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May 18, 2014

Present: Andy G, Azzurra, Burgess, Cynthia, Don, McAllen, Mike, Nolan, Richard, Ryan, Sarah, Shelby

Meet and greet

Shelby: Looking for a place to live in August. Used to live in Seneca. Moved into an apartment and miss living in a coop. My job is a five-minute bike ride from here. Single room. Have a cat. Outside cat mostly.

Called Aaron Rodriguez by phone; accepted for membership.

(Burgess) Announce roach treatment and process/costs/choices for cost effective execution.

Tabled until June 1.

(Hannah) Discuss restructuring of the Maintenance program. Maintenance Coordinator will change to Maintenance Facilitator, they will manage the Fixer, the Contract Coordinator, and the Crew Chief; the Crew Chief will primarily assign tasks and maintain accountability of the other Maintenance crew members. Please see attached job descriptions.

Ryan: Does it say that the maintenance facilitator take calls?

Sarah: It doesn't, so I'm confused about whether I'd be responsible for delegating calls. I think that these are passable positions but need more discussion with labor. If I'm maintenance facilitator, then I'm not going to know who has maintenance labor.

Richard: Seems like a lot of administrative overhead.

Sarah: 8 hours total. I think the idea with separating the positions was that someone needs to ensure that tasks get done, and that person is best on-site.

Nolan: I think it will need revisions, but only way to find out what revisions it needs will be to have people in the positions.

Nolan motions that we pass the position as-is.

Andy G: I concur with the overhead of people tracking people tracking people. I think some of it should be done by the labor czar.

Sarah: Amend that we pass this contingent with discussion about handling coordination and who is taking maintenance requests.

Nolan: We can always change stuff later. Donny wrote quite a bit of this, and he has done a fair amount of maintenance. I'm tempted to defer to him if he feels that we need this degree of administrative oversight.

Azzurra: In terms of the number of hours, it's not that different from what we used to have. Maintenance facilitator was getting four hours. The contract coordinator is what we used to have as dispatch. The crew chief is the trellist with an hour added for bugging people to make sure they take stuff off trello. The four hours of crew chief + contract coordinator are replacing 6 hours of dispatch + 1 hour of trellist.

Andy: If maintenance facilitator is managing dispatch, should have access to trello. Seems like the crew chief is redundant.

Azzurra: Friendly amendment that the crew chief is responsible for picking up maintenance requests.

Sarah: There's nothing explicit in here about trello.

Ryan: The impression I got was that the facilitator would take maintenance requests and distribute them. If we need a contractor, let the contract person know.

Andy: The facilitator won't be overseeing the crew chief; they'll just be determining who gets the jobs?

Ryan: That was my impression.

Azzurra: Sarah won't be able to pick up the slips because she's not here. Would need to be the crew chief. Victor was getting four hours but was actually doing maintenance. This is still listed as a four-hour position, and I'm curious if it still needs to be. I wonder if we want to make it a two-hour position but say that, if Sarah takes the position, then will fulfill her obligations. Would be six hours, rather than the seven we're replacing.

Andy: My concern wasn't with the number of hours–was that we'd have double oversight.

Cynthia: If you need someone to get the papers, I could do that if Sarah isn't going to be on the property.

Ryan: I think the idea was that Sarah could receive requests via phone.

Sarah: Phone would be preferable since I wouldn't need to come here and get things. The question is who would add things to the trello from written requests.

Azzurra: I think we should add that to the crew chief.

Propose to pass with a friendly amendment to add that the crew chief is also responsible for picking up maintenance requests and adding to trello.


(Nolan/Ryan) Discuss paying for internet from discretionary reserves.

Ryan: We're going to need business class. I had budgeted for residential. Will need to allocate from our discretionary fund.

Azzurra: I'm willing to pay an additional $20-40 per month to have fast internet. Having internet not be available when I needed to turn in final grades was a really unpleasant situation to go through. I'd like what we decide to be put in stone.

Richard: Entry-level business plan is slow (7mbps down).

Nolan: With business class, it's not in one person's name–it's in the name of a business. They expect you to be sharing it. If you buy a residential connection and try to share it, they're going to shut you down real quick. You're entitled to DMCA safe harbor.

Andy: The previous connection was a residential connection in Gatlin's name. It was significantly cheaper.

Nolan: Just because the fire doesn't burn you, it doesn't mean we should continue playing with it.

Don: Internet isn't very high on my agenda. What's high on my agenda is getting rid of the roaches.

Burgess: In two weeks, I'm going to come back with choices for us.

Ryan: Internet and dealing with the roaches aren't mutually exclusive.

Azzurra: Is Grande a possibility?

Ryan: it's not in our area.

Nolan: I'd like to propose that we budget up to $100 additional for internet.

Richard: My main concern is that we're paying a lot more for a lot less bandwidth.

Nolan: I'm personally weary about getting a residential plan. I don't want to get into another situation where, as tech coordinator, I can't call Time Warner because it's not my account.

Ryan: The other distinction is that we're going to pump it out so that everyone has connectivity.

Mike: This isn't fast and wouldn't meet my needs since sometimes I download large files for work, but I also don't want us to use a residential connection and then suddenly get shut down, and paying $350/month for a fast plan is also problematic when we didn't budget for it. I think we should pass this, and there's nothing stopping people from getting/keeping their own residential connections if need be.

Andy: Can we call Time Warner to get a quote before we vote?

Nolan: I'd like to pass something tonight. We could get it going within a couple of days.

Azzurra: I'd like us to know what bandwidth we're getting and how much it's going to be.

Nolan: I think it'll be a matter of trying something out.

Andy motions that we only purchase the minimum business bandwidth available. Nolan seconds.

Ryan: People already have internet and aren't going to disconnect their better internet. It'll probably be a year of transition. We have a discretionary fund of $7,500 that was set aside for moving assistance, and we have about $6,000 remaining.


New business

Azzurra: Sarah will now be appointed for maintenance. Richard has not had anybody run against him for food buyer. I feel comfortable appointing Richard as food buyer and Carey as fixer. Carey won't actually become fixer until William moves out. Mary is outreach. I don't think anybody is running against Jess and Beth for labor as of June 1.

McAllen: For people not stepping down, are the elections in July?

Azzurra: They'll be in June. Will be run by the new labor czar.

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