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September 13, 2015

Present: Paul, Lauren, Alex, Andy G, Corey, Marilyn, Richard (facilitator), AndiP , Ryan, Rebecca (minutes), Donny, Jessica, Cynthia, Michelle, Carey

Meet and Greet

Tracy: Works at Front steps, trying to find reasonable housing, BAchelors in social work, either looking for a place together or alone, no pets or pet allergies, doesn't cook, can do dishes, cleaning, gardening

Ansley: Works at the Arch, has 11 year old son, bachelors in art history, either looking for a place together or alone, my son would be with me part time, no pets, allergic to cats, loves to cook, love to garden but no green thumb, painting, anything really

Review of Minutes

Not approved, until Corey brings a summary to next meeting, need to be added to the website

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Andy) Hold the first full unit slot that opens up until such a time that Andy G. is able to take over a full lease on 206. This is with the confirmation form membership that Andy G's request to take over a full unit is at the top of the wait list that has been established.

Andy: since there is a cap on full units belonging to one member, i need to seek out some way of getting the exception, assuming that Michelle moves out sometime, once she does, I will be able to cover the full lease on 206. I've been in this unit for these past two years. Forcing Michelle to move out so I can get a full unit is ridiculous, but forcing me to move is also ridiculous. alternative wording:

I would be an 8th person, but it would still count towards the cap, and when one person moves out, it would be 7 and would carry on just like that. I asked Michelle how she would feel about moving into 203, she said she didn't want to and I understand why. I want to continue living here and in 206.


Donny: He is at the top of the list waiting to get a full unit.

Marilyn: a one person unit will be open in the next 3 to 6 months. The cap would come back down to 7 after Nolan moves out.

Paul: why does this need to involve the cap?

ANdy: additional wording would give me an exception to the cap. if this one passes, yes the cap would be temp. lowered. if we grant the exception, the other scenario would happen. IT seems unlikely that michelle would move out the same time a single unit opens up, so that's why i want to set this up.

Carey: to Michelle: If Andy moved out, would you want the unit to yourself?

Michelle: no. I live there, and i'm on the lease, and i have a back injury and I don't want to move.

Paul: do you feel like youre pressuring Michele to leave/

Andy: No, just saying that if she moved out in the future, that's when I would want to take over the unit.

RIchard: Did you tell Michelle that you would uproot countertops if you ahd to move to another unit?

Andy: I would move the things that I purchased to another unit if it opened up.

Lauren: Carey and I were thinking about getting new countertops, so you could have our old ones.

Michelle: the whole thing makes me uncomfortable, but I'm doing my job as a roommate, I'll bring it to the house if I“m uncomfortable about it.

Andy: Im sorry if ou felt pressure to move out. When jess and beth announced that they were moving out, i just asked you if you would want to move there. I am just looking for more space, not trying to get away from you.

Richard: Why not take 108?
Andy: after the whole thing, i think about 206 as my home. I've put a lot of work into 206. she should be able to stay there as long as she wants to, so should I. this comes down to me having something in place to allow me to have a single unit eventually.

Donny: This is the grandfather clause that we could have put in two weeks ago.

Cynthia: So Michelle has moved all over. I want to keep her here. She does her part. When Z was there, you didn't want the whole place, but when Michelle is there, you do want the whole place to yourself.

Andy: I think michelle is great here at the coop, but life changes and i'm able to afford a full unit now. im not trying to be classist, but i'm trying to find a solution for the future

Michelle: it's frustrating for me to feel pressure, i hope everybody sees the situation on both sides, i'm not trying to be stubborn, and i'm allergic to cats and a lot of other units are a problem. I'm just upset about the fact that it's been hard here before.

Alex: nobody is being forced out if we decide to not grant this exception. its a choice that you want to make and you're not being forced out by us, you're forcing yourself out.

Andy: asking me to move into 108 would effectively be the same thing.

Andi: the way i've heard you word things, like “when michelle moves out”. as a roommate, no one has a right to a full unit just because you sign a contract.

Paul: do you see how this could be construed as pressure on Michelle by putting it as when Michelle moves out?
ANdy: yes, but i didn't mean it that way.

COncerns and FA:

Ryan: I think the cap is a bad policy, and I thought everyone should be grandfathered into this. The cap encourages people to be less cooperative when they find out that they are moving out. I would like to make an amendment that would grandfather everyone into this.

ANdy: I accept this amendment.

Paul: i think that's too broad to be an amendment. this is just to remove the cap from existing members. like create a class between existing and future members.

HOuse does not accept amendment.

Ryan: I'd like for Andy to have a grandfather clause. FA: Andy would be exempt from the cap, would have the option to move into any single occupancy unit when it opens, regardless of the cap. The pressure would be on Andy instead of Michelle. Andy should still get his full unit, but it doesn't have to be 206.

Andy: i think the intention is good, but i cannot process that right now.

Paul: It pressures his roommate.

DONny: Ryan's amendment would take out the pressure on Michelle,

Michelle: Yeah, that makes me feel better.

Andy: Okay, yes i accept the amendment.

Andi: What is the reasoning behind this one exception?

RYan: he wants it and he has been vocal about the issue before the cap rule.

Lauren: Andy moved in wanting to have a single unit 2 years ago, and then we changed the rules. it makes it difficult for him.

DONny: this is a basic fairness thing, i think everyone should have been grandfathered in. Since andy is the only one asking for that right now, he should get that.

Michelle: if we now grant ANdy a grandfather clause, and then later we do more, then our initial proposal of having a cap, this would completely make the thing we just got past last week voided. If we're gonna do it now for Andy…I would vote down on it.

Donny: the amendment is just for Andy.

Paul: what's the advantage to doing this now than to wait and ask the house later

RYan: people like the ability to do long term planning

Corey: not cool with just exemptin people from house policy.

Andy: Paul's agenda item created a situation where someone has to ask for an exemption.

Marilyn: we have already created two classes, those of us who have and those of us who don't. People are here already that are exemptions, people in HACA would be exempted sometimes.

Michelle: things always change in order to stay effective for the community.

RYAn: in 2 and a half years, he would be open to moving. things change. I just want him to have the option.

Paul: will his single unit count towards the cap once he moves in?

Corey: If ANdy changes his mind in 2 years, he can ask the house. ask for a room when you know you want a room. we're gonna know on some level when michelle is gonna move out. i see this as preemptive.

Andy: I figured it would since it would be a full unit.

Carey: my concern on something so preemptive as this, it guarantees someone an exemption waht could be months ahead of time, but here might be someone else with greater need for a single unit when such a situation happens

Donny: time limit of 2 years on the amendment proposed.

Accepted amendment to the amendment.

Temp check to first amendment: Did not pass.

Back to original proposal:

Ryan: its clear that the cap has made this place a living arrangement where people don't wanna stay long term. the cap rule was not cooperative, it did lead to more affordable housing, but this is a coop. the way that it operates is the way that it makes it affordable.

Corey: we should table this until when there is a unit for Andy to move into.

ITEm does not pass.

Agenda Item 2

(Jessica) Christen the repurposed bedroom in 106 as The Tim Carmack Memorial Library. This name would not necessarily limit the actual use of the room. Ideally, a sign or plaque would also be hung, but would not be necessary. Furthermore, it would not be necessary to actually break a champagne bottle against any part of the room in order to christen it.

POI and CQ: who would be responsible for getting the plaque?
RIchard: I already ordered it.

Paul: You could change the plaque to say memorial library?

RIchard: it would have to be bigger plaque, more money


Marilyn: would you accept it as TIm's Room?

Jessica: no

Richard: its possible that Tim might die and it would be awkward

Andi: i feel uncomfortable about the plaque part, just because of the way he might have affected some residents at the coop

Jessica: we thought it would be funny because a library is a quiet space and when Tim was here it was not.

Ryan; the last name was too identifying.

Jessica: naming it the TIm memorial library is still amusing.

Accepted the amendment

Donny: FA to make the plaque two parts; one says Pre and the other say the Tim memorial library

Corey: FA: if we do any plaque, it has to be approved by the house.

Accepted amendment.

Item passes.

New business

Marilyn: October 15-17 and 22-24, Shakespeare play will playing at the Globe theater replica in east Austin. Thursdays are $10, Friday and Saturday are $15, the play is Much Ado About Nothing.

Jessica: Grounds crew, we need to have a meeting sometime next week. email Jessica

Andy: Don has requested a maintenance meeting tomorrow at 8 pm

Also coordinator meeting September 22 at 8 pm

Richard: sign up for project ideas for labor holiday on big Fridge October 9-11

Ryan: Donny and Hannah are running for neighborhood association positions, voting is tomorrow at 7 in the school library at the Redeemer church

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