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August 17, 2014


La Re Minutes 08/18/14, group consented to have Richard moderate


Guests: 1st meeting: John Van Lowe, interested in moving in, co-founder of a web hosting service for co-ops. Would prefer a unit, no pets or pet allergies.

2nd meeting: James and Shannon, here for 2nd meeting; James can do maintenance and cooking and Shannon the same and gardening, landscaping. She has a cat. Accepted as prospective members.

Agenda item 1

Nolan: Items must be on both the wiki and print agendas by 6 PM on Saturday to be voted on at Sunday meetings.

His concern is access for people who may have either electronic or print access but not both.

Discussion: Carey – Whose responsibility would it be?
Nolan: Anyone
Jess: Is anyone specifically charged with putting items on the wiki?
Nolan: Hannah. A couple of items were not on the wiki recently
Jess: If it doesn’t get updated would that be an officer-review offense?
Nolan: Open to a friendly amendment to assign this as labor
Sarah: Need to have someone assigned; wants on-line agenda
Hannah via e-mail: Can the handwritten agenda be accepted as the print copy?
Nolan: Would like Wiki to be authoritative list; those without electronic access may not get everything
Ryan: It would be good to have the person posting the agenda taking responsibility for it being available, and Hannah doesn’t want mandatory Saturday evening labor.
Carey: Burgess has no electronic access, and Carey doesn’t get confirmation e-mails
Nolan: Doesn’t think the person with the agenda item has to post it, but someone needs to because something might not be posted that’s important to him, and he might miss that meeting if he doesn’t realize it’s there.
Richard: There is a problem with creating wiki accounts; this needs to be fixed, so he asks Nolan to put his item on hold until that is fixed.
Nolan: Because Gatlin is not carrying out his tech officer responsibilities so the house shouldn’t have to wait for him.
Marilyn: Gatlin’s on vacation
Nolan: He has not followed through on his commitment during vacation
Beth: Suggest the person proposing the agenda item send it to the house via e-mail.
Nolan: Just wants to ensure that everybody has access
Beth: Re-iterates her proposal.
Marilyn: For those without electronic access?
Richard: Temperature check. Decision to move on.
Sarah: Who will make paper agenda match the wiki agenda? Sarah volunteers.
Ryan: Proposes amendment to Thursday at midnight
Nolan: Accepts Friday noon
Carey: Query and clarification of proposal – Items must be on both the wiki and print agendas by noon Friday to be voted on at Sunday meetings. If it is not on both it will not be on the agenda. Steward will be responsible. Proposal accepted.

Agenda Item 2

Ask Eric Marquez not to come back to La Reunion Coop (Ryan)

Ryan felt stalked and threatened by Eric before Eric was arrested for violent action; he was on the run from the law; others have said he shouldn’t come back until he has paid his debts to the house and to individuals.

Carey: Does this mean non-membership or not allowed on property?
Jess: Would it be okay for him to be on the property to pay his debts?
Ryan: He can reach us without coming on the property, and this could just be a loophole for him to come
Richard: Is the ban lifted after he pays his debts?
Marilyn: He should go through the membership process if he wants to be at the co-op.
Jess: Eric should pay individual debts, too
Richard: Temperature check. Decision to move on. Is conflict enough of a reason to keep him out?
Ryan: Yes, if it’s bad enough, and in view of the history of debt of at least $2000 to co-op and individuals.
Carey & Richard: Could you drop your objections if he paid his debts?
Ryan: He said offensive things; I felt threatened the last month he was here.
Carey: Has anyone else had conflict with Eric?
Jess: Agrees with Ryan.
Jack: Jack also noticed a pattern of conflict.
Nolan: Witnessed Erice being rude toward a child and when he confronted said, “Kids aren’t people. I can say whatever I want.” He was adamant about that, and Sarah confirmed this incident.
Shannon: This is Ryan’s home, and if someone feels endangered you should all support him.
Conclusion: Proposal accepted. Eric can return if he pays all his debts and resolves any conflicts.

Agenda Item 3

(Frankkie) Waive previous late fees.

States she is making a good-faith effort with current payment plan.

Carey: Once on a payment plan do late fees continue to accrue?
Andy: No.
Jess: How big are the late fees and how long before you got on a payment plan
Frankkie: For the month of June, about $75.
Andy: $125; she is up to date on her August payment plan.
Beth: We should be forgiving of those making an effort; this was designed for those who continually forget.
Conclusion: Accepted.

Agenda Item 4

(Carey) Give dumpstered laptop to the Fixer.

He cannot access maintenance lists, etc, because he doesn’t have a functional laptop.

Jess: If he gets the laptop would he keep a record of maintenance projects so the laptop and information can be handed off to the next Fixer.
Nolan: Do you mean for the laptop to go on to the next fixer.
Carey: Yes.
Sarah: A system for tracking projects is underway, and she would like to see Carey contribute to that. She feels he can do his job better with this.
Richard: Temperature check. Decision to move on.
Nolan: Friendly amendment to give the laptop to Carey outright.
Carey: Accepts the friendly amendment.
Conclusion: Accepted as amended.

Agenda Item 5

(Andy G.) Lease renewals when more than $100 is owed in late rents.

Some people are one month behind constantly. Five members are on payment plans, and this would not apply to them.

Richard: Don’t we have an eviction process for this?
Andy: (missed this comment, I believe he said this would be a contract-ending issue)
Ryan: It’s difficult to evict people, and it takes 6 weeks and even years. It’s easier to evict people who don’t have a valid contract than those who have a history of paying their rent.
Carey: Is this a proposal?
Andy: Yes, a proposal to end the lease if someone is ore than $100 in arrears.
Sarah: Could they set up a payment plan at the time of lease renewal?
Andy: They could put the owed monies on a payment plan
Carey: (missed this comment)
Ryan: If you pay off the labor fees the difference is your rent. The rent is the last thing we write off.
Richard: Could someone get on a 6 month lease and then continue non-payment? Would this proposal make it easier for them to be evicted?
Ryan: Yes, it looks better if we have violation of a contract.
Sarah: The point of a payment plan is to create a good habit
Andy: It could be abused.
Temperature check: Decision to move on
Proposal (from ?): If somebody only goes on a payment plan the last month of their lease they can only have a 3 month lease
Andy: Accepts and further amends that if they fall off the plan there is no option to renew
Ryan: Amends to the last 2 months of the lease
Proposal:If somebody goes on a payment plan the last 2 months of their lease they are only eligible for a 3 month renewal, and if they are delinquent on the payment plan they may not sign another lease or payment plan.
Richard: Why 3 months for renewal in those cases?
Nolan: To minimize our risk
Andy: To allow enough time to carry out payment plan
Sarah: To give MemCo sufficient time to fill rooms
Conclusion: Accepted as written above

New business

Peter: The membership designed a behavioral contract but he doesn’t think he deserves a behavioral contract. Would we give him his deposit by the end of the month so he can leave?Marilyn offers to discuss with him privately and he accepts.

Andy: Tim’s band was practicing the day before the planned party, and it was loud in his apt so he looked up law on loud noises, found that more than 75 db and between 10 pm to 10 a.m. are illegal. It was 67-73 db in his apt. He wonders if there is any other restriction around quiet enjoyment. Richard replied that unless we determine otherwise we go with the law. Nolan was also bothered that the band brought their instruments in the night before without asking. He found it hard to talk and hang out and the volume steadily rose through the night, and it was disrespectful. Carey says Tim is always reasonable when these matters are brought to him, and he’s not happy that this has been brought to a house meeting when there have been more egregious violations of our standards of quiet enjoyment. Richard says we haven’t dealt with this before, and Tim did respond after a couple of reminders about the noise; perhaps we should set a different decibel standard. McAllen agrees with Richard; he hadn’t realized there was a party both Friday and Saturday but realized ample notice was given for Saturday night. Andy adds that this does not warrant a membership review; he did talk to Tim and they started talking about sound-proofing. Hannah says that when the group talked to Tim and his band they were responsive, and it was a negotiation that had to happen as people from the outside don’t know the culture here. Nolan supports sound-proofing as sound carries upstairs from the Commons. The band did tone down with discussion, but it got louder again; even with good intentions the volume will race back up. Cynthia had never seen that many people in the courtyard, and was offended by something written on the board in the Commons.

Marilyn: Need to discuss follow-up on the membership reviews for 205 and 208. Hannah says they are written up; Silvino’s and Martina’s have been posted but there is nothing to sign as it simply asks them to contact her if they want to continue their lease. Hannah will circulate them in an e-mail tonight and we can vote on 205 next week.

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