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February 28, 2016

Present: Burgess, Cynthia, Donny, Hannah, Joshua (facilitating), Maggie, Marilyn, Paul, Richard (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Paul) For clarity, remove recursive amendments from our consensus process. An amendment to an amendment is not particularly different from an amendment after an amendment, and I've seen people be confused by where we are in the process when we start doing recursive amendments.

Marilyn: A recursive amendment is an amendment to an amendment?

Paul: Yes.

Marilyn: To those of you have been using this process, do you use the same system of amendments to amendments?

Donny: The times we've done amendments to amendments it has been confusing. People will stay more engaged without amendments to amendments.

[accepted by consensus]

New business

Burgess: A man name Don on 7902 Tisdale has lost a black male cat.

Donny: I have two pieces of furniture I'd like to get rid of. One is a medium-sized desk. The other is a stackable shelf thing.

Richard: This is the third week in a row Robbie either hasn't put handwritten agenda items up or hasn't put up an agenda at all.

Maggie: I'm moving the stuff in the breezeway this week.

Paul: I'd like to move the computer lab.

Burgess: I'm gauging interest on a lottery system of units being subjected to dish raids.

Donny: We still have Claude's TVs. Can we throw them out?

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