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September 21, 2014

Present: Corey, Jess, Carey, Meg,DJ, Nolan, Sarah, Andy, Burgess, Z, Marilyn

Meet and greet

1st meeting, Dan, 26 y/o, from PA, came to Austin for music, just learned about co-ops, a healthy way of living, wants to be part of something growing. Landscaping experience, basic computer skills, cooking, cleaning. Has one dog, a Chihuahua. No pet allergies. Wants a whole unit but open to getting a room.

1st meeting, Beth, friend of Marilyn’s, was involved in 2 co-housing attempts, from MA. Has 2 small dogs, no allergies. Has done home rehab x2, has even laid sub-flooring. Likes to cook, may clean. Not sure about a room or a unit, whatever is open first.

2nd meeting, Chase, can do cooking, shopping, has a truck and 2 jobs, no pets or pet allergies, and wants a single room. Accepted as prospective member

Agenda item 1

(Sarah, also on behalf on Mari and Hannah) Proposal to implement quiet hours.

Quiet hours will be observed Sunday - Thursday evenings from 10 PM to 6 AM and Friday and Saturday evenings from 12 midnight to 8 AM. Exceptions may be made for house-sanctioned events.

Because the agenda item was not posted on the Commons door it was tabled.

New business

Need someone to post agenda for next week’s meeting: DJ volunteers.

Review of room availability and numbers of persons on the waiting list, which at this point are fairly congruent.

Request for membership review of Don because of violation of labor and residency rules.

One member wants to talks about the situation that arose when someone was rejected for prospective membership after he made comments about her body. Later he came looking for the member, told a member he wanted to apologize, but she wasn’t here. She is nervous because the minutes are available, and her name and work schedule are easy to find on the Internet. He posted a note on the cork-board but hasn’t returned.

The member would like to have the minutes behind a wall, doesn’t want her name, unit, or picture available. She would like acknowledgement that she doesn’t feel very safe right now. She wishes she would have seen the note, as she is left uncertain about its tone. She would like her name removed from anything publicly or even privately posted within a reasonable amount of time. Sarah agreed she can do it, though it may take up to a month. Nolan disagrees with making the minutes private. Burgess notes that we cannot make policy tonight. There was a discussion of how to make minutes less revealing.

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