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April 10, 2016

Present: Burgess, Corey, Donnie, Hannah, Lauren, Maggie, McAllen, Melissa, Hannah, Richard, Russ

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

[read and accepted]

Wiki Updates

[recounted and accepted]

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Recalculate fixer rent credit to be 1/32th the monthly cost of a single room's rent per hour worked on maintenance

CQ from Melissa: Could I theoretically work 64 hours in a month to cover two rooms' rent?

Richard: This proposal doesn't change the current rule with regard to that, and as the rule currently stands, it wouldn't.

CQ from Hannah: How many hours would one have to work to cover a room's rent?

Richard: 32 hours

CQ from Melissa: Does this affect no-show fees other than fixer?

Richard: It does not.

[accepted by consensus]

Agenda Item 2

(Lauren) Allow Andy Dean to stay as a guest in Unit 109 until April 22nd.

CQ from Donny: Will he help out with the labor holiday?

Lauren: Yes, he will!

[accepted by consensus]

Agenda Item 3

(Robbie/Corey) Rescind Notice to vacate and reinstate prior payment plan, with appropriate late fee added.

PoI from Corey: Robbie barely missed a payment on his payment plan, causing him to fall off the plan. I had to give him a notice to vacate because of our rules. He has made his payment along with the late fee, so I think we can rescind the notice.

QC from Burgess: How many months left are on his payment plan?

Corey: Five.

QC from Burgess: How many people are on payment plans?

Corey: 4-5 people.

Concern from McAllen: This creates more work for the bookkeeper.

QC from McAllen: How many times can someone do this and be forgiven? Should we have a three strikes rule?

Corey: Right now there is a one-strike rule. The house can choose to rescind a notice to vacate, as is being proposed now.

[accepted by consensus]

New business

Donny: After the GMM last week, it occurred to me to propose a liaison to Sasona. They would go to Sasona house meetings every other week and report back here the following week.

Lauren: Coop birthday will be on around May 2.

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