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August 16, 2015

Paul (facilitating), Rebecca (minutes), Burgess, Donnie, Corey, Zoe, Hannah, Richard, Dusana, Delia

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates

Corey passes this week.

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Schedule member review of Robbie Marsh for Wednesday, August 19, at 8PM.

<pagemod addagenda output_before>

Richard: Would like to table this item, we could not contact Robbie to see if he can make the meeting on Wednesday.

Hannah: whatever day we picked, he was going to try to get his schedule covered.

Richard: He doesn't work full time, he doesn't work everyday.

Zoe: He was gonna ask at work today about rescheduling.

Item tabled.

Agenda Item 2

(Corey, Richard, Burgess) Membership review of Robbie Marsh.

1) Gross neglect leading to the loss of his roommates cat

2) Failure to pay his portion of his unit's electric bill for several months

3) Maintaining a long term guest and their pets

4) Habitually failing to turn in receipts when purchasing items with co-op money

5) General uncooperative behavior; especially when needing to communicate with his roommates

6) Habitually leaving messes in common areas; including but not limited to: trash, dishes, cigarette butts

7) Poor and non-performance of labor

Paul: consensus rules no longer apply. we're supposed to go through item by item, and normally he can give his response to each one. people here can defend him as well.

Corey: Our front door is sometimes hard to close. It hadn't been an issue before, but for several days in a row in the morning, I and Chase had to go catch the cat. The last person coming through the door was Robbie. I talked to him, told him to make sure the door was shut properly. The night of the same day that I told him that, we were hanging out in the breezeway, Robbie went back to the unit and went to bed. I went a couple hours later, the front door was open and woke up Robbie. The cat was gone. Corey was upset. Robbie would say that he didn't do that, didn't offer help, wasn't concerned.

Item tabled. Robbie said he can make next Sunday for the membership review.

New business

Richard: Member reviews: Jess, Chase; Labor hours to make up…

Hannah: Ryan's friend is going to talk about socialist/feminist groups in Syria, Wednesday at 7:30 in the commons.

Corey: I found out how to do budgets!

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