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December 7, 2014

Meet and greet

Sarah Darter: second meeting, would like single room, no pets or pet allergies, has a job, wants to do maintenance, and has rehabbed two houses.

Beth Gleason: second meeting, has two small dogs, no pet allergies, wants a room, prefer a female roommate, has a reliable source of income, has experience in maintenance.

John Watts: second meeting, no pets or allergies, can do any labor. Approved as a prospective member.

No objections to all three. All accepted as members.

Agenda item 1

(Hannah) Report yellow cards.

  1. Frankkie for starting a member review without a) posted reasons or b) on the time table she had previously been informed of.
  2. Frankkie for walking off with 3 36-packs of common eggs on 12/1. She did not put them back. Hannah went into her apt and got them.
  3. Frankkie for verbal abuse and shouting towards Carey on the morning of 12/2, triggering a panic attack.
  4. Frankkie for yelling at Meg in the commons on the morning of 12/1. Asked to stop, but she continued.
  5. Frankkie for breaking 104 window.

Agenda item 2

(Hannah) If all four yellow cards against her are upheld, membership review Frankkie.

Reasons are yellow cards above.

Ryan: Propose to revoke decision made earlier, and re-discuss.

Jack: I don’t agree with Frankkie’s behavior, but theres no reason to evict her and make things harder for her. If it looks like the house just trying to be malicious, then I will leave the coop.

Andy: If there is a behavior contract and she doesn’t sign it, then what happens?

Paul: kick her out

Ryan: I want to do this review so we can make decisions about her deposit.

Carey: Issues might arise like banning her from the property or stuff like that.

Paul: Also, the issue about her paying this month’s rent. Needs to be discussed more.

Gatlin: proposal earlier wasn’t clear and needs to be discussed more.

Paul: should Frankkie know that we are re-discussing this?

Ryan: yes, but it is pretty much the same conversation

Carey: the member review should be held first before hearing her request. Now we’re stuck on we already gave her a contract break but

Jack: She’s gonna be gone really soon, we should just give her deposit back and it will be over.

Corey: I don’t feel comfortable with her being able to come here and hang out in the common spaces.

Hannah: She’s gone, but maybe we could have an informal eviction.

Ryan: It is not possible to evict her if she is on her way out already.

Richard: I second Corey, and would like to ban her from property including parking lot.

Ryan: we should give her a notice to vacate.

Sarah: Is it worth it to us to pay and get her car towed instead?

Z: I would not vote to evict. I am personally fine with her to come on property as long as she is here with someone who lives here. If she comes to move the car, she needs a chaperone.

Andy: Would we be able to use part of her deposit to help her move her car?

Sarah: But we told her she could leave her car here already.

Ryan: the most recent decision is the one we should go by.

Jack: Probably not a good idea to piss off a person that doesn’t live here and has shown that maybe can’t control emotions very well.


2 for no action

0 for behavioral contract

Majority for eviction/membership revocation

Z: I’m uncomfortable going straight from yellowcard reading to a membership review.

Richard: Frankkie is well aware of the membership review and stated she did not want to be here.

Hannah: Nobody is interested in being mean to Frankkie, but people change their minds. This is just insurance for us to say that there is no more of a relationship between us and her.

Additional terms for membership revocation:

Richard: She be banned from common areas on property and may only show up here if she schedules with steward or other coordinator. She may be a guest of someone who lives here in their apartment.

Carey: We should hold on to her deposit until she gets her vehicle.

Ryan: I agree. But I can’t legally hold her deposit forever. If her vehicle is still here by the time I send her check, we should be able to use some to tow her vehicle. She be banned from common areas on property and may only show up here if she schedules with steward or other coordinator. She may be a guest of someone who lives here in their apartment.

Jack: She needs her deposit to give to the people she is moving in with. And it will make her madder.

Ryan: That is not good logic. That is morally wrong that she is forcing us to do things.

Delia: We need to give her a date to return her key.

Richard: We put limits on the request that she made. We amended it so she couldn’t keep her car here indefinitely. It was left open that she never paid rent for December.

Hannah: We have the right to use her deposit for things “deposity”.

Hannah: Suggest Friday, December 12, 2014 by 5 PM to vacate property and turn in key.

Corey: Maybe suggest 2 weeks instead?

Richard: To legally vacate, all she needs to do is turn in her key.

Call Frankkie to let her know what we are voting on. She asked “Why would you review a member that has already left?” She just wants to leave, why won’t we just let her leave?

Sarah: Permission to leave means she feels exempt from all house rules?

Corey: Suggest we follow standard deposit procedure, and still covers the window.

Jack: Concern: don’t wanna see mean-spirited actions. As long as everything is within the law and fair.

3 Terms: 1. Amendment to earlier decision (item 3) changed to standard deposit procedures apply; 2. needs to vacate and turn in her key by Friday, December 12, 2014 by 5 PM; 3. She be banned from common areas on property and may only show up here if she schedules with steward or other coordinator. She may be a guest of someone who lives here in their apartment.

Membership revocation votes: 10 yes, 3 no, 1 abstention PASSES

Agenda item 3

(Frankkie) Requests contract break, deposit return, and permission to continue parking my car here until I can afford to fix it. Note: Frankkie has requested this item be discussed before the membership review.

Coop has become unsafe for Frankkie. She needs to leave immediately. Has a new place to live. She has completely moved out. No longer wants to be a member. She’d like her deposit back. We can take $30 out of deposit to fix window. Her car is not working, and she can’t tow it. She would like to leave it in our parking lot for the time being. She thinks she improved the state of the apartment since she has lived there.

No one confirmed to move in with Molly yet. Michelle: Dusanna would like to live with Molly.

Friendly amendments: Limit the time allowed for car to stay here. Maybe a month? Frankkie: wants two months. By the end of January, car is gone.

Everything passed.

Frankkie gets to break contract. Gets full deposit back minus cost to repair window, $100 break fee, and money that she owes Jesse. She may leave her car here until the end of January.

Agenda item 4

(Tim) Revisit and revise the limitations on his guests.

Some items on contract didn’t make sense to him. (Tim on phone)

Tabled Tim items on agenda until Tim is here.

Hannah: Tim did not sign his behavioral contract. He wants it modified.

Ryan: He proposes changes or he broke the contract.

Hannah: Suggest that it is default that he follows contract until he brings up alternate proposal and if he breaks them, there is still grounds for discussion of eviction.

Andy: By him not signing, isn’t it automatically a discussion of eviction?

Paul: Not anywhere in the wording that the contract needs to be signed.

Agenda item 5

(Tim) Discuss the possibility of “loud hours” 2-5 pm


Agenda item 6

(Tim) Host a show in early January of 2015.


Agenda item 7

(Tim) Allow Tim to shelter a cat for a week (note: I think he means without paying a pet deposit.)


Agenda item 8

(Molly) Clarify policy on counting proxy votes. Molly requests we count her vote in favor of proxy voting, or table the motion until she can respond if it becomes more complicated. Please see written item on the corkboard inside.

We don’t have an official procedure for proxy voting.

Talk more on Wednesday with Molly. Molly wants to have another discussion about Chase and his membership.

New business

Paul: Plans to change some rules about some stuff.

Corey: Me too, bring some stuff to try and resolve ambiguities

Richard: Will bring up a vote to affirm that Tim violated his contract

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