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September 18, 2016

Present: Nolan, Robbie, Marilyn (minutes), Richard (facilitating), Paul, Russ, Ryan

Meet and Greet

David Schieferstein, interested in moving in, works as a server, interested in a single room, no pets, no pet allergies.

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Grant Meg and DJ a no-show waiver starting from Sept 7 until they're able to return.

Richard: Their return from vacation was delayed when Meg broke her leg and dislocated her foot; they returned today. It seems like a legitimate emergency, but they were being no-showed liberally.

Robbie: Maybe from the 9th forward

Paul: This fits into our release from labor obligations for someone hospitalized

Richard: And DJ was unable to leave her to complete his obligations.


Robbie: When was their intended arrival date?

Richard: 9/7

Item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Automatic) Member review of Jessica for accruing 36 hours of no-shows in the Big Report.

Marilyn reads a written statement from McAllen (grounds coordinator) in which he confirms that all but one of the 36 hours are recorded as no-shows.

Richard: Jessica has asked about discussing this with Richard but did not respond to a later e-mail from Richard about doing that.

Robbie: She just wants a labor plan

Richard: Maybe she should tell me that.

Robbie: She was waiting for the labor plan, as Richard had told her.

Richard: Do we want to do the same thing as we did with Lauren? Although her number of no-shows is higher than Lauren's, this is her first member review ever.

Paul: I was curious as to why she missed so many hours.

Robbie: I would guess, as with my own personal no-show record, it became hard for me to track what labor I'd done and what I owed. For her grounds labor weather can be a factor.

Richard: Labor tracking is the job of the grounds coordinator, and McAllen has lost some labor sheets in recent months.

(Straw poll)

Richard: There were some votes for a labor plan, which would restrict the gross number of no-shows they can get per week or per month.

Robbie: I thought the house wanted a behavioral contract.

Russ: Is there more than one way to resolve the no-shows, other than the labor plan?

Richard: A labor plan is basically a time extension before no-shows convert to fines or trigger a member review. It is unusual for both of these to be combined member reviews with a labor plan. With a labor plan I can put off finalizing the conversion to fines. I would lean toward a behavior plan because it would trigger a member review without the stricter policy applied to this no-show report. But I would also be okay with just a labor plan.

Vote: for no action and a labor plan.

Agenda Item 3

(Automatic) Member review of Lauren for accruing 31 hours of no-shows in the Big Report.

Lauren: I was member reviewed a while back, not immediately after I accrued those no-shows, and I have reformed myself, but there were still a lot of hours addig up.

Richard: The first review was up to December. This was skating the boundary of being reviewed, averaging 5 no-shows per month for 6 months. We have these planned to get people on to labor make-up plans.

Lauren: That's what I want to do.

Richard: The house has made a decision to make these reviews automatic.

Robbie: It was a weird house decision.

Lauren: I have a question about a previous decision about not buying your way out of a labor debt. Can I still cook? I claimed 2 hours this week for buying and cooking. I can only get 3 hours for the buying per month, but making food is limitless?

Richard: There is some boundary that gets people's attention.

Lauren: I won't abuse the system.

Paul: Would the labor plan be part of a behavioral contract?

Richard: We could do it with or without a behavioral contract.

Lauren: Mostly I would like a labor plan.

Paul: A behavior plan would just say to make a labor contract.

Lauren: I don't know if some of these hours convert to a fine. I would like to build some shelves for the Free Box. I will talk to Ashli about the other Free Box project.

Richard: I think this is such a borderline case I recommend this be a no-action with a labor plan. You did get a recent doozy of a no-show fromHannah for no events. You have that coming around, too.

Paul: Throw more parties! Can parties be make-up labor?

Lauren: I'm planning two events this month, a social bike ride and a game night. I wonder how my hours would come out if I counted them.

Richard: It doesn't have to be hour for hour, because these officer positions also include responsibility and pressure.

(Lauren leaves.)

Richard: This is a borderline review because only 31 hours over 6 months.

Richard: No action has the plurality and Richard will work out a labor plan. It will probably be a 3 month plan. If she fails to complete the hours will convert to fines.

Paul: This amounts to an extra 2 hours a week.

Vote is to accept labor plan.

Agenda Item 4

(Donny and Paul) Discussion: report on how many Austin Energy release forms are still out, and how we can get them in by the end of the meeting if at all possible.

Paul: Five release forms are outstanding; they are from Jessica, Molly, Melissa, DJ, Meg. In addition MANY income report forms are pending. GET THEM IN.

New business

Paul: We don't have anyone to move into Ashli's unit with her. Michelle doesn't want to move into that unit because the previous tenant had cats, and exposure gave her severe headaches in spite of a thorough cleaning. Ashli requests a female associate and there are none on the list. Tell your family, tell your friends.

Marilyn: This will be covered by a fund.

Paul: The vacancy reserve fund.

Ryan: Could we have a professional cleaning?

Marilyn: There are mitigation companies. Can we ask someone to look into that?

Paul: Even if we do that Michelle may not want to move in there.

Ryan: Let's check with her to confirm that.

Russ: I will do some research on companies.

Russ: Wasn't there someone from Craig's list?

Paul: There are potentials.

Richard: A November Labor Holiday is complicated by conflicts with NASCO trip (November 11 weekend in Ann Arbor) and Thanksgiving holiday.

Ryan: There are scholarships and reimbursements

(Discussion of various dates and possible coverage by Ryan or Paul for Richard, who will be out of town a lot in October and November.) Richard will post some options and then the house can choose someone to cover for him.

Paul: Is our long nightmare of 6 months without labor reports over?

Richard: Will post a report tonight, and then people will have a week or so to discuss those with him before they convert to fines.

Richard: There was a delay in his taking up temporary food buyer, but he will take Meg to Costco to change over the primary buyer.

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