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-Members Present: Michelle, Richard, Corey, Tim, Dan, Carey, Donny, Z, Don, Chase, Don.. Group consents to Z facilitating,​ Marilyn taking minutes+Members Present: Michelle, Richard, Corey, Tim, Dan, Carey, Donny, Z, Don, Chase, Don, Jack, Ryan, Cynthia, Hannah. Group consents to Z facilitating, ​Donny takes over for new business. ​Marilyn taking minutes.
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-Ben and Nicole first meeting, ​ looking for a place to live, would like to share a unit with someone else, both working, no pets. Grounds or maintenance;​ Nicole cooking.+Ben and Nicole first meeting, looking for a place to live, would like to share a unit with someone else, both working, no pets. Grounds or maintenance;​ Nicole cooking.
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-(Richard) Ban James Klecka and Greg Puentes from the common areas of the coop for 1-3 months.+(Richard) Ban James Klecka and Greg Puentes from the common areas of the coop for 1-3 months. (These are visitors, not members.) After the Halloween party they got into a physical altercation until a member intervened. They are friends but have been seen to get into frequent physical altercations with each other. Tim makes a friendly amendment that instead they not be allowed to be here at the same time. Z says she has seen two other members in similar situations, and is not sure there was really a need for anyone to intervene. Michelle doesn'​t like violence here and would like it made clear that violence is not okay here and if it occurs again they be banned. Carey thinks this may an indirect gesture toward another member, not a legitimate concern about James and Greg. Corey makes friendly amendment: For one month they cannot be here at the same time, and if they fight again this be brought to the house for possible ban. Z has concerns, thinks 3 months better, not sure what we should do if they are here together. Carey thinks a month is enough; mostly they are reasonable people. Chase agrees with one month, but they need to have the concerns made clear to them. Michelle agrees. Z would like to the coop give a book on nonviolent conflict resolution to both. Marilyn recommends one month contract that they not be allowed here at the same time but if either get in an altercation that person should be banned without further meeting. Carey objects, Richard thinks that we should affirm a ban at a house meeting. Z is concerned that violence might be ill-defined. Others says that re-affirming the contract would manage that concern. Z adds that proposed co-oper responsibilities document should help document. Proposal accepted: the two people will not be here at the same time for one month. If they violate that requirement or if there is any altercation at any time the house will meet to affirm that that a violation occurred and move to ban them from the co-op.
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-(Richard) Increase bulk food budget by $50/month, retroactive from the start of the budget term.+(Richard) Increase bulk food budget by $50/month, retroactive from the start of the budget term. More people are taking advantage of the bulk food program and he could use more money to fund requests and parties, total of $600 per year. Ryan asks about cost-cutting measures; Richard has been reducing things that are used in large quantities by few people, e.g., coffee; is having to buy more milk; there are new requests, but he can't add anything without taking something out of the budget. Andy points out that some people don't take much advantage of the food program because of special dietary needs. Richard feels he could better meet special needs with a larger budget. Carey asks if we have been usually been spending food budget for party item; response is that we have sometimes but not always. He proposes that we not use the bulk food budget for parties but Richard but does not accept it at this time but may support it as a separate item. Michelle thinks we need a team to preserve food better because a lot of food is wasted. Andy is concerned about possible rent increase during next year's budget process if this passes. Ryan states that the current budget was based on past experience; rent will be going up for other reasons. Corey offers friendly amendment that bulk food not be used for parties; Richard states he will operate on that principle. Z disagrees with Ryan, sees the demand fluctuating. Marilyn recommends we don't spend money on luxuries like coffee; Carey and SOME others agree. Richard says little bulk food is wasted, just some prepared food. Ryan proposes we make a list of staples and use that as the basis of a budget. Michelle suggests we become more aggressive about refrigerating and using donated food. Marilyn asks us to move this forward based on Richard'​s attention to this over several months, but thinks Richard may want to take advantage of others'​ input so as not to have to make decisions on his own. Z feels we would be less productive without coffee, but will make a plan to import tons of coffee from Central America. Richard moves to table the item.
 ===== New business ===== ===== New business =====
 +Michelle: Commons kitchen needs a knife sharpener, a can opener. She recommends we have a free box, but acknowledges someone would like to oversee it and says she would like to do that as part of her labor and takes unused items to Goodwill once a week.
 +Hannah: Would like to paint the commons meeting room orchid; no objections.
 +Don: Coretta has washer and dryer she would like to put in use at the co-op but it cannot be converted to coin operation. Donny says maintenance committee will discuss it.
 +Hannah: Would like to see items on the agenda be taken up if the person proposing it is not here at the meeting but others want to discuss it. Corey responds that others have taken up proposals for the absent proposer and failed to represent them well. Marilyn suggests that the proposer stipulate that the proposal can be discussed in his/her absence. Carey notes that our meeting time routinely shuts out some participants and would like us to consider moving this meeting or adding a second. Donny and Hannah have both been at Sasona where the proposer doesn'​t have to be there; it is practice but not written policy here that the proposer be present at the Sunday night meeting. Corey thinks the chair should facilitate a discussion to decide about moving something forward without the proposer'​s presence. No objections to Hannah'​s request.
 +Frankkie: to Richard -- Does the budget include special line items for individuals?​ Richard states no, it has not.
 +Carey: Offers a refresher course in facilitating meetings in our consensus process so that more people can facilitate.
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