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July 12, 2015

Present: Richard, Corey, Nolan, Sarah, Lisa, Zoey, Lyal(friend of lisa), Brett, Burgess, Dusana, Don, Alex, Michelle
Facilitating: Richard

Meet and Greet

Brett (First Meeting)
Recently moved to Austin. Grew up in Daton Tx. He is an English teacher. Spent time on Buton and in the Himalayas. Has moved back to Texas in order to be near family. He has the means to pay rent. Is on a month to month lease and is Intrested in moving in ASAP. He doesn't currently have a pet, but wouldn't mind getting one. No allergies.

Zoey (Second Meeting)
Eventually wants to move in with Robbie. She has a has flexable timeline to move in. Has 5 pet rats, they all share one cage, and aren't likely to get free so might not be the same as 5 normal pets. May seek to pass a resolution to count multiple small animals as only one cat/dog. Has no allergies . Has a means to pay rent.

Mike(Second Meeting)
He is looking to move in at the end of August. He has a means to pay rent. No pets, no allergies

Zoey and Mike are accepted as potential members.

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted as written

Wiki Updates

Wiki accepted as written

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Grant Sam a disability-related labor credit of one hour.

a) Introduction:
It has a lways been difficult to get Sam to do labor. Part of this is because he is functionally illiterate. This means that he doesn't know where to sign off. This has also made him a burden on coordinators and this looks to reduce that stress. In addition it will make it easy for Sam and Dalia to say here.

b) Clarifying questions and Points of Information:
Is this one hour per month or per week?
Per week.

One thing that we do to help people with disabilities is give them special labor. When we've tried this with Sam yet he still doesn't do that labor. How will this change things?
When we've sat Sam down and given him exactly what he needs and put him exactly where he needs to be, he gets labor done. Therefore this will relieve stress on the coordinators who might no-show him.

c) Concerns and Friendly Amendments:

d) Temp Check:
One block, but majority in favor.

e) Resolution:
The item passes via consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Jack) Transfer my membership into an associate membership at the end of July.

a) Introduction:
He hasn't figured out what he's doing in terms of staying at La Re or leaving La Re. One thing that he knows is that he wants to switch up his situation. He also realized that he hasn't saved much money in order to make a change. Therefore he would like the time to pay the coop the money he owes.

b) Clarifying questions and Points of Information:
It sounds like you're mostly interested in staying in good standing with the co-op so that you can remain here and getting back your depoisit. Is that correct?
Yes, it is.

Is Jack allowed, under the House Manual, to sign a new contract?
We're not currently sure. The house is afraid that, because Jack has a notivce to vacate, it would be sending mixed signals to a coart should we have to go through evection.

Should Jack be able to pay back the amount that's due at this moment, would he be able to give his room to someone else?
There currently isn't a policy for sub leasing should someone else want to take over a current members lease. Should we still respect the current membership stack? We should probably need to have a motion to do any such thing.

How long will it take for Jack to pay off what will be owed to the coop?
Jack doesn't know how long it will take him.

Jack requests to table

c) Concerns and Friendly Amendments:
Item has been tabled

d) Temp Check:
Item has been tabled

e) Resolution:
Item has been tabled

Agenda Item 3

(Andy) Discuss the Oscillate Wildly Q&A.

a) Introduction:
Hands out a copy of the email of the Q&A
Plays Writer/Directors 4 minute video

b) Discussion
Question number 1 doesn't seem like a confirmation that they will be able to stop by 11.
It didn't seem like they confirmed like they would be able to stop by 11, but they would try.

Would they take liability for any injuries or damages to the building?
Kaliska said that the filing group would take that liability at one point.

The group would like to make sure that this is in the contract

They would be more likely to cause their filing schedule to fall behind then the residents.

Question 5 is Missing a reply.
Totally didn't realize that. Will need to look for the answer.

Should the filming take exactly 30 days? What exact days will it start and stop?
No final dates given. No exact number of days given.

How loud will filming be?
The film crew said they will try to keep it as quiet as possible.

Agenda Item 4

(Andy) Start to take volunteers for residents who wish to offer their apartments to the Oscillate Wildly filming.

a) Introduction:
Would like to allow signups for 1 week. Then ask the film studio to come by to look at the apartments and make a final call. If more than 2 apartments work for the studio then use to determine winners.

Facilitator has determined that this proposal doesn't meet the requirements of an agenda items and will be tabled.

b) Clarifying questions and Points of Information:
Facilitator has tabled this item.

c) Concerns and Friendly Amendments:
Facilitator has tabled this item.

d) Temp Check:
Facilitator has tabled this item.

e) Resolution:
Dispute this item being “tabled”, everyone agreed that Andy should take volunteers.

New business

Don calls a maintenance meeting for Monday July 13th at 8pm.

Lisa would like to have someone offer space for her to store stuff until she can move in.

Richard advised that 3 or 4 people might be in trouble of automatic membership reviews.

Corey says that some people may be ahead on their rent and will let them know directly.

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