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June 14, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Andy (facilitating), Corey, Jessica, Jack, Paul, Richard, Donny, Marilyn, Burgess

Meet and greet

Julie Schmitz: second meeting (call), her past coop seems a lot different from ours, has a cat, looking to share a unit, asks about commons area, about how we buy food, about the yard outdoor space, coming down for a visit in July, gonna look for other housing options too, looking for a job, she is accepted as a prospective member!

Reading of previous meeting minutes

Wiki Updates

Added a line on dinner description: dinners start at 7:30 PM, except for Sunday, which is 6:30 PM.

Outreach coordinator officer description: Corey reads aloud.

Agenda item 1

(Andy) Allow the studio that Kaliska represents do filming on this property.

Dates: August 12 - September 10th (22 days over 5 weeks)

The director is available during the meeting for phone call. Travis Matthews is the director. Kaliska reads a letter that he wrote. Reasoning why he wants to film here.

CQ and POI:

Burgess: the director has seen what it looks like in the courtyard, right? Are you aware that we are putting up new gutters? The new gutters will have a strong impact on what the courtyard looks like and they will go up before yall shoot.

Andy: Do y'all have liability insurance? Yes, they do.

Paul: We won't get paid, but we should do it for the exposure?

Kaliska: compensation is based on the schedule. the main apt would get $1000 a month, filming in the front part of the apt. the older couple will get $300-500, the whole coop would get $500-800. looking for units with no animals, or animals that can be put in the back rooms and would not make any noise.

There usually is an external catering company that comes in to feed the crew. We have the option for catering for them though instead.

The group has 20-25 people in the crew. They would eat 2 meals in our commons, one when they get here and then another 6 hours later. Just depending on when they get here, could be 6 pm and midnight for example.


Donny: i'm concerned about the ppl that don't attend the meetings and i feel like they should know that this would be happening. maybe put up flyers or something so everyone knows.

Paul: it seems weird that we would agree to monetary compensation when we don't know exactly how much it will be.

Jessica: what would we need to do with the stuff in our courtyard, like I have a lot of plants?

Kaliska: That's up to the art department, they might want to add more or ask yall to move stuff. as soon as I get a schedule I will let yall know.

Kaliska: there is one scene that will be disruptive, an argument scene in the courtyard in the middle of the night, will try to target that scene for friday or saturday.

Donny: I approve of this but the house should not approve until everyone has notification of this happening. there will be cameras and strangers and some people might not like that.

Paul: FA: to take a week to decide and let everyone know about this.

Andy: we have made a lot of decisions at meetings without others at the meeting, we have tried to increase attendance at the meetings, i'm on the fence about this, it seems reasonable, but i literally put this on the wiki the day after the last meeting.

Paul: there are certain things though like moving stuff around the courtyard, disruptions in the courtyard in the middle of the night,

Andy: FA that i would be open to, approve it enough to get a time schedule, could we approve it so far that they can come out to the property and survey and then we can approve it further

Friendly amendment: Allow Occillate Wildly to come survey the site and present us with official filming schedule and proposed compensation, notify the house when more information becomes available. Andy accepts.

Corey: might be good to delegate a temporary labor position. temp film liaison.

Agenda item as modified is passed.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Dismiss no-show of Alex from Monday, June 8th.

It was all Richard's fault. He asked to be taken off grounds labor, and I did, but I didn't let him know that he had DCU the very next day.

POI or CQ: last monday was when he was no-showed.

Concerns and FA: none.

Agenda item passed.

Agenda item 3

(Richard) Integrate former 106 unit into Commons clean, divide Commons clean into three parts.

Discussion item:

The room has been painted already. The commons is big enough that we could add another commons clean position. We could always think of more things to add if there isn't enough.

Agenda item 4

(Richard) Remove “Labor Reward Fund” from budget.

That was an alarming thing that I looked at. It never came up for discussion with the house.

Tabled by Richard.

Agenda item 5

(Robbie) Request June rent be converted to a payment plan across remainder of contract.

Tabled, Robbie not present. Rebecca (bookkeeper) will contact him about this issue.

Agenda item 6

(Jack) Discuss status of my payment plan.

Was on a current payment plan, doesn't want to be evicted, if I could have til the first to get this first one resolved and stay on it, if I can't do that, then I'll make plans to leave in two weeks.

Donny: want to know any more financial info


Andy: has he been this amount for several months?

Richard: this is actually the third payment plan that he has been on, and the second time he has fallen off the plan.

Andy: yeah, i remember this from being bookkeeper.

Marilyn: do you see your circumstances changing?

Jack: I have not been interviewed yet for this job, but I'm looking into it. its up in the air. I don't want to be evicted. I would rather just go willingly than just forced out. don't want an eviction on my record.

Donny: if the house kicked you out, and you left willingly, then there would be no eviction. you would get a notice to vacate which is not the same thing.

Marilyn: it would be helpful for memco to have notification a month in advance, there is no one currently ready to move in at this time.

concerns and FA:

Corey: on the 16th, an amount over $100, would get a notice to vacate.

Paul: i would propose that if Jack can pay the amount by the end of the month, then nothing should happen, if he can pay before the eviction notice goes through, then nothing happens.

Donny: request reading of agenda item again. okay, strikes me as a discussion item. if he can pay by the end of the month, then we don't have to do anything.

Richard reads eviction bullets in manual.

Discussion ends.

New business

Paul: we have a new commons room!

Donny: sign ups are still on the wall, elections start tomorrow, but maybe we could delay a day or two for people to sign up, no one has signed up for memco, kitchen manager and maintenance coordinator is still tentative. People come sign up!!

Marilyn: topic of memco: keeping the leases going, handling electronics part (wiki lists, emails from outsiders) maybe making into two different positions

Donny: before we had Andy, we had Sarah as maintenance coordinator and she was great. Maybe she could do kitchen coordinator.

Richard: reads labor credit sheet

Corey: working on boiler still. we haven't heard back from any of the contractors for building the flue. not much more work than that. that is the limiting factor determining when we get hot water again.

Hannah: final coordinators meeting this Tuesday, June 16 at 8:00 pm. Please come, the last one is very important!!

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