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September 28, 2014

Present: Jesse, Delia, Paul, Andy, Donny, Corey, Carey, Z, and Richard

Presiding: Z

Minutes: Marilyn

Meet and greet

Josie, here to learn about how co-ops work. Retired schoolteacher. Native Austinite. Considering options for the future, glad that there are non-student co-ops. Is considering associate membership.

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Proposal: The coop shall reimburse Burgess $39.00 and Jesse $78.00 for having to cover roommates' shares of past electricity bills.

A rent credit would also be an option. Reimbursement is unlikely as Burgess’s roommate is in jail, and Jesse’s roommate has refused to pay him. Concern: where should this come from? Andy recommends it come from the deposits of the people in question. Proposal: Withhold utility monies from the persons owing utility fees, but where there is no deposit from reserves. Accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 2

He has been using the Commons as a crash space, doesn’t seem to care that people don’t want him here. Hasn’t been doing it the past few days. He is not contributing anything. No one seems to want to confront him individually. Jack offers new information: Mark has lost his job and is staying at his mom’s place. Jack would like to still have him as a guest, which is the law. Tim has given him permission to stay a couple of times but only when Tim was here, but Mark came in when Tim was gone.
Friendly amendment: Mark can come visit individuals in their units but otherwise is not allowed on the property. Corey accepts it. Z clarifies that he would not be allowed in common spaces. Friendly amendment: Ban Mark from the common areas of the property. Accepted by consensus.

(Corey) Ban mark from the property.

New business

Marilyn wishes to discuss non-renewal of contracts for 208 and 110 based on failure to perform labor. From 208 there has been no labor. Carey suggests giving resident of 110 time to make up labor (17 hours). Jess states that neither unit’s resident has ever come to Labor with requests. Marilyn adds that the resident of 110 also has had a guest for over two weeks without bringing him to a meeting for acceptance, and has not followed through on plan to have him leave by Sept 5. Nolan says it is MemCo’s responsibility to ask him to leave. Z asks if it would be hard to fill two units in one month and MemCo says no. Andy asks how far out we should consider them in arrears; Corey says a month in advance of the end of the lease. MemCo thanks the membership for support.

Carey states that water will have to be cut off to the entire complex for installation of 109 shower. Consensus for Thursday evening with two days’ notice, including posting notices with translations. Maintenance may request advice from plumber under contract.

Donny states that a two co-op or multi-co-op party may occur 10/18/2014. He is asking for support for La Reunion hosting.

Corey has taken all the spare computers from the back room and is refurbishing them to create a computer lab.

Andy asks if Tech officer has completed application for GoogleFiber installation. A new application is required. No information. Consensus that it is “OMG Awesome.”

Jesse: Wishes it noted that Paul made an awesome origami dragon.

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