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 W: Yes W: Yes
-===== New business ​=====+===== New BUSniness ​===== 
 +===== SOME SASona members are concerned that there is a lack of communication btwn CHEA's board and Sasona members. ​ ===== 
 +===== H: CHEA BOArd can help faciltate social interfacing btwn members ​ ===== 
 +D: IT WOULD be nice to have role of the board clarified. 
 +WOUld like to see more interaction btwn. the two co-ops 
 +ANdi: WOUld ik to see more members who are interested attend undoing racicm workshops. THe board should help facilitate that. 
 +Ryan: HAVE informative images to show at GMMs, a new member orientation 
 +H: WE Have $800 available for folks who wan to attend the NASCO Conference 
 +ANdi: LAte fees that accrue for hospitalized members should be waived. 
 +COREy: That's not house policy, but that's how I've been going about it.
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