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October 30, 2016

Present: Paul facilitated, Donny took minutes. List of attendees not available.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

Amanda Lacy - 2nd visit - accepted as prospective member

David Miller - 2nd visit - accepted as prospective member

Review of Minutes

Review of Minutes: approved last week's minutes with no modifications.

Wiki Updates

No updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Make the following adjustments to officer positions:

  • Retire Outreach Coordinator.
  • Retire Tech Coordinator, replacing it with a regular labor position appointed by the maintenance coordinator. The maintenance coordinator will adjust its hour allocation as the tech work load changes.
  • Retire Safety Officer and Mediator, transferring their responsibilities to Steward.

In each case the position's retirement shall become effective within a week unless the respective coordinator states a wish to serve until the end of the current term.

Agenda Item 2

(Michelle) Request to sign an associate member contract.

Agenda Item 3

(Michelle) Request to get on a make up labor plan.

Agenda Item 4

(Michelle) Request a contract break (move out date on November 1st)

Agenda Item 5

(Michelle) Request to get on a make up labor plan.

Agenda Item 6

(Michelle) Request to have breaking lease fee waved due to Andy G likely taking over 206 effective right after my lease break.

Agenda Item 7

(Elicia) For privacy reasons, in any documents that will be posted online, I would like to request that I am referred to as “Ramona.”

Agenda Item 8

(Meg ) Proposal: -eliminate Courtyard Clean and Trash Pick Up

Replace with Outdoor Clean (1hr):

Outdoor Clean spends 1 hr of labor doing any of the following tasks, depending on what's most needed:

-Clean up any toys or obstructions which could trip people -Put away any cooperative property (eg, tools, coolers, ladders, gardening utensils, dishware) -Clean up large spills or messes -Sweep courtyard -Clean and sweep breezeway area -Take out trash from courtyard & breezeway trashcans,hose-out & deep clean trashcans if necessary -Empty courtyard recycle bins, hose-out & deep clean recycle bins if necessary -Pick-up trash in parking lots & courtyard -Clean and sweep under stairways (especially the North Stairwell) -Wipe down/clean outdoor picnic table -Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls -Empty cigarette butt reciprocals, deep clean reciprocals if necessary -Clean/Pick-up trash from area behind La Reunion Co-op -Wipe down/ clean benches -Sweep upstairs walk-ways and downstairs sidewalks -Sweep/Clean under wheelchair ramps leading into commons, hose down and scrub clean wheelchair ramps if needed -Clean/maintain outdoor grill and grill area

Outdoor Clean must sign-off & log what tasks they did and how much time was spent doing tasks on Outdoor Clean log sheet, that's posted & maintained by Labor Czar.

*Note: Outdoor Log will assist Outdoor Cleaners on what tasks have been recently done and what hasn't been done.

Agenda Item 9

(Meg ) update description of 106 Bathroom Clean (1 hour)

-Dispose of trash and empties trashcan -Cleans the toilet bowl and toilet surfaces. -Make sure toilet paper is bountiful, notifying food buyer if supply is low -Wipes down & cleans sink and counter tops -Clean & Windex mirror -Cleans and wipe-down interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets & drawers -Organizes contents in bathroom cupboards & drawers -Sweep and mop the floor. (including area behind toilet) -Scrubs and cleans the bath tub when needed -Refills/restocks anti-bacterial hand soap by sink, notify food-buyer if supply running low

Agenda Item 10

(Meg ) update description for: Laundry Room Clean (1 hour)

-Take out laundry room trash, hose-out and deep-clean laundry room trash reciprocal if necessary -Sweep and very rarely (in the case of a soap spill for instance) mop -scrub/ wipe-off/remove soap/detergent spills from floor -Throw away any trash, empty containers, etc. that might be left on the machines or on the shelf. -Wipe down the machines with disinfectant. -Clean and wipe-off surfaces of washers & dryers (note: there's generally excess soap/detergent drips and stains dripping from washer doors and atop washers) -If there is any graffiti, attempt to get it off with soap and water. If not possible report to labor czar. -Clear soap trays with vinegar. -Go through the free box and discard items as needed. -Regularly clean out the lint trap / exterior dryer vent -Clean-up behind and sides of washers & dryers as best as possible -Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls

Agenda Item 11

(Meg )



Rewrite Kitchen Coordinator (3hrs) to Kitchen Manager (2hrs) with updated description:

KITCHEN MANAGER (2hrs) -determines weekly or bi-weekly tasks for kitchen labor pool crew to do, coordinates alternate labor when necessary. -Maintains Kitchen Log for Kitchen Labor Pool Crew to sign-off and log tasks done with time task took -Communicates with members performing commons cleaning, fridge cleaning, or other kitchen cleaning labor about any specific concerns. -maintains, cleans and organizes commercial fridge and freezer, Cleans-out commercial fridge & freezer in-time for weekly KAF receival -Inspects expiration dates and safety of food, properly disposing of it when necessary. -Communicates to Food Buyer about kitchen, towel clean & food preservation supplies needed -Ensures that the commons kitchen is well furnished and well stocked, and that all appliances and utensils are in working order. -maintains locations for cleaning supplies and materials -ensures all cleaning chemicals are properly labeled -re-fills vinegar water mixture cleaning spray bottles -re-fills bleach water mixture cleaning spray bottles -takes note when cleaning chemicals running low and adds to food-buyer request list -Observes that cooking and cleaning labor is performed or else notifies the Labor Czar(s). -Helps Communicate with food donation / procurement labor about any specific concerns. -Listens to house concerns and communicates clearly about any issues raised. -Maintains, posts, and distributes to cooks a list of common, known, and severe food allergens in the Co-Op. -Works with other officers as necessary.


Food Preservation (FP): -preserves food that is not being used in timely fashion by co-op examples: making bread crumbs with old bread, jamming, pickling, preserving, juicing, freezing, refrigerating, fermenting, makes Kimchi, making condiments, dehydrating, drying out of foods that are not being used in timely-manner, making new dishes with left-overs, baking excess pizza dough into rolls, turning excess bread into garlic bread, making dishes with excess food -re-distributes excess food to neighbors & co-op friends in effective manner (ex. of ineffective manner performed in past: leaving box of food in courtyards of neighboring apt. buildings)

Cupboard Clean (CC): -cleans and wipes interior and exteriors of cupboards and drawers -organizes cupboards and drawers contents -scrubs grease marks & other marks off kitchen walls

Pantry Clean (PC): -clean, mop and organize floor of coffee/oil/hot sauce pantry -wipe down, organize & clean shelves of coffee/oil/hot sauce pantry -organize, clean & wipe down all shelves in pantry room (including the metal shelf and the built in-wooden ones.) -clean, wipe down and organize wire rack where zip-lock baggies & sometimes garlic and other produce is stored -wipe down, clean-up and organize potatoes & onion bins (try to put most recently purchased potatoes & onions at the bottom, so people are more likely to grab the older potatoes/onions first) -empty garbage can (tall, sliver can) in pantry room if needed -clean, organize, wipe bins of pantry shelves & pantry shelves in hallway (where bread & various kitchen machinery is stored) -maintains, organizes and cleans closet in pantry room where bulk items (such as rice, flour, pinto beans) are stored

Towel Clean (TC): -Make sure clean rags are in the clean rags spot and dirty rags are in the dirty rags spot -launders dirty rags & towels

Food Donation Receival (FDR): -Pick-ups and receives food donations -Properly puts away donated items -Helps coordinates with KAF -Communicates with Co-op and Kitchen Manger if more labor needed for food donation

Fridge Clean (FC): -maintains, cleans & organizes all freezers and fridges, excluding the commercial fridge & freezer units -wiping-off and cleaning exteriors and interiors of fridge & freezer units -clean any spilled liquids or foods -remove & dispose of rotten, spoiled, or otherwise not-fresh foods or condiments -remove left-overs that are 9 days or over and cleans-out container left-overs were stored-in -Inspects expiration dates and safety of food, properly disposing of it when necessary

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New business

(Hannah) It's My Park Day happens this Saturday at Wooten Park 9 am to
noon. Come help beautify!

(Paul) Monday is our final forms deadline for the grant application.
Get them in!!!

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