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November 2, 2014

Meet and greet

Ana, her first meeting, interested in joining as an associate.

She finds us interesting.

Works at Old Navy, lives in Cedar Park! Interested in cleaning, gardening, whatever for labor.

Coretta, her second meeting.

Would be moving in with Don. Nonmembers leave. No grievances, just need to catch up with labor (Cynthia).

All agree she is accepted.

Agenda item 1

(Andy) Purchase 4 dryers from Best Wash for roughly $7,500 plus fees (as needed.)

Andy: Talking about our dryer status, limiting our laundry potential. If we purchase additional dryers, we will increase capacity for ourselves and our neighbors as well.

Get rid of our 2 current dryers and buy 4 new ones.

Also smell of gas? Blow up and die? Let’s buy some dryers!

Burgess: Why 4 dryers when there are 2 washers?

Andy: The dryers take longer for one cycle than the washers do.

About gas leak: Is maintenance aware of gas leak? Is gas leak potentially dangerous to residents?

Friendly amendments: Buy 2 new ones instead of 4; maybe look at current dryers to see if could be repaired? How fixable are the dryers? Andy: We have not been able to fix the dryers as of now.

It’s been known that the one dryer has been damaged for a long time now.

Burgess: Agrees that the dryers are on their last leg.

Andy: Information he has based on a singular price multiplied out. Potentially come out of maintenance budget. Also have capital improvement fund as a potential source. Also rainy day funds?

Andy accepted friendly amendment to get 2 instead of 4 new ones.

Will try his best to get the cheapest, and most efficient ones.

Everyone approves!

Agenda item 2

(Andy) Ask Best Wash to fix washer.

Andy: Ask Best Wash to fix our washer. Supposedly a repair man came out and no one met him and we also did not pay the bill.

Probably need a lot of schmoozing to get our shit fixed.

Andy will talk with Best Wash to try and resolve our relationship with them and try to get our washing machine washed.

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Require that all permanent or semi-permanent changes to indoor or outdoor common areas be voted on at a house meeting.

Hannah: not here, tabled.

Agenda item 4

(Hannah) If previous agenda item passes, officially approve rock painting project in the courtyard.

Hannah: not here, tabled.

New business

1.Dan: Hoping to move in in a month: Dad has every 5 th week off, wondering if he could tell his dad to definitely come down for that week that he is supposedly supposed to move in? At the end of November.

Richard: We are hopeful, but we don’t know for sure.

Frequently people cannot move in

directly when they want to, but we do have spaces for people to store things if need be.

2.Burgess: Most people had fun at Halloween party, some said things were imposed without any communication.

Some said common area was not very accessible to members.

Beth: was upset because she paid for all decorations that got damaged.

It sucks that we couldn’t enjoy decorating because a lot of them were damaged before she even got to the party.

Doesn’t want to limit anyone from inviting others, but at the same time, just a few people can do a lot of damage.

Richard: Rise to level of membership review. Going to find 3 people to sign for a membership review for Tim.

Cynthia: Talking about Tim’s friends trashing the place. She wants the review.

Delia: Agrees.

There are activities that go on in the common areas that should go on in the bedroom.

Has a problem with them walking behind her apartment and waking up daughter and dogs.

McAllen: Tim and some of his friends trampled on the garden that we have worked hard on.

Wants to make sure that it never happens again.

Upset about it.

Next party, steps will be taken to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Delia: Saw food being wasted and thrown around in the courtyard.

3.Burgess: Commends the coop for putting on a Halloween party and cleaning up after it.

Thank you Beth!!! Frankie!! Jess!! Richard!! Others!! Thank you it was awesome!!!

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