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October 5, 2014

Present: Carey (facilitating), DJ, Jess, Andy, Delia, Martina, Chase, Nolan, Donny, Corey, Claude, Chase, Richard, Z, Burgess, Marilyn (minutes)

Meet and greet

Dusana, first meeting: Moved from Phx in May, runs a fair-trade on-line shop and has a f/t job to support that. Austin good for small business and wants community living. Wants to move in, would prefer a whole unit, not sooner than 2 months, has two cats and furniture. Labor preference: gardening.

Uwana: first meeting: Moved back to Austin recently, has been looking for a co-op for a while. Works for AmeriCorp at SafePlace, and she loves her job and will take on clients this week. No pets or pet allergies. Looking for one bedroom ASAP. Labor preferences: gardening. Has stayed at Rosewood Co-op.

Agenda item 1

(Andy) Ask CHEA board to approve GoogleFiber installs. Pre-sign-ups open; because we are a housing complex they need an owner to sign that it's okay to do the installation. Donny says the CHEA Board would be the signer; Andy asks for our consent to request this of CHEA board. GoogleFiber would be faster and cheaper than current network. A CHEA board member present offers to get this to Sasona even before the next Board meeting. Point of information: We don't own the property, NASCO does, so we need CHEA Board to request NASCO approval. Also, are we sure this is less expensive than current network? Response: Not sure of corporate price plan. Membership consensus: authorize Andy to proceed to request CHEA Board to get consent from NASCO to sign application as building owner.

Agenda item 2

Membership review of Georgette. See handwritten proposal in Commons for details.
*Editor Note: Not possible due to lack of steward - point of information – steward only needs to count ballots
**Double Editor Note: Needs to be next week to give one full week of notice. Point of information – Not a requirement. Item tabled.

Agenda item 3

(Tim) Discuss sound-proofing back room. Tim is not here, so item is tabled.

Agenda item 4

(Carey) Discussion on defacement of membership review sheets. (Donny leads this part of the meeting.) This has occurred four times. It makes the sheet hard to read, disrupting the review process, and does not reflect positively on the member under review. Proposal: assess labor hours. Concern: This would make labor punishment. Proposal: add defacement to the items on the membership review, and if the defacement occurs before all three signatures appear it will be counted as a defacement. Concern: Someone else could “frame” the person. Response: it has been clear that the reviewed members have been the ones doing the defacement. Informal agreement not to count defacement as signature.

Agenda item 5

(Jess) Get approval for large amount of labor hours credited to a.k.a. “Z”orro and Corey in a legal matter. Z requests 7 hours credit and on behalf of Corey requests 36 hours. Jess is open to other suggestions. Clarifying questions: How short are we on labor? Response: A lot, and we are close to having to drop a meal. Corey says he plans to continue doing labor. Question: Anything else Corey would request from membership? Friendly amendment: Give both Golden Shackle awards. Concern: Z is not here. Friendly amendment: Jess okay with crediting Z with 7 hours. Concern: the membership is not acting on this item.

Agenda item 6


(Martina on behalf of 208, from a handwritten note translated by Sarah) “We are from apartment 208 and we would like a lease extension for 1 or 2 months more while we move. We are still looking for [a place to live]. Sincerely, Martina Maldonado. Thank you.” Martina states the family is applying for another place but may not hear for 2 weeks. Clarifying questions and responses: Current lease ends Oct 31. They are asking for one more month, end of November. Concerns: Contract states they would do 4 hours labor per week and they don't; he thought they were moving in June. Co-op can charge $10 an hour; there are hundreds or thousands of labor fines that have not been assessed by the treasurer. Response: They have back-breaking work and are tired at night, taking care of their home. The change to a co-op was big for them, and they were used to maintenance being paid for and didn't understand the change and didn't like the rent increase. They didn't want to pay through the end of the month if they break the lease early. Point of information: they would not be required to pay through the end of the month if they leave early, according to an earlier conversation with steward and treasurer. Response: Rent is rising and that is unjust; they work from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; if she does more for the co-op she wants to be paid $20/hr. Concern: Two months ago we tried to meet with them about this, with an interpreter who came to a meeting which they did not attend. The outcome was the contract would be terminated at the end of Oct and that members would be willing to meet with them at another date but they waited until they got the notice to vacate to reach out to us. There are people who want to come in and do labor now. Response: She apologizes; they had a wedding and were trying to find a place and were only reminded by the notice to vacate. Concern: Rent was raised on everyone by all of us, not just on her. The back-breaking work is real and we are empathetic, but our labor keeps us from raising the rent every year. To ask for an extension is to keep out those who want to come and keep the co-op going with their labor. Clarifying question and concern: has rent been raised twice? Yes, when we first came in and again this year. Additional concern: what if the place you are applying to move to does not work out at the end October. Clarifying question: is it possible to write a one month contract? Response from MemCo: yes. Majority v ote in favor of extension: 2 opposed. Additional information: They would like to have November 1 to clear out. Response from MemCo: yes, because that was the date on the Notice to Vacate.

New business

(Beth) Proposal for Halloween party in the courtyard and Commons, hopes others will get involved in decorating their place and other contributions. Point of information: another CHEA party already proposed for Oct 18, and Donny will suggest that be moved to Oct 31. Concern: Beth-induced sugar overdose. Point of information: We will obtain insulin in advance.

(Donny) Feel free to re-arrange our new space in the Commons

(Richard) Another member has his bike and owes him money; asks for mediation. Jess volunteers.

(Corey) Discussion going on between Robbie, Corey, and Michelle re: sharing one apt. They would like to erect a temporary wall in the living room. Concern: Not in favor of changing the building and increasing density. Point of information: What is a temporary wall? Partition with framing and dry wall. MemCo: should be brought to the house for a vote based on lease paragraph #24.

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