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October 9, 2016

Present: Donny, Ashli, Richard, Russ, Ryan, Burgess, Sarah W, Nolan, Chris, Anne, Jad, Mike, Ramona, Hannah

Meet and Greet

Mike Kiamanesh - Looking to share a unit, open to living with people of another gender, no cat or dog allergies

Jad Wauthier - 2nd meeting, accepted as a member

Review of Minutes


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Agenda Item 1

(Anne and Donny) Discuss our current apartment painting (“primer only”) policy with the goal of formulating a policy that would allow and encourage more apartments to be fully painted. Recommend a 20 minute time box to hear all ideas and concerns.

Anne: This came up because I've been painting alot. Some units have never been painted, only primed. It's better for the co-op and the residents if those units get fully painted. Currently the co-op only pays for primer for units, not paint. One idea is for the co-op to provide, e.g. off-white and tan paint to residents but not colors.

Donny: This policy was passed a few years ago when we decided to only provide primer because of concerns that people would spend extra money on more expensive paint colors if the co-op started providing paint to residents.

Ramona: I like the idea. I think we should put some restrictions on colors.

Anne: The idea's not to limit how people can paint their units, i.e. with what colors, art, etc. but rather what paint the co-op will provide free to residents.

Richard: Are we sure there is an existing policy? Is Donny not empowered as Maintenance Coordinator to just change this on his own?

Donny: I may be, but people have alot of strong opinions on this, so I wanted to give the house a chance to discuss it.

Burgess: I don't see it as a a conflict for the Maintenance Coordinator to have that kind of discretion.

Richard: How many hours does it take to paint a room?

Anne: Around 6 and a half hours for priming, painting, and trim.

Russ: I think it's a good idea because it will save money buying paint in bulk.

Ramona: I think it's a good idea too because it incentivizes me to keep the whole unit cleaner.

Richard: I'd like to know how many labor hours will go to this if we modify our policy.

Anne: I'm only doing painting at the moment so it shouldn't change.

Donny: I'm okay with people who want their units painted to request that from Anne.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Ban “Jeremy Cruts” from the common areas of the coop.

Richard: I don't have personal interaction with him but the D&D nerds have complained about him. Victor's concerned about Jeremy being around because Victor's immuno-compromised. He's cooked more than once in the commons and left messes more than once.

Anne: How does he get it in?

Carey: I let him in because he's my guest. He hasn't violated any of our rules or policies so I don't see any reason to ban him. These concerns could be resolved just by talking to him. Are there any grounds to ban him besides people finding him irritating, or some rumor mill around him?

Richard: His hygiene, using co-op resources, and making messes in the commons.

Anne: If you ban somebody, how do you enforce it?

Richard: There's no formal system, it's just made publicly known that someone is banned. We can ban someone from the commons areas, not residents' units.

Anne: Can we just put restrictions instead of banning, like no cooking in the commons?

Richard: Yes

Russ: Do we have a guest policy?

Burgess: No, just one line in our manual. I tried to pass one but it wasn't taken up. If somebody who's not an associate or a member has clear access to the commons isn't accompanied by an associate or a member, then the house would be hard-pressed to deal with any problems that arise when they're in the commons.

Russ: Are we able to make a decision on this without existing policy?

Richard: Yes

Russ: So what exactly are the complaints?

Richard: He's cooked twice using commons resources

Carey: He's cooked once, I've cooked three times

Anne: Is it possible to request his presence at a meeting to discuss this?

House: Yes

Ramona: I think each member should be responsible for their guests, I don't think guests need to come to meetings. So Carey should be responsible for any expectations put on Jeremy. If people don't have a stake in our processes that leads them to take advantage.

Anne: One of the things I like about this community is our lack of rules. Up to a point, you should be responsible for your guests, but I'm hesitant to create rules that would be applied across the board.

Russ: No one's expressed our expectations to Jeremy, so we should.

Carey: My concern is that this sets a nasty precedent concerning guests, that instead of dealing with the issue, if we just decide we don't like somebody we're going to ban them from the property even if they haven't violated any of our rules.

Anne: As a friendly amendment, I suggest asking Jeremy to come to a meeting. I'd be very uncomfortable voting on this because I don't even know who he is.

Richard: That would amount to tabling this, which I'm comfortable doing if Carey thinks he'd be available on a Sunday.

Carey: Yes, he should be.

Item tabled

New business

Richard: There's now a paper with 3 dates on the fridge for people to vote on labor holiday dates, and a blank sheet for project proposals.

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