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January 4, 2015

Present: Carey, Corey, Richard, Ryan, Burgess, Burgess, Andy, Gatlin,Donny facilitating, Marilyn on minutes

Meet and greet

Donald Tabor (Claude's brother-in-law) and dtr Kennedy, 2 y/o, here for second meeting. They want an apt., and he has maintenance skills and is employed. He is accepted as a potential member. 512-939-8253,

Agenda item 1

(Hannah) Approve labor descriptions sent out in e-mail. Hannah not here, Richard takes up the proposal, which includes descriptions of Commons Clean A & B, Dinner Clean Up, Laundry Room Clean, Dinner Cook, Fridge Clean, Courtyard Clean, 106 Bathroom Clean, Trash Patrol, and Recycling (previously sent to the e-mail list). Concerns and friendly amendments: Burgess, Commons Clean B, suggests adding removing garbage from the pantry and cleaning microwave; Commons Clean A, vacuum the purple room (removing this from A duties). Burgess, Laundry Room Clean, recommends adding vinegar clean of soap trays. Burgess and others, Dinner Cook, change first sentence to read “Prepare one or more dishes each of which serves 8-10 people.” Various members, Strike third sentence about accommodating food restrictions. No amendments to Fridge Clean, Courtyard Clean. Donny and Richard, revise toilet paper requirement to “Restock toilet paper and notify food buyer if supply is low.” Burgess, Dinner Clean, add “Scrub the stovetop.” Richard, remove emptying of trash cans from Courtyard Clean and adding it to Trash Patrol. Descriptions accepted as above.

Agenda item 2

(Tori) Address the 6-month associateship asked of me for a move-in. Her understanding is that she's being kept out because of the requirement for a regular income; she has had trouble finding a place to live and get a job because of her legal history. Marilyn comments that she can come back and ask for a place to live when she has a reliable source of income. Tori reports that she has been staying in the Commons with her boyfriend Joshua. Hannah asks her not to make that a routine except when it is freezing. Richard and Hannah suggest that she look for someone to co-sign her lease. Hannah also asks about her previous history of not completing labor and leaving abruptly without any warning. Tori reports that she did not have a contract at that time and apologizes for not communicating better. Ryan brings up a hostile interaction with another member that he witnessed recently. She apologizes and says she is impulsive, is trying to address it, and in the future would ask for mediation. Hannah suggests that in the future any actions like this (making her membership conditional) be done at a Sunday meeting when complete minutes are taken.

New business

Richard: posting a new labor chart, plans to finalize and post it tonight. Needs two more cooks, Tuesday and Sunday.

Ryan: Mari and Teofilo have moved out of 205 and would like to take the child lock with them. Community approves.

Tori: Promoting Z's effort to stage a benefit for Jeremy Hammond on January 8

Donny: Is starting a yoga class on rotating days once a week

Corey: Paul is out of town and Corey is taking over tech functions while he is away

Hannah: Away January 8-13, needs volunteers for deputy steward, Gatlin and Marilyn accept

Andy: Away January 17-22

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