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April 17, 2016

Present: Melissa, Madeleine, Chris, Maggie, Russ, Cynthia, Molly, Richard, Marilyn (minutes and facilitating)

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


New business

Cynthia: Approves of the Labor Holiday, but wants to talk about the missing forks and spoons. Please bring dishes back. Bring your own plate if you're taking food back to your apt. As Kitchen Manager she plans to do a dish raid next Saturday. You have a week's notice!!! Leftovers should be put away properly and Fridge Clean people need to throw away food that is a week old (informal policy), so cooks and DCUs need to put dates on leftovers. She has often had to follow DCUs to take care of what was not taken care. Melissa adds that a lot of kitchen items here go missing and a paint marker would be a permanent way to mark what belongs to the co-op or others.

Melissa: Proposal to have someone from here volunteer for KAF, and there is a need to make calls to request donations from stores, and to do pick-up. Volunteers from KAF currently divide donations differently, and we are getting donations from Trader Joe's but not My Fit Foods or Snap Kitchen. Johnson's Backyard Garden donates separately from KAF, but the volunteer who used to supply us no longer does so. Richard as Labor Czar says in the past there has been opposition to creating a volunteer position here to work with KAF, but that may no longer be a problem. He will poll the residents for interest in the position. Russ asks if this might come under the purview of the Outreach Coordinator.

Richard: There will be a second Labor Holiday for those who could not participate yesterday, and to complete the projects that rain interfered with. W\Je may ask William to take up the flower bed project, expanding the width and dismantle the crucifix part of it.

Marilyn: Spoke with William yesterday; he sounded very good and anticipated getting out of the hospital in the next few days.

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