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October 2, 2016

Present: Nolan, Richard (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Corey,

Meet and Greet

Jad, former co-worker of Richard's, a prospective member, living in Buda, looking for a room to share, preferably soon. No pets or pet allergies. Willing to do DCU and cleaning jobs. Has a regular source of income. Richard will check with Paul on availability of rooms.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Wiki Updates

None; there is no one in this position, but Corey plans to work on it during Labor Holiday

Agenda Item


New business

Nolan: Sarah Watkins is looking for help to investigate properties in this neighborhood to see if they may be eligible for help from BASTA, an organization that advocates for tenants' right. This will not be a heavy commitment. Please contact Sarah to find out more and how you can be trained:

Richard: Will float some dates “for real” “tonight” for next Labor Holiday. He will e-mail options and post them on the refrigerator. At the same time he will call for project proposals.

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