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March 13, 2016

Present: Cynthia, Corey, Donny, Gatlin, Melissa, McAllen, Lauren, Paul (facilitating), Richard (minutes), Russ

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Formally approve Dwolla as an acceptable form of payment. Payments must be sent through Dwolla before the due date. Returned Payments (ie insufficient funds) will incur a bounced check fee and any applicable late fees.

PoI from Paul: I want to do a workshop on using Dwolla


Agenda Item 2

(Meg) Contest Andy G's no-show of 'no eggs' for food buyer labor position


Agenda Item 3

(Melissa) I would like permission to use La Re's commons and grounds to host a homeschool co-op on an ongoing basis, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-4. I will present a written proposal at the meeting.

PoI from Melissa: [reads selections from full proposal]

CQ from Gatlin: Does the organization exist? What is the insurance impact on the coop? Melissa: The organization doesn't yet exist. I'm not sure what the insurance impact is, but I'll look into that.

CQ from Cynthia: What are the age-range of the kids? Are there going to be teachers with them? Melissa: The age range will be 10-15. There will be a teacher, assistant teachers

CQ from Paul: How many people will there be? Melissa: There will be up to 20 people, but probably closer to a dozen.

Concern from Corey: I'm not sure what the IRS implications are. We'll probably want to check with the CHEA treasurer, house treasure, and a CPA.

Concern from Donny: As part of the agreement between the two cooperatives, there ought to be some idea of how the space is shared.

CQ from Russell: If everything fell into place, how quickly do you think you'd make it happen?

Melissa: After I discuss with parents, part of how long it would take would be how long CHEA would take to get back to us.

Concern from Paul: I'd want there to be a time frame for a trial period.

Melissa: We'd be hiring teachers for a set period, getting parents to commit for same time, etc.

CQ from Paul: Do you plan on filing as a corporation?

Melissa: I hadn't planned on it.

[item tabled pending further development]

Agenda Item 4

(Melissa) Extra hours of labor for maintenance - With a surplus of maintenance needs at La Re, I propose making a position that allows me to perform extra labor in exchange for a discount on my rent.

PoI from Melissa: I've done maintenance and home improvement, done make-readies before. I can coordinate Lowe's trips, find deals, etc. One of my goals will be to organize the storage area and keep track of high-value equipment.

PoI from Paul: How long were you planning on doing it? Melissa: Six months

CQ from Corey: How many hours per week?

Melissa: Ten.

PoI from Paul: Melissa pretty consistently has a labor surplus.

CQ from Richard: How soon are you will to start?

Melissa: As soon as possible, if I can.

FA from Paul: The position will be 10 hours/week, six months, starts Monday, March 14.

[FA accepted]

[proposal accepted]

Agenda Item 5

(Gatlin) Request for associate member Madeline Hillsmith to be allowed on my couch as a guest until March 20th. (She wants to live here and is currently negotiating a room).

[tabled as unnecessary to request permission from house]

New business

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