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 ===== New business ===== ===== New business =====
 +Hannah: Neighborhood association meeting tomorrow, 7pm at Redeemer Cafeteria
 +Hannah: I got a newspaper dispenser we can place somewhere and use for something. If people hate it, let me know.
 +Paul: I got a bike maintenance kit for community use. I'm going to keep it in my unit until we can find a longer-time solution.
 +Richard: We have two membership reviews for next week, after the threshold was raised (Lauren and Jessica).
 +Richard: I'm going to post dates for the labor holiday. I'll put three November dates up and give people time to respond.
 +Corey: The picnic table is finished and painted. There's still a few sorta wet spots so be careful sitting.
 +Burgess: Reminder that we need 3 gallons of milk a week for Victor.
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