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August 23, 2015

Richard, Corey, Cynthia, Andy (facilitator), Jess, Beth, Hannah, Donnie, Lauren, Michelle, Don, Burgess, McAllen, Paul, Sam, Rebecca (minutes), Robbie, Zoe, Marilyn (minutes, #5-7)

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Automatic) Member review of Jess for receiving six or more no-shows per month over two months.

Richard: 14 hours triggered member review automatically. Combine review with request and knock it all out.

Request is that Jess and Beth would like to break their lease, and get break fee waived.

Jess: Having trouble completing labor, has been up to date in labor fines. We are leaving the 15th of Sept. We are on our way out. DOing as much labor as possible.

Beth: We have allowed the contract break fee to be waived in case of financial hardship, which is our case. We are not going to ask for reimbursement now, They have primed and painted walls and ceilings, made new curtains for all the windows, built bookshelves, all ourselves, asked for no reimbursement for these things, only asking for contract break fee.

Burgess; Do we have a policy about reimbursing?
Andy: IF There is a show of need of reimbursing, then yes.

Straw poll: Do nothing, behavioral contract, or eviction

             **Do nothing wins!**

Agenda Item 2

(Beth and Jess) Allow Jess and Beth of apartment 203 to break their contract on September 15th and waive their contract break fee in light of funds already paid by Beth for renovation of apartment 203.

Beth: A lot of you weren't here when we moved in. We were both labor czar, put in a lot of energy, would like yall to take this into consideration. it would be tough for us to pay the fee.

POI and CQ:

Marilyn: you wouldn't have to pay anything, it could just come out of your deposit, right?
Corey: I'd have to look that up. If you owed a break fee and you didn't pay it, we would probably just take it from your deposit.

Paul: This is based on hardship?

Andy: contributions to the coop, general hardship, residents being uncooperative in some ways

Paul: does not doing labor count as non cooperative?
Andy: that would be up for members to decide.

Concerns and FA:

Hannah: I“m not sure where you got that info to take into account behavior into contract break fee. want to treat current exiting members well. want it to be negotiable.

Richard: There is financial investment though. just consider the factors case by case.

Corey: written that the standard is you are gonna get charged the fee and there's no mention of waiving it.

Burgess: FA: we are not setting precedent that any future reimbursement of improvements made to the coop property come with receipts.
Jess: Accepted by me

Corey: concern that that is more a policy agenda item,

Richard: same

Burgess: withdrawn.

Agenda item 2 passes as is.

Agenda Item 3

(Beth and Jess) Allow Beth and Jess of apartment 203, who are moving out of La Reunion on or before September 15, 2015, to pay 50% prorated rent for the month of September.

POI and CQ;

Corey: if we cant find someone to fill your unit, we would charge yall rent until its filled.

Marilyn: there are people on the waiting list.

Richard: we sometimes still have small gaps in this.

Beth: We can be flexible by about a week to give yall extra time if needed.

Robbie: I intend to occupy 203 as soon as they vacate it.

Concerns and FA:

Marilyn: FA that this be prorated til the next occupants move in.

Beth: How will we know how much to pay on the 1st of Sept.? Can we pay 50% and then the rest would be taken out of our deposit?

Yes. Accepted by Beth and Jess.

FA is added.

Proposal passes as amended.

Agenda Item 4

(Automatic) Member review of Sam for receiving eight or more no-shows in a single month.

Sam: What are they for? Someone is not writing them down or something. I thought I missed like 4 times.

Richard: 14 no shows for June.

Sam: I thought we already talked about that.

Richard: often when doing a large batch of labor, its to cover a deficit from previous months.

Andy: it was -1 in May and -14 in June.

Sam; I don't understand from what exactly.

Paul: 8 from maintenance, 2 from trash patrol, 4 from courtyard clean.

Sam: I've been going out there and sweeping. If it's 8, i can just pay it i guess.

Richard: if left unadressed, then that's what happens.

Don: Is there a way for you to make them up?

Burgess: Has there every been a month when Sam did his labor?

Richard: generally no, some months more than others. to my knowledge, all labor been done has been make up labor.

Andy: has sam ever been on a labor extension?
Richard: yes once. In february or april. it was not successful. speaking from memory.

Hannah: this place doesn't work if people don't do their labor. people need to figure out what they need to do.

Corey: Ryan was supposed to put up a notice to vacate today for financial reasons. I don't think we can do a behavioral contract. as a side note.

Donnie: reiterate what corey said, because there is already a notice to vacate, voting for behavioral contract would null this notice to vacate.

Burgess: I don't believe Sam when he says that he did these things.

Cynthia: we've been through this before with him, he's not gonna change. Even if he tells us he's gonna make up his work, he's not gonna do it.

Hannah: most feasible option would be to do a non renewal contract for them for the end of September. if there's a way to do that.

Marilyn: there contract is up on November 1.

Hannah: we could just say the end of their lease.

Corey: we've already implied an active non renewal since there is a notice to vacate.

Andy: if we choose to do nothing, it would just propagate this issue for another year.

Burgess: we won't get any labor which is what this is about. as long as that contract lasts.

Cynthia: he has enough time to make up his labor, he just needs to do it.

Hannah: if we evict, we can do it with a October 31 date.

Richard: we can also decide to defer until the present issue is resolved.

Donnie: If we gave a notice to vacate later than the one already issued, the court might see it as us reneging on the first notice.

Burgess: While bills being paid and labor being done is important to a coop, we should be set up to be comfortable with our coop being a low income housing facility.

Ryan provided the notice to vacate for September 1st.

Richard: even if we evict for a later date, we're gonna have to have another meeting for this same problem.

Burgess: This agenda item is about no shows.

Donnie: i don't think thats right. IF we did eviction and said sept 1, we wouldn't have to do that. The concern is is it valid for us to evict someone in 7 days for something that is not related to non payment of rent?

Andy: if we go with eviction, and we don't give a move out date, we just notify outside interests that we will not renew their contract. that would also not conflict with a notice to vacate for rent.

Hannah: we can basically use this for a non renewal of contract.

Strawpoll: do nothing, behavioral contract, eviction

             All for eviction.

Votes: 12 yes, 4 no, and 1 abstain. !2 out of 16, 3/4 counts for eviction.
Move forward with eviction, membership of Sam is revoked.

Marilyn: Formal proposal to make eviction be non renewal of contract.

This passes.

Agenda Item 5

(Automatic) Member review of Chase for receiving six or more no-shows per month over two months. (Chase is not present.) Statement by labor czar, Richard: there does seem to be a direction toward improvement, e.g., has paid fines, has gone from 14 to 7 to 6 hours per month. He was on a labor plan in February which he did not complete. He has paid his rent and late fees. His labor is a mix of Commons and Courtyard Clean. Straw poll called for discussion of behavioral contract. Proposal: For 3 months Chase will not have 6 or more no-shows per month (which is the standard for an automatic member review). Proposal: Make-up labor would not negate any no-shows. Proposal: Start September 1, end November 30. Accepted. Andy will write it up the behavioral contract, bring it back next week for approval, then present to Chase if accepted by the House.

Agenda Item 6

(Corey, Richard, Burgess) Membership review of Robbie Marsh.

1) Gross neglect leading to the loss of his roommates cat

2) Failure to pay his portion of his unit's electric bill for several months

3) Maintaining a long term guest and their pets

4) Habitually failing to turn in receipts when purchasing items with co-op money

5) General uncooperative behavior; especially when needing to communicate with his roommates

6) Habitually leaving messes in common areas; including but not limited to: trash, dishes, cigarette butts

7) Poor and non-performance of labor

Comments from Corey, Richard, Burgess: (1) Cat – front door of apt doesn't always close, and Corey asked Robbie to be sure the door caught, but the door was wide open when Corey returned home and the cat was missing for 2 days; Robbie denied leaving the door open. Robbie's reply: he thought the door was closed, and since then they have a policy in their apt. to keep the deadbolt locked and he is following the policy. Richard says Robbie's denial of responsibility and refusal to mitigate is a theme problems through a number of these items. Zoe says Robbie was remorseful and actively looked for the cat. (2) Refusal to pay electric bill for several months; Corey says he brought it to Robbie's attention, was told he would get money mid-month but did not receive any until the membership review was posted. The utilities are in Corey's name. Robbie's response: He is not the only one in the apt. to be late with payments, and he says that he did live up to his promise to pay on a certain date. Corey says that only occurred after several conversations. (3) Maintaining a long-term guest and their pets – Burgess asks if Richard had read the contract policy on guests. Robbie doesn't believe he violated the terms of a guest staying for 14 consecutive days. He and Corey had a mediated conversation and decided his guest could stay 4 days/week. Richard says the rule was violated in spirit if not literally, which he does not see as cooperative behavior. Corey is not sure if he has complied with the agreement, but doesn't think he followed the spirit of the co-op rules. Burgess feels the guest has been insinuated into the co-op, when other people have been in line for rooms. Robbie: As she is his romantic partner he did want her here regularly; as she found herself integrating into the co-op, she sought Associateship and performs labor. Burgess: residency should come through a lease. Zoe: once she realized she was spending too much time here she reduced the amount of time here; she is homeless but has an address with her parents. They would like to move into 203 when it is available. (4) Habitually failing to turn in receipts – He has not turned in any CVS receipts (where he works) for which he use the co-op debit card. Robbie admits to having lost receipts for CVS and Wal-mart purchases, says that all items were purchased for the co-op. He will not seek positions where he will have control of money. He did not give anyone a list, verbal or written, of what he bought. Corey says there were 2-3 lost receipts per month for 6 months. Estimate of expenditures is not available, but they were about $12-30 each.This was only discovered when Corey took over bookkeeping, after Robbie was no longer food buyer. (5) General uncooperative behavior – Burgess says that he and Meg both asked him to meet with them without much success. (Burgess and Meg were kitchen managers in the past.) Robbie's reply: He thought his communication with Meg was good and ongoing, and he didn't know that Burgess was dissatisfied. He says he sat down with Burgess, Burgess said he didn't. Richard: Meg and Burgess both complained to him about Robbie not working with them, and he suggested no-showing him (though he now thinks that this should have been an officer review issue). (6) Richard: He asked Robbie to stop throwing cigarettes off the breezeway on to two cars and Robbie “flipped me off.” Robbie says that was out of character, and he apologizes. Corey: The mess in their unit ended up shifting into the Commons after a while. When he asked Robbie to clean up the Commons it wasn't done 2 days later. Robbie throws cigarettes everywhere he smokes in the Courtyard. Robbie admits to three times when he and his guest left messes in the Commons and one time he did not clean up. He states he makes an effort to dispose of cigarette butts, and he can't be held responsible for all the butts in the common areas. Corey says he has seen Robbie and his guests drop butts into flower beds. (7) Poor and nonperformance of labor – Richard says the poor performance refers to food buyer; Richard has no evidence by sign-up sheets and by no-shows. Robbie: He is on a labor plan from June to avoid a member review and didn't realize he was getting behind again. He is 14 hours behind. [Time box exceeded, meeting extended 15 minutes.] Robbie adds that the pets will leave tonight, though it was determined in the mediation that the pets would not be allowed to stay. He says they were removed, then returned with Corey's agreement. Corey says he gave a one-week approval and had no further discussion. Zoe says he had no complaints. He wants to be an active and contributing member of the co-op. Richard: Individually these are minor, but this is the first time we've seen so many issues that likely will result in termination of membership. Jessica: We should judge someone on their behaviors, not their character traits. Don: We need to take care of problems, but give him an opportunity to correct them. Burgess: When we take new members we trust they will pay; he doesn't see how they can pay more rent if Robbie can't pay an electric bill, or how he will begin doing his labor more consistently. Marilyn: There's no reason why he couldn't have deposited his receipts in the rent box. Donny: Many items are small roommate issues, but he is very concerned about the receipts and poor performance of labor, not sure how that would change if he moved into another unit. Core agrees that many of these are small items, but paint a picture of a downhill slope regarding responsibilities the last three months. Jessica: We don't know what is behind these behaviors; she believes an eviction is too big an action, whereas a behavior contract would send a strong message. [Time box exceeded, meeting extended 15 minutes.] Don: Does not support eviction, but also is concerned about non-documentation of expenditures; it's like violating an oath taken before the entire co-op. Zoe: There may be periods when we don't have it all together, and this is not a norm for Robbie. He should have been called out sooner. Burgess says there were efforts to talk to him for a month and a half. Alex: We should have used the officer review process, so it's partly our responsibility. Paul: the unresolved issues to be addressed are uncooperative behavior, leaving messes, and nonperformance of labor. Straw poll: Unanimous agreement on a behavioral contract. Don asks him to meet with him on his next day off. Robbie says he can do labor overnight to catch up. Proposal: For 3 months Robbie will not have 6 or more no-shows per month (which is the standard for an automatic member review). Make-up labor would not negate any no-shows. Starts September 1, ends November 30. Robbie will have a personal receptacle with him and use it for his cigarette butts at all times. [Time box exceeded, meeting extended another 15 minutes.] Proposal: Robbie can't spend co-op funds for the life of his current membership. All three proposals accepted. Andy will draft a behavioral contract, bring it to the next meeting, and present it to Robbie for signature if accepted.

Agenda Item 7

(Andy, Corey, Richard) Officer review of Jesse in the position of Grounds Coordinator for nonperformance of duties. Jesse is not present but has sent a letter to the House. Summarized: He was not given warning of this problem; he has had a lot of personal and family issues and work; he has not checked his e-mails recently, but feels others haven't made the effort to reach him either. McAllen asked him several months ago why he hadn't done his labor 3 months in a row, and he gave the same reply then – that he had difficulties; he was inconsistent in his labor and unwilling to conform to the co-op's system of keeping track of labor by signing off; as Grounds Coordinator he has not accounted for labor or enforced it labor requirements. When McAllen was Grounds Coordinator he was also inconsistent about labor enforcement at times, but Jesse has not checked in with him at all. Andy: Jesse has not acknowledged the e-mail that Andy sent him requesting a status update on Grounds labor (Aug 5). [Time box exceeded, meeting extended 15 minutes.] Rebecca: She also e-mailed Jesse to ask what labor she should do, and he agreed with what she was doing until he gave her assignments, but he never gave her any and didn't reply to other e-mails. Richard: Jesse told him everyone was doing their labor, but Lauren contacted Richard to say that she had not done Grounds labor and needed make-up labor. Hannah: She has also had conversations with him, and he told her he had been checking in with everyone except her, Jessica, and McAllen. Burgess: Other members communicate when they are unavailable; officers should not have to be policed; we are responsible to each other. Motion to remove officer made and seconded. Vote to remove by more than 3/4 of members present. McAllen nominated and accepts interim coordinator position. Richard will post a request for nominations for the next three with voting to occur from Wednesday to Sunday.

New business

Corey: Board meeting Tuesday night at Sasona, 8:45.

Andy will be out of town and will need help for printing the agenda Sept 6. Richard agrees to cover.

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