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May 03, 2015

Present:Donny, facilitating; Burgess, Andy, Richard, Paul, Meg, Corey, Marilyn (minutes)

Meet and greet

Natalie Morgan visiting from Sasona, helps to move here in July and August; gardens at Sasona; likes to pickle things and make salsa. Would want to share a unit, no pets or pet allergies. 1st meeting.

Wiki updates

Corey: Hours listed for various labor positions and descriptions updated

Agenda item 1

(Corey) Remove Carey from the Labor schedule until such a point in time when he can return to La Reunion. Corey: He may be away 2 to 6 weeks. POI or CQ: Does Carey have a current contract? It expires at the end of May and there is no information about his plans. Any concerns from Labor Czar? No. Or from membership coordinator? Marilyn thinks she can fill the space with a couple of weeks notice. Concerns: Would we be able to have him sign soon? Marilyn will send a contract to him tomorrow via Hannah. Motion passes by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Eliminate safety officer position until it is given regular responsibilities commensurate with its labor credit. Richard: chooses to change this to a discussion, because Robbie may have new information that should be taken into consideration. Discussion: without a formal position who would take over the responsibilities? There are no formal responsibilities, crises are often managed by the Steward. Donny: there should be a description (not in the printed House Manual but in the minutes). The description includes communicating security concerns to the house, which has not occurred, and to make sure the security cameras are functioning and monitored when needed, but half of them don't. Suggestion: tech officer could take over the position. Could it be scheduled as 0 hrs/week with labor to be granted when work is done? Donny feels the position should be maintained and fleshed out. Corey: it seems like a flex position unless more duties are added; he will try to teach Robbie how to manage the cameras. Robbie works evenings, which makes it hard for him to be here and make reports. Corey will try to reach him in order to schedule a formal meeting with him when he is at home.

New business

Andy will take the next two days to check refrigerators, ovens, and vent hoods to see which ones need replacement.

Meg: The kitchen has new woks of various sizes.

Tim: Needs a key to 109; he will move from 106 by May 15; Andy will give him one.

Donny: Yoga class this week; whoever signs up will get to choose the time.

Richard: Four people are on labor plans and one is very far behind, and he is looking for house advice on what to do. He has decided to turn the hours over to Ryan for reimbursement. For rent in arrears the policy is that if people don't make a payment plan or don't honor it they are subject to eviction, and the point was made that the house wants the Labor Czar to enforce labor requirements.

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