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October 26, 2014

Present: Burgess, Beth, Delia, Corey, Jack, Cynthia, Andy, Don, Gatlin, Sam, guest Anna (Sam's mother)

Meet and greet

Rich Neapolitan: First in a co-op at age 7. Checking out La Re, plans to move to Austin in a month. Would like to share a unit while looking for a permanent place to stay, no pets, prefer outside work or cooking. Has visited a co-op, Sasona. First meeting.

Coretta, gf of Donny. Would like to share with Don. Labor preference: courtyard clean. Works f/t at an doctor's office.

<font 9pt/Arial, sans-serif;;#000000;;inherit>Agenda item 1</font>

(Robbie, Corey) Waive late fees incurred in October for Robbie and cancel pursuit of eviction in lieu of payment for this month's rent. Corey reports that Robbie forgot to keep up with his payment plan but has caught up. Plans to keep up with his payment plan. He has paid ahead and is ahead on labor. Proposal accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Beth) Tally the votes for a replacement board rep. Corey elected.

Agenda item 3

(Don) Extend Don's contract. He requests a new lease for a year. Question about his ability to do the labor as he is about 40 hours behind. Suggestion that he accept a 3 month lease instead, with the expectation that he catch up on his labor and maintain current labor obligations. Additional suggestion that Coretta (if she is accepted as a member) be allowed to help him make up his labor. There is also the possibility that the missed labor could be converted to a $10/hr labor fine.Proposal passes 5 to 3 with others abstaining.

Agenda item 4

(Jack) Approve a second payment plan. Jack reports that there was less work than he anticipated and he got behind but has a new job; he would need to pay approx twice his usual rent to catch up before his lease ends. This is not his first payment plan, so there is a question about his ability to maintain another. Approved by consensus.

New business

Membership Coordinator report: 208 will stay in their apt until Nov 30. Dan asks for extra labor. Reminder about Halloween party, request for snacks, decorating, cleanup.

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