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 ====== August 9, 2015 ====== ====== August 9, 2015 ======
-Present: Burgess, Andy, Corey, Donny, Ryan, Hannah (facilitating), Zoe, Paul, Marilyn (minutes)+Present: Burgess, Andy, Corey, Donny, Ryan, Hannah (facilitating), Zoe, Paul, Marilyn (minutes), Richard, Lisa
 ===== Meet and Greet ===== ===== Meet and Greet =====
 ===== Review of Minutes ===== ===== Review of Minutes =====
 +Reviewed and accepted.
 ===== Wiki Updates ===== ===== Wiki Updates =====
 ===== Agenda Item 1 ===== ===== Agenda Item 1 =====
-(Richard) Add to Food Buyer description: "Turn in receipts to the Treasurer within 24 hours of making a purchase. Use the CHEA Tax ID number to make tax-exempt purchases."+(Richard) Add to Food Buyer description: **"Turn in receipts to the Treasurer within 24 hours of making a purchase. Use the CHEA Tax ID number to make tax-exempt purchases."** Richard: there have been instances when purchases were made but the receipts were not turned in. This follows the policy for the maintenance coordinator 
 +PI/CQ: Does this include other positions/purchasers? Response: Richard would like to see a list brought back before expanding the proposal 
 +C/FA: Friendly amendment, add to all officer descriptions. Richard: not sure this would apply to everyone so would like a detailed list. Amendment rejected. Concern about the buyer not being able to contact the treasurer. Reply: this really means the rent box, not necessarily the treasurer.
 +Friendly amendment: **Change from "Treasurer" to "Rent Box." Proposal accept by consensus as amended**
 ===== Agenda Item 2 ===== ===== Agenda Item 2 =====
-(Ryan Nill) Give Ryan Labor Credit for helping out the Boomer's Coop.+(Ryan Nill) Give Ryan Labor Credit for helping out the Boomer's Coop. Ryan: He is helping a lot, writing business plan, and he thinks those of us who start new co-ops should get credit.
 +CQ/PI: Is there any direct benefit to LaRe and CHEA. Reply: attempt to get new co-ops to join CHEA. Q: do you need hours? A: Would like to make it official because he has not been tracking treasurer hour as he had, so has had to look for other work to make up. Q: How man hours? A: 1 hr. Q: for how long? A: 3-6 months. Q: could this be a labor position? A: yes, maybe make it a co-op development labor position: FA: Make it a labor position one hour a week for 3-6 months. Concerns: three people are doing the work and only one is asking for credit. This is not a clearly defined position so would be hard to write a labor description This might be a named, ad hoc, targeted position for the Grove, as NASCO is charged with developing new co-ops. Ryan okay with this description but without specifying The Grove. Friendly amendment to the amendment: Make this a 1 hour labor position for three months and at the end of each month Ryan will post and e-mail a report on progress. Amendment to amendment: make this a part of the labor description. FA accepted as amended. Concern: this might be interfering with other labor that results in no-shows. Reply: his work load for treasurer will go down and he will no longer have to do extra assignments outside of the treasurer job. Concern: this is morphing a lot and could it be tabled until labor description is written? Answer: Would prefer including the labor description in the first month's report. Concern: This is important for the entire Austin community. Concern: Since this is a pleasurable activity with no immediate benefit to the co-oop. Concern: the request for one hour a week is an underestimate of the time involved, and we would be foolish not to honor the intangible work of developing co-ops. Concern: Creating new positions to satisfy a lack of interest in existing positions. Concern: The house can decide what it thinks is important to the house. Concern: This would be a position where one could not do it and not have accountability or be no-showed. Consensus: **Table and return next week with a labor description. Straw poll supports tabling, writing description, and returning. Ryan accepts FA.**
 ===== Agenda Item 3 ===== ===== Agenda Item 3 =====
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 7) Poor and non-performance of labor 7) Poor and non-performance of labor
 +Robbie is not present and has asked that this be tabled until Wednesday when he can be present. Our house policy specifically says the membership review can only take place at a house meeting. He suggests that someone might bring a proposal to waive the Sunday requirement as Robbie works every Sunday.. We have in the past rescheduled meetings and we have done membership reviews in the past without the member present. Hannah is leaning toward tabling and recommends that Robbie send an agenda item to a house meeting to request a special meeting on a different day of the week. He has asked that it be this Wednesday. Lisa, representing Robbie, says he would be happy for us to go ahead without him if we are likely to recommend a behavioral contract. The three who bring the agenda item want him here, and Burgess wants the proposal to be very specific as to date and time. If he doesn't get an item on the agenda we could go ahead with the review. **Item is tabled. **
 ===== New business ===== ===== New business =====
 +Andy: **There will be a maintenance meeting tomorrow, Monday, August 10, at 8 pm.**
 +Ryan: Review of the gutter contract shows that we need to find a new contractor, and it will be cheaper and faster for us to do that rather than demand that the previous contractor find someone. Nolan hasn't found us anyone after 1.5 months. Ryan will discuss with Nolan.
 +Ryan: Energy efficiency upgrades will require financing; right now we have a good cash to debt ratio and have a good bank balance in spite of $10K excess on maintenance. Alternatively the extra $$ could be used to add apartments or to pay off a NASCO loan. He will discuss this further with the Steward.
 +Hannah: **Would like LaRe co-opers to an event, Friends of the Grove action party (Tuesday, Aug 11, 7 p.m., at Stinson's, 45th St and Burnet) ** to promote co-op development, bike trails, accessibility. There will be a Republican debate re-run party tomorrow night.
 +Paul needs an old-school PCI graphics card to complete a media server for the Commons.
 +Corey: **CHEA Board meeting here Tuesday, 8/11, at 8:45.**
 +Richard: **San Marcos River float Thursday, 8/13. Please come.**
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