill for instance) mop -Scrub/ wipe-off/remove soap/detergent spills from floor -Throw away any trash, empty containers, etc. that might be left on the machines or on the shelf. -Wipe down the machines with disinfectant. -Clean and wipe-off all accessible surfaces of washers & dryers (note: there's generally excess soap/detergent drips and stains dripping from washer doors and atop washers) -If there is any graffiti, attempt to get it off with soap and water. If not possible report to Labor Czar. -Clear soap trays with vinegar. -Go through the free box and discard items as needed -Regularly clean out the lint trap / exterior dryer vent -Clean-up behind and sides of washers & dryers as best as possible -Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls -Wipe-off/clean/de-dust shelves in laundry room -Beat, hose-off & clean laundry room rugs/ floor mats when needed

Meg: There are things that are not being done routinely, and don't have to be done routinely, but should be noted as part of the labor descriptions. She amends her proposal to include using the shop vac to reach as many areas as possible. Concern: The laborer would have to get a key to the maintenance closet to access the shop fac. The amendment is accepted.

The item passes as amended.

Agenda Item 3

(Meg ) -Dispose of trash and empties trashcan -Cleans the toilet bowl and toilet surfaces. -Make sure toilet paper is bountiful, notifying food buyer if supply is low -Wipes down & cleans sink and counter tops -Clean & Windex mirror -Cleans and wipe-down interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets & drawers when needed -Organizes contents in bathroom cupboards & drawers when needed -Sweeps and mops the bathroom floor (including area behind toilet) -Scrubs and cleans the bath tub when needed -Refills/restocks anti-bacterial hand soap or anti-bacterial bar soap by sink, notify food-buyer if supply running low -Cleans-off/scrubs cleans wood trim boards -Scrubs clean/removes marks off bathroom walls and door when needed

Meg adds a title: Update 106 Bathroom Cleaner Description.

Question: Why is this needed? Reply: There are only 4 items on the current description. It also makes sure there is antibacterial soap on hand. Question: Do we have to have antibacterial soap? Reply: We should have it available. Multiple people have complained about the lack of it.

Friendly amendment: remove “anti-bacterial,” accepted by Megan, passes by consensus.

Item as amended passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 4 – Tabled

(Meg (Richard's agenda from last week) ) Make the following adjustments to officer positions:

Retire Outreach Coordinator. Retire Tech Coordinator, replacing it with a regular labor position appointed by the maintenance coordinator. The maintenance coordinator will adjust its hour allocation as the tech work load changes. Retire Safety Officer and Mediator, transferring their responsibilities to Steward. In each case the position's retirement shall become effective within a week unless the respective coordinator states a wish to serve until the end of the current term.

Agenda Item 5



Rewrite Kitchen Coordinator (3hrs) to Kitchen Manager (2hrs) with updated description:

KITCHEN MANAGER (2hrs) - Works with, coordinates & determines weekly or bi-weekly tasks for kitchen labor pool crew & commons cleaners to do, coordinates alternate labor when necessary -Maintains Kitchen Log and improvement to-do lists up to date and available to co-op members and for Kitchen Labor Pool Crew and co-op members to sign-off and log tasks done with time task took -Observes that kitchen labor crew pool, kitchen and commons cleaning labor is being performed and notifies the Labor Czar(s) of no-shows -Communicates with Kitchen Pool Crew and members performing commons cleaning, fridge cleaning, or other kitchen cleaning labor about any specific concerns. -maintains, cleans and organizes commercial fridge and freezer, Cleans-out commercial fridge & freezer in-time for weekly KAF receival -Inspects expiration dates and safety of food, properly disposing of it when necessary. -Communicates to Food Buyer about kitchen, towel clean & food preservation supplies needed -Ensures that the commons kitchen is well furnished and well stocked, and that all appliances and utensils are in working order -Ensures the commercial fridge & freezer units' coils are cleaned and that the compressor is blown-clean every 30 days as recommended by the manufacturer -Maintains locations for cleaning supplies and materials -ensures all cleaning chemicals are properly labeled -re-fills vinegar water mixture cleaning spray bottles -re-fills bleach water mixture cleaning spray bottles -takes note when cleaning chemicals running low and adds to food-buyer request list ) -Helps Communicate with food donation / procurement labor about any specific concerns. -Listens to house concerns and communicates clearly about any issues raised. -Maintains, posts, and distributes to cooks a list of common, known, and severe food allergens in the Co-Op. -Works with other officers as necessary.

KITCHEN LABOR POOL CREW: -Kitchen Labor Pool Crew is required to log the activities they completed and time task took -Kitchen Labor Pool crew members meet their contract-obligated co-op labor hours regardless of Kitchen Manager failing-in or incapable of determining labor tasks for Kitchen Labor Pool Crew


Food Preservation (FP): -preserves food that is not being used in timely fashion by co-op examples: Making bread crumbs with old bread, jamming, pickling, preserving, juicing, freezing, refrigerating, fermenting, makes Kimchi , making condiments, dehydrating, drying out of foods that are not being used in timely-manner, making new dishes with left-overs, baking excess pizza dough into rolls, turning excess milk into cheese, turning excess bread into garlic bread, making dishes with excess food, turning apples into apple sauce or juice, make cheese with excess milk

-Re-distributes excess food to neighbors & co-op friends in effective manner (ex. of ineffective manner performed in past: leaving box of food in courtyards of neighboring apt. buildings)

Cupboard Clean (CC): -cleans and wipes interior and exteriors of cupboards and drawers -organizes cupboards and drawers contents -scrubs grease marks & other marks off kitchen walls -deep clean stove

Pantry Clean (PC): -clean, mop and organize floor of coffee/oil/hot sauce pantry -wipe down, organize & clean shelves of coffee/oil/hot sauce pantry -organize, clean & wipe down all shelves in pantry room (including the metal shelf and the built in-wooden ones.) -clean, wipe down and organize wire rack where zip-lock baggies & sometimes garlic and other produce is stored -wipe down, clean-up and organize potatoes & onion bins (try to put most recently purchased potatoes & onions at the bottom, so people are more likely to grab the older potatoes/onions first) -empty garbage can (tall, sliver can) in pantry room if needed -clean, organize, wipe bins of pantry shelves & pantry shelves in hallway (where bread & various kitchen machinery is stored) -maintains, organizes and cleans closet in pantry room where bulk items (such as rice, flour, pinto beans) are stored

Towel Clean (TC): -Make sure clean rags are in the clean rags spot and dirty rags are in the dirty rags spot -launders dirty rags & towels

Food Donation Receival (FDR): -Pick-ups and receives food donations -Properly puts away donated items -Helps coordinates with KAF -Communicates with Co-op and Kitchen Manger if more labor needed for food donations

Fridge Clean (FC): -maintains, cleans & organizes all freezers and fridges, excluding the commercial fridge & freezer units -wiping-off and cleaning exteriors and interiors of fridge & freezer units -clean any spilled liquids or foods -remove & dispose of rotten, spoiled, or otherwise not-fresh foods or condiments -remove left-overs that are 10 days or over and cleans-out container left-overs were stored-in -Inspects expiration dates and safety of food, properly disposing of it when necessary

(Meg ) Proposal: This would be similar to the Grounds Coordinator, who oversees a team and assigns and re-assigns tasks as needed. Intent is to better organize all the work done around the kitchen, with the burden being on the Kitchen Manager rather than the Labor Czar, who may not be fully informed about the needs and duties. Not all the labor descriptions are complete. There needs to be more flexibility, e.g., for the Manager to assign a team for specific problem areas such as large deliveries of apples. Also some tasks demand much more time than others, so much of the new recommendations become flex labor rather than routine daily tasks, in contrast to DCU.

Points of information and clarifying questions: How can food labeling be assigned when a blind person has DCU assignment? Meg: a position could be officially allotted to someone. How many hours do you need in the labor pool system? Approximately 6 hours. This does not include DCU or Commons Clean, but the Kitchen Manager would make others accountable for doing those tasks. There are a lot of things that don't get done because they are not assigned and don't occur every week. Concerns: 2 hours a week seems conservative for the kitchen manager description below.

Friendly amendment: Make Kitchen Manager 3 hours rather than 2 hours. Accepted by Megan. No discussion. Amendment accepted.

Concern: Executive authority could be given to the Manager for Kitchen and Commons to create labor descriptions and change assignments for the cooking. Comments from others: the current proposal seems to include that authority, no friendly amendment needed.

Concern: That food preservation and KAF should not be in the pool, because there is a specific set of skills needed and regular availability for those position. Reply from Meg: There are things that change in those two areas, so it would be good to have a system to recruit extra help for KAF. She doesn't want to change or stop things that are working, e.g., food deliveries. She would like the labor pool to learn more food preservation skills; there is waste of produce and other high-volume donations. Comment: It's good to have flexibility, as with Maintenance or Gardening, as sometimes there are high needs, though some people may get frustrated when there are not fixed expectations. Reply: Some people have commented that there is “bullshit labor,” whereas they work hard and then get frustrated and disenchanted. She thinks a pool would let people choose tasks they are more interested in. Another comment: Looking at the long range, people who may be doing their labor well now may not be here in the future, and there needs to be a system to make sure the work continues to get done. Comment: Good coordinators on Grounds and Maintenance make those teams work well. Concern: Feels this is too much for the Kitchen Manager to take on, consolidating the kitchen into a boss and employee system. Reply:

Friendly amendment: Twice a month kitchen management meeting. Meg would accept this amendment for a monthly meeting. She thinks this would help the food preservation system. Amendment is accepted: Once a month kitchen management meeting for the labor pool.

Friendly amendment: Leave the current KAF Receiver in place as an assigned labor task, with the kitchen manager having the option of assigning pool labor for extra food donations. Amendment is accepted.

The proposal is accepted as amended.

Agenda Item 6

(Meg ) ELIMINATE Commons Clean A & B, START Commons Clean Team Clean (CC)

-Team of 2 co-opers, team clean or coordinate cleaning of commons spaces: -Sweeps entire commons and kitchen including library room, pantry, office, computer lab, hallways all rooms and areas inside commons & kitchen space, excluding only the bathroom -Mops entire commons, common hallways, computer lab room, office, pantry room, library room & kitchen space, excluding only the bathroom -Straighten and dust/wipe-clean the bookshelves -Put away any items left out on the large table and computer desks -Clean any messes or spills -Log what tasks they completed and time tasks took - Generally make sure everything’s looking tidy

UPDATE DESCRIPTION for Dinner Cleanup (DCU) (1.5 hours)

-Put away leftovers. Date them and write name of dish on outside as well as if it is vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free, if you know. -Do dishes, including any leftover cooks' dishes -Wipe down counters,stove-top, serving table (round table) and dining tables (large tables) -Take out kitchen trash and empty recycling bins if needed -Put away any other ingredients, condiments, appliances, etc. left out on counters or table -Food leftovers must be put up within two and a half hours after dinner is served -Must be done by 4am.

Points of information and clarifying questions: With the Kitchen Manager being in charge of the Kitchen and Commons Labor, the kitchen manager can redefine the existing tasks as necessary. Reply: The proposal does not ask anything of the Kitchen Manager. Question: Why the proposal? Reply: Because Commons Cleans jobs don't always get done, and because people may only mop small areas as part of their assignments. Some parts of the current description are fluff labor and not well accounted for.

Concern: that the degree of coordination on the team may be difficult, as people will want to do their labor at different times.

Friendly amendment: Remove the proposal for teams of two people, replacing daily Commons Clean A and B with one 1.5 hour position. She rejects the amendment unless it is modified to include an assigned number of days per week in order to assure accountability.

Friendly amendment: Move the proposal for teams of two people, replacing daily Commons Clean A and B with one 1.5 hour position. Commons Clean would occur three times a week with additional days allotted from the Kitchen Labor Pool hours for special circumstances. Concerns: This would tie the hands of the Labor Czar in assigning labor. Reply: Having an assignment to clean the Commons every day leaves some people with nothing to do. Question: What is the concern about the Labor Czar? Reply: The Labor Czar can alter things as needed now, and this would prevent that. Reply: The Labor Czar already has a lot of power, and this would limit them, but it would also limit people signing off labor that is hard to track. Amendment accepted.

Discussion: If the kitchen needs to be mopped before the next Common Cleans, the Kitchen Manager could assign someone from the kitchen labor pool.

Friendly amendment: Leftovers need to be put away within 2 hours. Accepted.

The proposal is accepted with amendments as above.

New business

Paul: A red hamper of his clothing has disappeared out of the laundry room or his living room. Please let him know if you know find it.

Reminder that Labor Holiday comes November 18 and 19th. Coordinate with Richard if you are unable to participate. He will post the projects tonight or tomorrow.

Lauren: People are not wanting the bats to disappear from the Commons, but she will add some other decor. She is planning one or more craft nights in December.

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