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September 6, 2015

Present: Andi, Nolan, Corey, Dusana (minutes), Cynthia, Burgess, Paul (facilitating), Donny (via phone), Ann and Sandra.

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

Formally name the old bedroom in 106 (last occupied by Tim) to “Tim's Room.”

No one takes up item. Tabled.

Agenda Item 2

(Nolan) Authorize a month-to-month contract when mine ends, with notification of termination to be given a month in advance. I intend to move out but need time to find a wheelchair-accessible apartment that will accept my financial situation.

Has apartment locator actively looking, but not sure about accessible entrance for Sarah. Asking to go month to month if hasn’t found place by 10/31. There is precedence for doing this.

Question: Corey: Is month to month thing concern while still under contract or for when contract ends?

Nolan: Would be for when contract ends. Wants to ask this with plenty of time.

Question: Burgess: Have we in the past asked if there is a limit to month to month and in past was this three months? Would Nolan be comfortable with this?

Nolan: Accepts.

Burgess - Friendly Amendment: ok with starting month to month in December, limiting three months?

Nolan: yes.

Corey: in past wasn’t three, month to month contracts, was one, three month contract because this causes difficulty for MemCo.

Nolan: only problem with this is finding place for Sarah to enter, wants to ensure doesn’t lose accessibility.

Corey: Can request contract break at any time.

Cynthia: when Jess and Beth went month to month, was a month and a half, wasn’t a long term thing.

Nolan: hope is that doesn’t need to use this request, but concern is in finding place that is accessible.

No other concerns or amendments.

At the end of Nolan's current contract he may continue to reside at La Reunion on a month to month contract for a period of time not to exceed 3 months (December - February). Nolan will give 30 days notice of his intent to terminate his contract during this time.

Item passes as amended.

Agenda Item 3

(Donny on behalf of Ann Douglas) Update on this item: Ann has one daughter who is still dependent and she would therefore be exempt from the cap. Request this item be tabled; left on the agenda for documentation only. [Former item: Ann (Sita) Douglas is requesting a “cap exception” to move into an entire unit. She has spent close to a year on the waiting list in expectation of being able to rent a full 2-bedroom, is now looking to move, and 203 is available this month. Donny entering this item at her request.]

Donny created item; unable to attend. Donny joined via speaker phone.

Ann introduces herself. Has been a little involved since first opened, has donated some furniture, visited Donny throughout years, have been friends for a while. Has been on waiting list since last year, was hoping to get into unit 203. Has two daughters, one on medical leave from peace corps for next few months, plans to go back but chance may not, and will be back in one year and stay with Ann while job searching, etc. Other daughter Nicole in college, legal dependent, stays with Ann over holidays and will live with after college while job searching, etc.

Donny would like house to say yes two daughters count as dependents. Or, if don’t count as dependents, willing to make cap exemption?

Second item would amend original request if first request doesn’t pass.

Burgess: Willing to take roommate after daughters finished college/ Peace Corps and no longer living there?

Ann: Says unable to answer since so much can change in next year.

Andi: Ask if hasn’t been decided in past meeting that daughters would count as dependents.

Ann: Legally would count as dependents, but need to understand whether house decision as dependent was legal definition of dependent.

Corey: in past meeting, didn’t’ really define dependent. Fair to assume that anyone seeking housing would assume legal definition of dependent. If don’t have defined clearly otherwise, would go with legal decision.

Donny: MemCo could decide this, but seems like decision for house.

Concerns and Friendly Amendments:

Burgess: Explained objective of cap on single-person housing resolution from last week’s meetings: labor and objective to fulfill affordable housing goals.

Paul: Temp check – do we recognize her daughters as dependents?

Conceptual temp check.

Agenda items resolved: Ann’s daughters do count as dependents and no need for cap exemption.

Agenda Item 4

(Meg) KAF volunteer who delivers food on Wednesdays would like a key to the commons so food is easier to deliver especially if no one is able to meet her.

Andi: Is this giving a key to one particular person, one key that can be passed around to multiple people?

Corey: sounds like one single person would have a key.

Burgess: Last two Wednesdays was called by MFF person. His concern is that the person delivering food will change. Would like to have a key here that she knows is here (either person has, or key somewhere she can get). Concern in how key is managed offsite when new volunteer starts delivering food instead of current volunteer.

Cynthia: If we can depend on one person with key, that’s fine, we don’t want the key passed around to everybody.

Paul: other information or clarifying questions? Ok with taking up item?

Cynthia: Need to figure out solution; if someone will always be here when MFF volunteer comes, person needs to always be there.

Andi: possible to create new agenda item with key box idea? Do we already have a lock box? No.

Burgess: MFF volunteer getting here doesn’t ensure we receive food and cull out fridge of current food and then put current MFF delivery into fridge. Wants to table item and have labor position with someone who will already be here.

Ann: Question if it would be easier for someone who will be near MFF and can pick up?

Tabled item.

Need to get additional details from MFF if we did go with pickup option: does it need to be picked up a certain time, etc.

More of an issue with creating labor position to receive MFF at certain time every Wednesday.

New business

Corey: Board meeting this Tuesday: 8:45 pm. Will be discussing renewing membership w/ ACBA (Austin Cooperative Business Association).

Corey: Paul and Corey have been working on updating security cameras.

Cynthia: Agrees with need to have security cameras.

Burgess: Burgess, Nolan, Carey have finished editing visitor guest rules. Burgess wants to type agenda himself and have sent from his computer to printer – wants to publish this a week before shows up as agenda item to give people a chance to thoroughly review instead of just before meeting (will be posted on people’s doors before meeting).

Dusana: Proposed Spanish-English conversation exchange group. Interest in project at meeting. Next steps to see which evenings works best from co-opers interested, then will gage interest from neighbors.

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