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June 12, 2016

Present: McAllen (facilitating), Jamie, Marilyn (minutes), Chris, Chase, Lauren

Meet and Greet

Daniel, possibly interested in becoming a prospective member, might be interested in sharing an apt; no pets or pet allergies; is a good cook and good musician.

Timothy, second meeting, would like to share an apt. Accepted.

Review of Minutes

Read and accepted

Wiki Updates

None presented

Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Propose that moving forward the House will not sign a contract that begins before and ends after June 30 in any given year. (Ex a contract starting in August 2015 must end by no later than June 30 2016) The idea is to smooth and simplify changes in rent amounts by synchronizing contract end dates with the end of our fiscal year to avoid the need for contract addendums. This would obviously not apply to contracts involving outside financial assistance where such a shift would be impossible (ex HACA).

Tabled until Corey can present

New business


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