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June 5, 2016

Present: Donny (facilitating), Gatlin, Richard (minutes), Corey, Maggie, Hannah, Chase, Paul, Ryan, Michael

Meet and Greet

Michael, second meeting. Accepted as prospective member.

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Gatlin) Discuss meeting with Speir Innovations about a possible combined roof renovation and solar energy project as a means of hastening and subsidizing necessary renovations; objective is to gauge interest, discuss interest and concerns, and present any data or preliminary calculations.

PoI from Paul: I attempted to find similar solutions with other companies but didn't find any viable solutions.

PoI from Gatlin: Speir wouldn't perform the roof renovation but would help us navigate finding someone to do it.

CQ from Donny: Do you want a 48-notice committee meeting when cost figures come in?

Gatlin: I'll just wait for the next house meeting.

CQ from Michael: Would the system have any batteries?

Gatlin: There are options that include batteries.

CQ from Ryan: Do you know how this company will make their cut of the money?

Gatlin: They would make their money providing and installing the equipment

CQ from Donny: Did they check the electrical configuration for individual units?

Gatlin: Yes, and they pointed out that individual residents of units could get rebates.

PoI from Paul: The companies I talked to considered the fact a sticking point.

PoI from Ryan: There are recent solutions (“net metering”) for the problem the city of Austin is considering.

QC from Corey: Do you have information on what additional cost there would be?

Gatlin: Not yet, but hopefully tomorrow.

New business

Hannah: Our compost pile needs intervention. We're going to have to decide very soon whether we're willing to construct a new compost structure.

Madeline: I have a friend with a permaculture degree who could provide plans.

Hannah: If people keep adding to it, I'll need to propose shutting down composting.

McAllen: I think this conversation could have been avoided if you brought it to me.

Hannah: I think you've done what you can, but no one has taken up your assignment to make a new compost division.

Corey: The CHEA board passed a new budget. Our increased lease payment will entail a $7/month rent increase here if our house budget doesn't change.

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