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June 28, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Donny, Richard, Michelle, Hannah (facilitator), Corey, Paul, McAllen, Ryan, Cynthia

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Reviewed from June 21, accepted

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Paul) Codify the voting process. Proposed:

Elected officer terms last for six months, except board representatives, who serve 1 year terms [HM 2-2-14]. Regular elections take place every December and June, with the new term beginning in (respectively) early January and July. Elections are organized by the current term's steward and labor czar [HM 12-1-13].

Elections begin with a nomination period. Nomination sheets are posted in the commons for all electable positions. Anyone can nominate someone for a position, but the person must sign off on it to be considered in the running, except for write-ins. Nomination sheets should be up for at least a week, and the final collection time should be specified.

After nominations, there is a voting period for all elections with an accepted nomination. Ballots include a space for write-ins and a no-confidence option for each position. Ballots are distributed to all members, with accommodations made for members with disabilities. Completed ballots can be turned into a specified location in the commons or to those responsible for elections. The time from initial distribution of ballots to votes being collected and counted should be at least a week, and the final collection time should be specified.

Special elections for positions can be triggered:

* If the nomination period passes without a nomination for the position.

* If votes of no-confidence surpass the most votes for a nominee.

* If the holder of a position resigns or departs during their term.

* If a write-in candidate has the most votes, but refuses to accept the position.

Special elections are similar to regular elections. Special elections also have a week for nominations and a week for voting, although these time periods can be accelerated at the discretion of the steward/labor czar, as long as the schedule is made clear to the house. The accelerated schedule can be used to ensure that special elections resulting from regular elections are resolved before the new term begins. Nomination and voting periods cannot be less than three days. Mid-term elections are to fill the remainder of the term only: the position will be voted on again in the next regular election.

If no one accepts a nomination for a position for two nomination periods in a row, a special meeting can be called by any member to discuss how to move forward.

(N.B. These rules will take effect after the current election cycle.)

CQ and POI:

Hannah: I would like to see there be somehting for special elections added to regular elections that the schedule can be shortened to a time period of at least 5 days.

Richard: Wasnt the point of tabling it that there were concerns about it being long and having people read it?

Concerns and amendments:

Richard: Language: can should be must instead.

Paul: Yeah, maybe shall instead, it sounds a bit legalistic.

Hannah: voting period is rather long.

Paul: regualr elections take place in Jan and June. beginning of those months. if there were any issues, then the special elections could also be done by that time.

Hannah: i can withdraw my concern. i haven't seen us have this long of a turn around time, we left ourselves enough time to have a week long nominations and week long elections.

Corey: we coudl make a house decision during an election period to accelerate the process.

Donny: i think its pretty cool, good detail work

Temp check: most want to go forward to vote on this.

Paul: i wanna clarify the language before this is voted on. Item is tabled.

Agenda Item 2

(Ryan)Hot Water Rent Credit

Credit all apartments $100 for lack of hot water in March. Seek reimbursement from the vacancy fund. To take effect for the month of July.

Ryan: Daniel Miller's idea, seemed to have a lot of support, I'm sure no one minds saving some money

Hannah: $100 per unit, right?

Ryan: yes

Burgess: Whose money is it that we are getting?

Ryan: CHEA, so it's our money, that we share with Sasona for situations like if we didn't cover our obligations.

Corey: have we run this by a lawyer? Daniel suggested we do that. Concern that we would set a precedent.

Ryan: we'd have to hire a lawyer. We've already set that precedent. We've given people money for having a lower quality apartment.

Paul: are we allowed to unilaterally withdraw from the vacancy fund?

Ryan: we run it by the CHEA treasurer and they approve or disprove it.

Paul: this would be larger than any other payment we've taken out of the vacancy fund.

Ryan: it's not uncommon for us to take out 800 to 1500. We have 22,000 in the vacancy fund.

Cynthia: This 100 is supposed to be a rent credit? this next month?

Ryan: if it passes today, yes. I will print out a note and put on everyone's door. and then the rent increase for August.

Concerns and amendments:

Richard: without there being any rules saying what and how much and when we can take out of this vacancy fund, this seems to set a precedent, but this $100 seems random, giving Sasona inspiration to try a whack at it.

Donny: I agree with rent credit, but I think we should talk to a lawyer, and rather than do this ourselves, let's ask the board to do it instead. It's a shared resource between the two houses, and the board should handle that vacancy fund.

Burgess: What we didn't have was protection from the boiler going out. What we did have was members doing badass stuff that helped our coop immensely. I wonder who suffered financially? as added inconvenience?

Ryan: Most organizations are very bad about writing rules before there is a crisis. I think we should take the money while it's easy and fix it. I think it can be dealt with before Sasona can try to do this in the next month.

Corey: I share the concern that this should be a board decision. we don't have rules about the vacancy fund, because i think it is usually just for vacancies. just sending an email to the CHEA treasurer doesn't inform all the board reps.

Paul: what Ryan said sends up some red flags. I think some Sasona members will be uncomfortable with that. I think we should speak to a lawyer first. Send this to the board first.

Burgess: a small contained fire that happened in their kitchen and put them out of the food business for a while, this is comparable to our situations.

Donny: amendment: ask for this money but ask the board to approve instead of just telling them, and before we disperse the money, have somebody talk to a lawyer.

Ryan: we just pay less. not give money to people. Not accepted. I can just email the rest of the board and let them all know that we're doing this. I'd like the rent credit to go in effect for July.

Richard: What's the reasoning for not accepting these amendments?

Ryan: because I want to rent credit to be for July, and these would make it happen later rather than sooner.

Corey: blocks voting because we should go to the board.

Paul: seconds the block.

Item tabled.

Agenda Item 3

(Ryan) Use La Reunion's Commons for Wooten Park Committee on 7/9.

Burgess: would you like a few goodies?

Ryan: there will be like 3 or 4 people extra here

Corey: what time?

Ryan: 7:00

Hannah: contribute more so it's more interesting of a place

Concerns: none

Passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 4

(Hannah) Discuss community standards around Yellow Carding a member for messy exterior area of their unit.

Hannah: what point is this item yellow card-able? I know most of us like to have a few personal items outside of doors, it's relevant too bc we have some folks that are curious about La Re, like th movie crew. it hinders us a little bit, that the place looks gross sometimes, my number 1 fear is that it's gonna look gross when people come by. I wanna get other people's opinions.

Paul: i took out that horrible gross box with blue liquid, if it's just obviously trash, then yeah.

hannah: I don't think trash patrol would handle this, honestly.

Ricahrd: do we have anything in our contract setting a standard for this? (No) Maybe we could have something to set some standard.

Burgess: i think there is a distinct difference between 109 and other places,

Hannah: quantify this by covering a significant area around the door.

Richard: access to commons furniture cannot be cutoff, that's an easier standard to follow.

Cynthia: if you're trying to sweep and clean the courtyard, it's hard when there is a bunch of clutter around.

Hannah: how to define what is acceptable is difficult. a standard in most sitautions is that the walking areas are actually walkable. outside space does matter, to a certain extent everyone has a right to use outdoor space, but I'd like people to kind of considerate it a common space as well.

Corey: it kind of gets a little hairy when yellow carding for this outdoor space, would you just yellow card everyone in that unit?

Hannah: no, I would talk to the person that I think it is. If i'm wrong, that person would just tell me in a meeting.

Corey: and people are supposed to talk to the person before yellow carding them.

Burgess: access to common space and coop property, benches and stuff, not be inhibited in any way. defining trash is not impossible. And fire code is self explanatory.

Corey: would 201 be responsible for the breezeway? (No)

Hannah: I've asked people to move exercise equipment, is that legit? (yes, if it's unused, it's abandoned and therefore trash.)

Paul: are bikes a concern?

Hannah: not with this item.

Agenda Item 5

(Dusana) Add “compost collector” as labor position. Should be daily job doing 15-20 min each day of taking out compost container from Commons and mixing in with compost outside. Part of proposal is to buy a clear upright container/jar that doesn't take up a lot of space that can permanently be on the Commons counter to encourage composting. Needs to be taken out daily.

Paul: we have a compost space in the back corner, but there is no bin in the commons for the cooks. it would reduce our wastage, we will eventually produce compost and humus, it would take more like 5 minutes than 15.

POI and CQ:

Burgess: What's a kitchen counter space in our kitchen:

Paul: outside the door actually. where we put the guff flowers on Sundays.

Burgess: once we have Brunhilda gone, we will have more space. we could put the compost in the pantry. there is no kitchen counter though.

Richard: is this container covered and concealed and opaque?

Paul: yes

McAllen: whoever dumps the compost will have to cover it with brown material, it's not just dumping it on top of the pile.

Burgess: why does it need to be done everyday if it's in a covered container? Rinsing the container and keeping it sanitary takes a lot of time.

paul: We take the trash out everyday, just a cleanliness issue.
Concerns and amendments:

Corey: never fails to either be forgotten to be cleaned, someone throws something in and forgets to close it, and then it gets a bunch of flies. amendment to just have a container outside the commons.

paul: accepted.

Ryan: this is going to become a stinky buggy mess. we could buy brown stuff, but we don't have a budget for that. i think it's a bad idea.

McAllen: we could buy brown materials for the long term. Jessica said we could buy pine needles for cheap.

Hannah: Ryan is not wrong. I love compost, but will we have a consistent amount of stuff coming in? we're not really feeding it that much right now. i won't block this, but a concern is that it might not be taken care of and become gross.

Paul: we can get brown matter around here for free, we have a compost bin and no one is dealing with it right now.

McAllen: we should try it until it doesn't work and then revisit it.

Ryan: it already hasn't worked. we need to find a partner like

McAllen: it hasn't worked because we haven't tried hard enough and I think we can do it.

Richard: Did you personally set up the compost bin, Paul? (yes, I helped Alex set it up)

Hannah: it takes regularity, I'd like to see a labor position set up. i want there to be some commitment. If we could afford to give someone 2 hours a week to take care of it.

Paul: would that be on top of the compost collecting?

Hannah: just roll it into that.

McAllen: i agree with that. you can't half ass it.

Paul: compost collector positions states that they should take it out and incorporate everyday.

Hannah: can McAllen deal with the browns issue? (yes)

Corey: concerned that it's a general idea, the specifics are not defined well enough for me personally. i'd like to see something written out a little better and fleshed out.

McAllen: propose that we table this until we write something more specific?

Item tabled.

New business

Paul: should be telling Marilyn this, but when we have a rent increase, we all have to sign new contracts. it's up to the membership coordinator whether people sign the same contract or set up a new contract. Read number 30 in your contract for details.

Burgess: i think we can do an addendum.

Hannah: We're having a 4th of July hangout, barbecue some stuff.

Donny: Asking about gutters? When do we get them? Nobody knows because Andy is not here!!

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