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January 31, 2016

Present: Russ, Chris, Joshua, Paul (facilitating), McAllen, Hannah, Ryan, Donny, Michael, Richard (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Reed, second meeting. Accepted as prospective member.

Review of Minutes

Read and accepted.

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Hannah) Allow removal of asphalt in one spacer curb of east parking lot and its replacement by landscaping, with the intent of using it as a pilot for eventual replacement of all east parking lot spacers with greenery. The City will be contacted before asphalt is removed to determine whether this space is within our purview.

Hannah: I've already started contacting folks and got an 811 ticket. The space is flagged with white flags. The 811 response will be to check for water mains.

PoI from McAllen: One potential issue that could come up is cost of expensive equipment to remove the asphalt. It can be done cheaply but slowly with a rock bar.

CQ from Chris: You're sure there are no other weird city issues besides property line? Hannah: I'm doing due diligence to check.

CQ from Donny: How big does this bush get, or would it be a tree? Hannah: There isn't enough space for a full-size tree, but a Texas Sage could fit there.

Concern from Paul: I have a concern that it will be constantly run over by people backing out of the spot.

Hannah: I'd like to get some rebar to fence the bush.

Paul: Have you thought about asking for an entire parking space?

Hannah: I wouldn't want to hack up an entire parking space in front of the building.

[Accepted by consensus.]

New business

Paul: I'm really glad so many folks came together to work on #102.

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